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Microsoft or Sony? My next gen choice.

So there has been a lot arguments on the web on whether the Xbox One or the PS4 is the better console. From the start Sony has made all the right moves and shown that they are the more developer and consumer friendly machine. They started a campaign specifically targeting developers just to show they care. They supported used games right from the start and never brought up DRM (Digital Rights Management). They have the more powerful CPU and GPU, but I will say graphics aren’t everything. I buy a console for the games.

The XB1 had a bumpy start and has been playing catch up for the past couple of months. They have a solid OS offering many features that I think I would enjoy. I know there was a lot of people bashing how they focused on TV during the XB1 announcement, I was one of them. They did however show us they’re still about games at E3. They showed a decent amount of launch exclusives but that wasn’t enough. They shoot themselves in the foot with DRM and no used games. It was Sony using that against them that made the PS4 every ones choice. Sony could have shown no games and just announced no DRM or used game restrictions and that alone would have given them the victory.

Since E3 Microsoft has reversed policies they put into place and now allow used games and have no DRM restrictions. They have recently announced self publishing for indie developers. With recent rumors of the PS4 using 3.5 gigs for their OS leaving 4.5 for games it somewhat evens up the power. I don’t think these rumors are true but even if they are the PS4 is still a more powerful console without a doubt. As far as exclusives over the life of the machine goes I think Sony’s first party studios will trump any ones. As far as console feature go I give the XB1 the edge with some cool TV and voice control feature that I think people will enjoy more than they’re letting on. As far as online services go the PS4 seems to be the better bang for your buck but will Sony’s new online service be as stable as Microsoft’s? I have to go with the XB1 as far as online game play.

They both have good things about them and I think no matter what you choose you in the end win. I myself will be going with the PS4 at launch and do plan on buying the XB1 in the future. The biggest thing for me is Sony came out the gate making all the right choices and Microsoft is shamelessly copying their every move. I chose the 360 last gen and later got a PS3 because I felt Microsoft came out with the better machine for the consumers. I feel like they switched roles this generation. That is my unbiased choice and my reason, no matter your choice I think we all have something to enjoy with these new consoles.

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iamnsuperman1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )


I think Microsoft is pushing too hard with the Kinect but forgetting one simple problem with doing that. It doesn't matter how much better it is or more advanced it is, the average consumer will not really care.

From past examples the consumer really like new things and not familiar things. Here me out. The Wii released. Everyone jumped on it. It was great and fantastic. Sony then tried to release theirs and it didn't seem to resonate with the consumer (now it could be down to games but hang one). It was completely different and more advance tech but it looked too similar to the Wii remote. Consumer saw they had a Wii and thought why would I need a PS3 and Move if I can do good stuff with what I have got. Microsoft released the kinect and everyone bought it because it was new. It sold very well to start with.

Now the kinect 2.0 looks great. But I don't think the average consumers are going to look at it and think I need that. The most likely have a 360 (if in America and the UK) with kinect that already plays fitness games and party games in a similar way. It doesn't have the same WOW factor anymore. They should have launched it now not back then. If they just launched it now then the One would have flown off the shelf and into infamy.

The problem is they are going to look at two similar devices (PS4 and Xbox One) and see one is cheaper. The other one may have the kinect but they will see it as old now, despite it being fantastic new tech, because of the Kinect 1.0. The TV thing may work in their favour (being a new feature and they really need to push this feature because it is new despite me thinking it a bit half assed requiring a TV cable box as well) but we will see

Remember this is my PERSONAL OPINION. A PERSONAL OPINION can be wrong in your eyes. Do not bite my head off for me PERSONAL OPINION.

pacostacos1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

i think at the price of $500 the average consumer would not care about kinect but if they could somehow lower the price to $400 and include kinect it becomes a big selling point for the average consumer over the Ps4

Nicaragua1725d ago

I agree that Kinect 1 has taken the wow factor out of Kinect 2.

The Kinect i know is unsuitable for playing games, apart from dance games. When they tries to use it in driving games or in Steel Battalion then it didnt work very well and left you feeling kinda stupid.

M-M1725d ago

"The problem is they are going to look at two similar devices (PS4 and Xbox One) and see one is cheaper."

That's a verygood point, at first glance they do look very similar. In the long run, people will for the console with the cheaper price.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1726d ago

I went with 360 first this gen the got a PS3. Next gen ill go with PS4 maybe a X1 a few years down cause I rlly want a wiiU cause of Bayonetta 2 and 'X'. This maybe the only gen where I decide to get all 3 consoles.

caseh1726d ago

"They both have good things about them and I think no matter what you choose you in the end win."

