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PS4 - Mysterious Missing Hardware Piece

I'm not sure if i am the only one curious about this, or if everyone has forgotten. When sony showed the PS4 Teaser trailer there was a distinct "Circular grill" piece of hardware for the PS4. Even mock ups tried including it in their attempts at creating a PS4 image:

This piece can be seen at 0:12 in Sony's PS4 Teaser Trailer.

However, after looking at all the pictures of the console, PS eye, and DualShock 4 the Circular Piece seems to be missing. I'm simply curious what the piece is and what it goes to. If you know please let us know in the comments section

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Relientk771805d ago

Yea I was wondering what happened to that circular piece

SilentNegotiator1804d ago

Is it on the bottom? IDK, that's odd.

Donnieboi1804d ago

Maybe they changed design at the last second?

majiebeast1804d ago

Its the earbud on the headphone.

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The story is too old to be commented.