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I'm Starting a Mutiny Against EA Sports

After boycotting Electronic Arts' Madden franchise for what seems like half a decade, yesterday I made the decision to give the series one last chance to win back both my support and hard earned dollars. The verdict? It failed, and failed fucking hard.

For anyone unfamiliar with the series, here's a quick history lesson; a paragraph forged through the fusing of Wikipedia facts and a few thoughts of my own.

In 2004, EA signed an exclusive license with the NFL and the NFLPA to give them the exclusive rights to use the NFL's teams, stadiums, and players in a video game. This exclusive license has put an end to competition from other official NFL video games. This also gives EA less incentive to maintain quality and a greater opportunity to increase prices, as who wants to play a sporting simulation without accurate rosters and teams?

They have the monopoly of the market simply because they splashed money in the NFL's face, putting an abrupt halt to the rise of alternative NFL football franchises such as NFL 2K, and the Blitz series.

The last Madden title I owned was Madden 2007. Featuring Seattle RB Shaun Alexander on the cover, it was the first title in the series released for video gaming's seventh generation (PS3, 360 etc). Compared to previous installments on the PS2, and taking into account the advanced console technology EA had at their fingertips, the game, in my opinion, was horrifying, and thus began my boycotting of the series.

However, the other day, I decided to pick up Madden 2011 and give EA Sports one last chance to prove that they were worthy of owning exclusivity to the NFL and it's rosters. This was more of a spontaneous thing that a planned one, as I was feeling a bit peppy after eating one of the best ham sandwiches I've ever had the pleasure of consuming.

After being impressed by a touching opening video and some pretty snazzy looking menus, I decided to play a quick exhibition match to check out the gameplay. It looked and felt exactly the same as it did in 2007 - the animations were the same, the character models looked blocky at times, when controlling an RB or defender I didn't feel in control and the players still ran like upside down ducks.

Maybe if EA put a little bit more effort into making some actual gameplay improvements instead of worrying about the menu interface and cover art, they could deliver an NFL simulation worthy of exclusivity. Until then, they should climb out of their dollar bill filled kiddy pool and realize that by destroying the competition, they're doing both NFL and gaming fans in general a great injustice.

PS2 versions such as '05 and '06 gave the player a sense of control. Running back controls for example were slick and empowering. Spins, fends, jukes - when you beat a defender with one of the moves just mentioned, you really felt like it was because you had made it possible. Now, if you beat a defender, you get the impression it's the result of nothing more than luck.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is, Electronic Arts have annihilated the competition in the NFL video game market - not through the development of the best NFL video game, but by throwing copius amounts of money at the sport's governing body. Imagine if they did the same thing to the NBA, and laid waste to it's challengers such as 2K Sports, who produce by far the better basketballing experience?

I hate Electronic Arts, and you should too.

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thorstein2648d ago

I think the Madden Team needs to watch what these guys do. While there are some questionable things in the game, it is really fun to play. For instance, I am able to go online and play as one specific player on a team. I couldn't believe that it would be so much fun.

The one questionable thing is the Ultimate Team "Cards." You can buy them by earning pucks OR pay real money for fake cards that "degrade" over time. Not my thing, though the Ultimate Team is fun, I would rather take my favorite AHL or NHL team through a season.

Christopher2646d ago

I don't hate Electronic Arts. Never did care for sports games, EA or otherwise, since it seemed that if you buy a game from 5 years ago used it would be the exact same as the current one, with a little bit less flash.

Topshelfcheese2646d ago

you sir are a mis-informed blogger like so many others in this age of internet. EA didn't ask for an exclusive license the NFL wanted an exclusive partner after 2k tried to sell there game for 20 dollars brand new and the NFL felt it downgraded there brand name. How about for once, you people do some research.

thorstein2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

EA P A I D to have exclusivity.

And many people still play 2k5.

I think a better comparison would be NCAA football because that still has to compete with 2k.

SmokeyMcBear2646d ago

I think people are mad because turbo doesnt work like it used to work

NKeys072646d ago

To say Madden 2011 is no better in controls then Madden 2007 is so misinformed. I do not know what game you played but Madden 2011 is leaps and bounds ahead of 2007. The game play is smother and the graphics are richer in 2011 then 2007. Yes I agree 2007 was the worst game in the Madden series, but I think you still hate EA Sports and Madden so much you went in with a negative attitude and just wanted to smear a good name. EA Sports has given the gaming world a very good game, one of the best in the series. Yes I am a fan, and yes I am defending my game so this comment is a little slanted, but still to say the game play is no different then in 2007 is an absolute lie. Here's a thought, keep to your Boycott of EA Sports and Madden and save us all the trouble of reading your highly anti-Madden blog. Go play NFL 2K5 and suck your thumb like a good boy and shut the heck up.

creamydingle2646d ago

Well said NKeys07 couldn't agree more.

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