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My top 15 games of the generation. #1

Here are the games listed from past entries but what if I did a top 20?

20. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
19. Super Street Fighter 4
18. Infamous
17. Portal
16. Super Mario Galaxy
15. Tomb Raider
14. Xenoblade Chronicles
13. Dead Space 2
12. Batman: Arkham City
11. Final Fantasy XIII
10. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
9. Gears of War 3
8. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
7. The Last of Us
6. Red Dead Redemption
5. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
4. Mass Effect
3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
2. Demon's Souls

1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.
*2008 Game of the Year*

Metal Gear Solid is a series known for outstanding characters, hooking stealth gameplay,an emotional orchestrated soundtrack, intensely fun boss battles, and your typical Kojima mind-expletive with a deep and heavy convoluted story...but, hey, that is part of the games charm. MGS4 attempts to tie all the loose ends, explain the unexplained, and give Solid Snake's character closure by pounding it with long cutscenes. To many, this was a turn off, but to me, it was like playing an interactive movie that had my undivided attention. The final chapter in Solid Snake's book could not have been wrapped up any better.

When you weren’t watching MGS4, you were tangled in a web of engaging and memorable set pieces, one after another. The nostalgic emotion behind returning to Shadow Moses, or when you were crawling your way through a microwave death trap that had my jaw to the floor, my heart racing, and my right thumb throbbing from all the mashing.

It had awesome boss battles like Rex vs Ray (sick), Snake vs Screaming Mantis, Snake/Raiden vs Gekko's/Vamp, and how can I not mention one of the greatest boss fights in gaming....Solid vs Liquid. The final showdown broken down in phases, and changing themes sucking you in further. Then, that ending…had me balling like a baby (I lost it at the CQC hug).

Metal Gear Solid 4 is the only game this generation I gave 10’s across the board to and I still hold firm on it, even after all these years. The game has aged beautifully. It did everything so well. Another plus this game gets is that I felt Kojima and company truly created a game for its fans in an industry that wants to nothing more than more money, that in turn, forgets what made a game great in the first place.

I am proud to say that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is my…

Game of the Generation.

If you don't want to go on and make one big whole list of your favorite games this gen, I would like to hear what your #1 is.
Thanks for the feedback and of course, reading.

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ABeastNamedTariq1587d ago

I completely agree. A game has yet to top MGS4 on my personal list. I remember exactly where I was where I beat it, and what was going on (it was raining/storming outside). Many fond memories. I'll probably end up playing it again for old time's sake, and to get a trophy or two.

lex-10201587d ago

I'm really happy someone else put MGS4 as their top game. I was so pissed when Spike VGAs gave GOTY to GTA4. I was so pissed and haven't watched the VGAs since. Super looking forwards to MGS 5

robtion1587d ago

Good list, some great games there. MGS4 was mindblowing at the time and still holds up well (apart from the loading and installs). Amazing game.

Have to say though I loved the original Dead Space, but DS2 really paled in comparison. Also thought Mass Effect 2 was a big step up from the original. Different strokes I guess.

lex-10201586d ago

Mass Effect 2 was a step in the complete wrong direction and it's shown a trend of Biowares. The first ME was RPG first, action adventure game second. ME 2 was Third person shooter with some light RPG elements added. It was a totally different type of game and ultimately it was a filler that didn't matter in the series. Same thing happened with Dragon Age. DA:O was super RPG with light action adventure, and DA 2 was Action hack and slash with light RPG. I suppose it depends on what you're looking for. If you want more action and less RPG than ME2 was good but if you want a good RPG ME2 was a massive disappointment.

robtion1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I get where you are coming from but I think the characters, choices, and story were much more interesting in ME2, thus my preference ;)

What you say totally applies to Dead Space though. The original was an excellent 'Aliens' inspired survival horror, whereas the sequel was an action blast fest trying to bring in the cod crowd.

lex-10201586d ago

I'll agree to what you said. I liked some of the characters and some of the story better. I can't say choices were better, save the end choice, but none of the choices in ME2 really mattered in the long run. I liked the theme of the story better, the dark second act and the collectors harvesting people, but when it boils down to it ME 2 was a simple formula of Recruit a person, do their loyalty mission. It never really felt like more then that. Even when things like the damaged collectors ship appeared it still became a recruit a person mission. And don't even get me started on the resource harvesting.

As for DS I completely agree. DS 1 was great, but DS2 and especially DS3 were terrible. One thing DS2 did better though was controls. They weren't as sluggish as DS1.

robtion1586d ago

I agree with everything you said there, only difference being I didn't mind the recruit a person missions. Found it interesting getting different characters background.

As for DS after DS2 I didn't even bother with DS3 as I could see where it was heading.

Black-Helghast1586d ago

I think Dead Space 2 was amazing and better than the original. I'm not into quiet characters so much and Isaac's voice is just perfect. I loved his character. And the story was far greater (imo) than DS1's story.

As for DS3... Eh... the weakest of the 3. Definitely disappointed.

Number-Nine1586d ago

Another reason why I prefer 2 to 1. Giving Isaac a voice is important. Don't like the idea of having a mute main character in a survival horror game.

LoveOfTheGame1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I'm shocked there isn't one Bethesda game in that top 20. Between Fallout 3, New Vegas, Oblivion, and Skyrim I thought for sure one of them would make it.

Oh well, you make up for that in my eyes by having ME, Demon Souls, and MGS4 so high up. Really great games that helped justify people's decisions on which console to own since they were exclusives, at their time of release of course.

When MGS4 and Demon Souls didn't get the majority of GOTY awards it made me upset also, as I believe they were head and shoulders above just about every other game released in their respective years.

Number-Nine1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Unfortunately I was never able to play those games. Really wanted to get Skyrim but my money situation hasnt been that great :(.

I did play a little bit of Oblivion but due to the faulty 360 hardware, I wasn't able to play it. It kept freezing.

I missed a lot of games. Gaming is an expensive hobby lol.

miyamoto1587d ago

If I played MGS4 before Uncharted 2 maybe I will agree with this list... but in my experience Uncharted 2 was so much fresh and so much fun and funny

newflesh1586d ago

You can't really compare those. Totally different games

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