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TotalGamerZone Podcast #12

"If you’ve been lurking on the blog but don’t frequent the forums, I do a podcast whenever I feel like where I just ramble on about whatever I’ve been playing recently, catch up with recent happenings of the site, and usually have a review of some game or whatever. I don’t try to make it entertaining or exciting but people here listen to them anyway. Keep in mind I don’t keep up with modern gaming news and my mic is a crappy Dell laptop mic. Enjoy… I think!

This podcast:

TGZ Blog!
Play-Asia sale
Some crap I collected
Evil Zone mini-review
Atari Flashback 2 mini-review
Surprise ending?"

Don't worry, you'll love listening to it anyways. :P

Warning: Some profanity will be heard during the podcast.

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orange143889d ago

Did anyone listen to it?

Charlie26883888d ago

Ive been huge on the listening of podcast lately I will give it a shot :)