In general I agree with this, i've already decided that I would be getting a PS4 before any of the endless articles about DRM, used games, RAM etc etc.

Then I saw a snippet of RYSE and Titanfall on the Xbox One and was genuinely impressed by what I saw. This still hasn't swayed my initial decision but I will undoubtedly miss out on these.

The next gen of consoles are not cheap, theres no backwards compatability as such so i'll have my PS3 knocking about alongside the behemoth that is the PS4. I simply cannot justify having an Xbox One adding to the mountain of hardware that currently resides at home.

As someone who wants to play everything, it saddens me a bit but I guess you have to commit to something right?

Nik_P7571726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

I hope that once PS4's Gaikai is up and running we will be able to enjoy the full PS1, PS2 and PS3 libraries on our PS4's. It is a great idea they have with Gaikai I just hope it works that way eliminating the need for backwards compatibility. Only time will tell though.

@software_lover everything costs, but it would be a convenient feature and also great for those that got rid of their past consoles.

Software_Lover1726d ago

It will cost. You could just keep your ps3 or ps2 and hook it up when you want to play. Plus it's free.

zerocrossing1726d ago

While I imagine the PS4 and XB1 will eventually gain a near equal install base, I will have to go with the PS4 as my first next gen console choice out of the two. Sony came out of the gate with their PS4 unveiling with clear dedication to gamers in mind, Sony may not be breaking the mould so to speak, but I respect them for not tacking the same root with restrictive DRM Microsoft first intended with their initial unveiling of the XB1.

iamnsuperman1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

I wouldn't have minded the DRM if we got something back for it. DRM is to stop used game sales and gain more profit for the publishers. Now I understand having a 60 buck price range because there is that potential for used games to impact the market (similarly to pirates with the movie industry and such prices have gone up. i think it should go down to entice people back into cinemas but that is another rant).

If Microsoft were going with the DRM route they needed to come out and say "Our games will be $30-$40 not $60 anymore". Not only would that convince people to accept DRM but it also forces Sony's and Nintendo's hand and Microsoft would have the control. It would appear we got something back for having DRM. But they didn't which is where they went horribly wrong (in a way it is a shame really what happened)

zerocrossing1726d ago

Exactly, most of us know that the future of gaming is digitally downoadable games, but if companies want us to go willingly towards that then they need to make it worth our while. I for one refuse to spend $60 on a digital game that I can't sell on or trade between family and friends.

maniacmayhem1725d ago

Definite agree,

It appeared to everyone that MS came out the gate with the restrictions. If only they would have put the benefits of whatever they had planned to the front first it probably would have made people at least stop and think about if their DRM is a benefit.

I'm sure MS were thinking long term and wanted an ecosystem similar to that of Steam. But even Steam took time to build and become the service they are today. Not to mention Steam centers on a whole different crowd, the PC crowd. The PC crowd is pretty use to digital only, DRM, Game Keys and other forms DRM that pretty much doesn't bother them (too much.

They have to think to themselves that a lot of gamers are not only coming off a 7 to 8 year stint with 360/PS3/Wii but a lot of us were gaming in the Atari/NES/Master System days. We have been conditioned to be able to do whatever we want with the games we purchased. For MS to pull such a drastic change of ways on their consumers was a serious bad move.

nukeitall1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Ironically, MS did give something back with the digital as MS allowed:

* instant game sharing/lending
* trading
* selling
* gifting

Tell me what other digital platform currently allows that?

For that to work, MS has to *know* and be able to remove said games from your system. Otherwise the system would be rife for abuse!

Software_Lover1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

I'll get both, but about a week ago I just decided to wait a while. I planned on getting a PS4 at launch but cancelled.

I have too many ps3 and 360 games to catch up on. It's really hard to do that with recording and family life. Add to that, I'm not the guy who has to have the newest everything. I made the mistake of jumping on the ps3/360 early at launch and never got back to my ps2 and xbox catalog. I'm not gonna waste any money again.

My goal, since I purposely stayed away from the Steam summer sale, is to finish my Steam catalog. Then jump into my ps3/360 catalog and buy a few more games for them both that I have missed. Once I'm done and/or satisfied, then I will jump into the next gen consoles.

Game on people, game on.

black0o1723d ago

wait a sec I know there are a lot of ps3 ex-games coming out but last time I checked x360 only getting titanful some time next year
so plzzz don't hint that x360 and ps3 are on the same foot

Software_Lover1723d ago

and I quote......

"My goal, since I purposely stayed away from the Steam summer sale, is to finish my Steam catalog. Then jump into my ps3/360 catalog and buy a few more games for them both that I have missed"

Thank you and good night!

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