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Rumor , Sheng Long and Poison , rumored to be in Street Fighter 4.

     Fans of the legendary "Street Fighter" franchise may rejoice to know that the rumored for ages Sheng Long, just may be a playable character in the upcoming "Street Fighter 4"  game, along with another controversial character known as Poison from the Final Fight series. In the Street Fighter 4 edition  of EGM magazine, a spread was run showcasing the two characters with new artwork. In which, Poison's true gender was revealed to be a post op transsexual in the US.     
Sheng Long, has been the greatest mystery to the franchise since the release of the original Street Fighter 2. He is the master of Ryu and Ken. Fans, have been teased by Capcom and EGM for years about his inclusion in the game. But, this year that joke may change as this is souped to be the best Street Fighter game to the franchise.
Poison, has been quite popular since late 2007, with the release of his/her model figure and the question of Poison's gender was once again traveling threw the minds of it's fans. Only to be revealed as in Japan he is a guy who just tucks in his male body parts. In the US, Poison, is a post up transsexual with the female parts added. Capcom is likely to cash in on the popularity of this character and listen to the fans as they demand that Poison and Sheng Long to finally be included in a Street Fighter game.

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Foliage3765d ago

If I remember correctly, Poison was removed because of violence against women. The whole transsexual thing was because of a failed attempt to turn her into a transsexual to get away with this "violence". In the end she was replaced, but in the original design she was very much a woman.

As for Sheng Long, that would be incredible to have him exist. Wasn't he supposed to be this all powerful being that had an over powered version of every signature attack in the game? It is hard to believe that he wouldn't be a disappointment after a rumour like that, and due to balance issues there is no way he will live up to that much hype.

Don't quote me on any of this. There is a good chance I made most of it up. lol

BaYo1823765d ago

DAMN poison looks hot 2 bad she is a he or he is a she whatever!! WHATEVER happen to the original Street Fighter?

PlayStation3603763d ago

but to the best of my recollection. The master of Ryu and Ken was Gouki's (Akuma) older brother, Gouken.

moujahed3762d ago

^ right, that's what I thought... this whole Shen Long thing is new to me.

Grizzen-Fang3762d ago

I know things can be weird in video games as well as movies and other forms of entertainment,but come on now; it is a little crazy that poison character is a he/she.Anyway,I have played SF Since it first came out and it still is one of my top three fighting games of all time! I can't wait to play the new edition.

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