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Very naughty Naughty dog.

Number-Nine | 912d ago
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DLC, On Disc DLC, Pre Order bonuses, Season Passes, Online passes (is it really dead?), are among some of the worst gaming trends to come out of this generation. Listen, I know when it comes to business these companies are all about making money...and understandably so, but there are just times when you say "when is it enough?".

Maybe I could understand if both parties benefited from it but unfortunately it's clear who the true beneficiaries are. Sure, you may get some joy out of purchasing some over priced DLC, but in the end, you are pretty much paying for an incomplete game that can cost you anywhere from $80 to over $100.

Although I cant stand the idea of these practices, at least most of the time the extra content is segregated to the online portion. Now, when I really find myself blowing steam out through the ears is when these companies have the testicular fortitude to release Single Player DLC....enter Naughty Dog.

The Last of Us is the newest IP by Naughty Dog which is being infected by the greed virus. There has already been announcements of future DLC (which is a crime in and of itself), but one that stuck out was the addition of "More Story" content. How can a game that looks to be focused on the single player, exclude additional single player content that is in correlation with the story!? Even if it comes out as something minuscule, it still isn't right to withhold such content. Knowing that I am never going to fully experience the major portion of the game unless I cough up another $20 is sickening.

I find it funny that so many people crucified Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics for not adding additional content to the single player portion of Tomb Raider, but to me that spoke volumes about the game that was released. It was complete.

Unfortunately there isn't an escape from this, and with the next generation of consoles that seamlessly integrate online capabilities easier than ever before, it can only go down from here. Except these practices to continue.

kagon01  +   910d ago
Partially at fault is Naughty Dog, but the responsible of this disgusting method is the publisher $ony. Also a game I was sort of exited not anymore, was Blazblue Chrono Phantasm has day 1 dlc character before the game its even released.

In my eyes those games that have key dlc are automatically trash, not even worth collecting at all because they're incomplete. You're basically buying a demo out of the box.

Another example I was about to buy Infamous collection, but learned the sad truth that there was a dlc code of a campaign, and that prevent me to buy it unfortunately.

The purpose of DLC is to control the content of the game not to add, but to extort gamers for buying the rest of the game.

Are games art? Games that offer that crap don't have artistic value at...
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Derekvinyard13  +   910d ago
Rockstar games does dlc the correct way,
matgrowcott  +   909d ago
While they definitely do, you can't compare the stuff Rockstar are doing with the stuff, say, Koei are doing.

Grand Theft Auto IV sold to millions of people, and a decent amount of people are going to buy any DLC based upon it. That's just a fact. Rockstar can build what is basically a new game, because they know the return is going to be high (and that they can package and repackage it time and time again as well, so it goes beyond DLC).

Very few other companies have that level of comfort. Better to spend $20,000 to design, test and publish a costume and have 3000 people buy it than it is to spend $2,500,000 on a new set of levels, locations and events that the same 3000 people buy.
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Dno  +   910d ago
Um... Dont like the DLC or season pass don't buy it mab? It has full single and mutiplayer option on the disk anything extra is for people who want more.

(Gamers are stupid if you don't like something then vote with your wallet thats the ONLY thing these companies care about)
HammadTheBeast  +   910d ago
Didn't Bioshock Infinite also promise more SP DLC with season pass?

The thing about DLC is that it has been done so wrong this gen because of CoD and BF3 that people don't remember last gen when proper DLC was massive expansions, story content and MP content that was well worth the money.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. This is what DLC is about. This is what DLC was and should be.

I honestly trust ND to deliver, they haven't messed up much yet, except a tiny bit with UC3 and the multiplayer.
jimbobwahey  +   910d ago
I'd be more receptive to DLC for The Last Of Us if it wasn't for the fact that the season pass for Uncharted 3 was a colossal rip-off.

All they did with the Fortune Hunters Club DLC for Uncharted 3 was re-release content from Uncharted 1&2, save for one pack that contained four genuinely brand new multiplayer maps. It was utterly disgusting how they treated fans and customers, so they won't be seeing money from me again. I'll be voting with my wallet.
InTheLab  +   910d ago
yeah...that season pass for UC3 was a joke...especially since they ended up giving away those maps with UC2 multiplayer.
Mr_Nuts  +   910d ago
Thats what I'm more annoyed at, the single player content.

Surely if your game is a single player focused story everything that needs to be told in that story would be done by the end.

If it's like AC2 where there was two chapters missed out which you could buy later then I will be p***** but it really depends on how this is pulled off.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   910d ago
Don't buy DLC. Don't buy it unless it's on the caliber of the GTAIV DLCs or Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption. If you ever feel that a certain DLC should have been a part of the game from the jump or that it's overpriced then don't buy it.
SilentNegotiator  +   910d ago
I definitely don't like where Sony went at the last part of this gen with online passes and DLC.

But to be fair (to Naughty Dog specifically), I think their games were strong offerings on their own, so DLC didn't bother me.
InTheLab  +   910d ago
This is the one indefensible knock on ND. This type of s*** drives me crazy. And you have Wells talking about how their games need to make money with the online pass, as if UC3 didn't sell 5 million copies.

Online pass is bulls*** and so is the season pass. Buy it now and we won't so much as give you a peak at what you just paid for for days, weeks, or months in the case of coD. They could be selling you s*** you already own through previous titles or they could give you a bunch of garbage characters like what's going on with Injustice.. Season pass is bulls***.
sjaakiejj  +   909d ago
"but in the end, you are pretty much paying for an incomplete game that can cost you anywhere from $80 to over $100. "

So how exactly is DLC different from expansion packs? The idea to expand a game after its release has been around since pretty much the PS1 era, so I don't understand why suddenly we're assuming that the games are incomplete when we buy them.

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