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Metro Last Light to surpass Battlefield 3 graphics and even Toy Story 1 ???

Zoom in the grasses or leaves of this image:

Then zoom in the leaves of this image

What you see is that leaves in Battlefield 3 occupy two dimensional planes , where they bend , they bend suddenly in order to reduce polygon count but that does not happen in Metro Last Light

Now zoom in the branches of this image

Then zoom in the brances of Battlefield 3 trees in the previous image, The branches in Metro spread out in different directions , another example of the extreme geometric detail used in Metro Last Light

Zoom in the shoe of the man in this image

then zoom in the shoe of the man in this image

It speaks for itself

According to calculations shown here :

we need a game that properly utilizes 7.14 teraflops of power and run at 25 frames per second at 1526x922 using supersampling at the same rate of Toy Story to surpass its graphical quality.

Metro 2033 runs at around 50 frames per second at 2560X1600 resolution with a 580GTX in quad SLI. Now say if it were more optimized it could have run at (2X1526)X(2X922) resolution on the same system with nearly the same frame rate.

A 580gtx quad sli provides around 6.5 teraflops of power. Slightly overclocked it will give 7.14 teraflops. Now it is possible that Metro 2033 with the improved 4A engine can run at 50 frames per second at (2X1526)X(2X922)resolution on an overclocked setup. But there is a catch Toy Story used supersampling and in no way used less than 4X supersampling.

Anything more will imply it had lower graphical fidelity and more power was used in antialiasing in case of Toy Story 1 . Now 4X supersampling will allow metro 2033 run at (2X1526)X(2X922)/4 = 1526X922 resolution at 50 frames per second on the mentioned system.

Now if Metro Last Light is twice as hardware demanding as Metro 2033 it would run at 25 frames per second at 4X supersampling at 1526X922 resolution on a slightly overclocked 580gtx quad sli system . Thus theoretically is suppose to be equal to Toy Story. Now according to NVIDIA Kepler will have 3 times the floating point capability than 580GTX so Metro Last Light running at 25 frames per second at those settings on a Quad SLI is not impossible as Kepler will give much higher frame rates.

Now zoom in at the face of the boy in this picture ( remember who he is ?)

Now zoom in at the face of the man in this picture

Considering Metro Last Light is at its pre-alpha, are we close or have surpassed the Milestone I mean the first fully animated cgi movie Toy Story 1 ???

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zeal0us2417d ago

For a second there I thought you was talking about toy story 1 on the snes lol.

theonlylolking2415d ago

Metro last light easily beats BF3 and toy story.

Orpheus2415d ago

Theres a catch , Toy story used micropolygons and everything on screen was tessellated thus leading upto 5-7 million polygons per frame . We don't know how many polygons 4A will push or if everything on screen will be tessellated or not.

caseh2414d ago

I don't know what tessellated means but it just became my word of the day.

JellyJelly2415d ago

Why did this crap get approved.

Metro might beat the BF3 beta, but if it beats the final version of BF3 remains to be seen. I seriously doubt it though.

iagainsti1202415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

It doesn't need to be approved its a N4g user blog dumb ass. BTW your account looks a lot like a duplicate account.

On a lighter note Metro 2033 is still one of the most demanding tessellated games. I find it no surprise that you (Orpheus) came to this conclusion i really like how you explained all the math.

Orpheus2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Thank you ...

lex-10202415d ago

It's not surprising. BF3 is the first game to beat Metro2033's hardware requirements. Since Metro 2033 was made it had the highest requirements (yes even higher than Crysis 1 and 2). It's not surprising that Last Light would want to set the bar even higher.

bwazy2414d ago

Metro 2033 is on sale (Monday only) for 5 bucks on Steam. Buy it while you can, I know I finally did!

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