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If you enjoy being treated like an idiot then you should buy the Xbox One

Just to clarify before the xbox fans explode – I’m not saying that you are an idiot if you buy the Xbox One, I’m saying that Microsoft treats its customers like idiots and so if that’s your thing then you should support them by being first in line for an Xbox One with a nice side serving of backtracking, broken promises, and PR bullshit.

Believe it or not i actually quite like Microsoft as a company. I am a huge fan of all their Office products, i program in Visual Studio, and I develop processes at work in SharePoint. These are all world class products and when MS talk about them then they keep it simple because the products speak for themselves. “this is SharePoint 2013, we have added these features...” simple.
So why does a company that is based on sensible tech with clear intentions turn into a vague, buzzword spewing, smoke & mirrors, crock of crap when it comes to the Xbox? Why are they patronising me with “rocket science technology”? Do they think that I am going to be impressed by “5 million transistors”? Is that honestly the best thing they could think of to say about the Xbox One or do they just think so little of us that they just don’t give a crap? Seriously 5 million transistors ???

This behaviour is nothing new, it began right around the announcement of “Project Natal” which developed into everyone’s favourite overpriced dust gathering webcam – Kinect. Natal promised us the ability to scan real world objects into games and to engage with sophisticated AI software which would recognise our expressions and emotions. What did we get? A load of awful arm flailing, a couple of abysmal attempts at hardcore games, and then finally Microsoft accepted it was crap and just made it into a microphone for voice controlled features which nobody uses anyway, and would have worked just as well through the regular xbox mic.

Fast forward a few years and here we have the Xbox one being announced under a similar fine mist of bullshit. We are told that the Xbox one hardware is superior to its competitor, when it clearly isn’t. We are told that hardware doesn’t matter anyway, except clearly when it’s 5 million transistors. We are told that Xbox One’s account based policies are the future, but then they aren’t. We are told that Kinect is the future because it can see our heatbeat, I say that that is just plain stupid. We are told the power of the cloud will add around 300% more processing power, I found this insulting enough to write a separate blog on the issues surrounding such a bold claim.

The original Xbox was the hardcore console and I loved it for it. The Xbox brand now makes me cringe, and I mean that literally. From the slimy suits who get up on stage to the patronising corporate drivel that falls out of mouths insulting us as idiots who know nothing about technology. We knew these DRM features were not necessary, we knew they could easily be turned off, we know that a camera that can read your heart rate is going to add NOTHING to 99.9% of video games, and we know that the cloud isn’t going to make a console more powerful than a competitor box with better specs.

I will not support a product that treats me like an idiot, but hey each to their own.

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dedicatedtogamers1780d ago

Good blog. Yeah, it's not like people who buy Xbox One are idiots, but Microsoft certainly does not have very much respect for its fanbase, especially the core gamers. My choice on Xbox One was decided a long while ago when Microsoft started integrating GFWL in a lot of PC games.

As soon as I saw the XBox One DRM plans, I was like "nope, not gonna be fooled". And yes, I know they rolled back the DRM, but they've tried that stuff TWICE now (thrice if you include Xbox Live, which is a form of DRM) and it's pretty obvious that's their end goal.

Cam9771780d ago

They don't care for consumers at all. They tried to **** you all with DRM and have ads integrated into the XBOX ONE. The consumer means money and only that in MS' eyes.

Don't support this unjust company.

Saints941780d ago

5 Billion transistors :p

But yes Microsoft has been stumbling all over the place. No one really argue that. I have all 3 consoles and their mishaps has me leaning to PS4. Shame though, I was a big Xbox fan.

HammadTheBeast1780d ago

300 000 servers as well lol. No explanation on how many are physical or virtual which is a massive clarification.

They're just throwing numbers around to confuse and allure the sheeple.

BillytheBarbarian1780d ago

I'm still waiting for clarifications in Sony's camp as well. For the first time since Sega Master System versus Nintendo Entertainment System I'll be watching on the sidelines to see exactly how it all pans out.

Seems to me both camps are trying to sell us a glorified rental system and I don't like it. Goes for both Xbox Live and PSN plus.

Gran Touring1780d ago

What clarifications do you need from Sony? I think they've been quite clear on their model. Care to elaborate?

BillytheBarbarian1780d ago

Sony has left it up to 3rd parties how they want to handle DRM. I play primarily sports titles and those are the ones that get the most flack for online passes. I'm going to wait and see how it all unfolds.

EA got rid of online passes when they thought Xb one was a DRM/anti-used game console but now Xbox changed their minds. EA can just as easily change their minds.

As far as PSNplus, you don't get to keep the games you are getting for "free". Also on PS3 when I'm offline I don't have access to those games. Sounds an awful lot like "always online" that MS has been getting hammered for. When your PSplus subscription runs out you lose those "free" games. So basically it's renting. DRM tries to cut out Gamestop while PSplus is going after Gamefly. Gamefly is about 100 bucks a year to rent any game you want. PSplus is 50 bucks a year to rent old games.

Oschino19071780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

I think at this stage it would help you prove your point more to just stop typing and go take a walk or play some games for a little while.

DragonKnight1780d ago

Sony already stated there will be no online passes. In fact Jack Tretton said it himself in his interview with Geoff Keighley the day after Sony's Press Conference.

EA have Origin to be their DRM. They have more control over that and don't need any other kind of DRM. Plus, if "da powah of da kloud" is a focus, always-online is a reality for the Xbox One.

"As far as PSNplus, you don't get to keep the games you are getting for "free".

Why would Sony give away games for free without some way of ensuring that people are paying for some games or some kind of service? It's ridiculous to expect that anyone would just give away games without some kind of catch. Plus, considering that Plus is a requirement for multiplayer on PS4, how is it a problem?

"Also on PS3 when I'm offline I don't have access to those games. Sounds an awful lot like "always online" that MS has been getting hammered for."

No it doesn't. MS was hammered for always online for absolutely every single game, including single player games you paid full price for. Requiring online for a free, digital game is nowhere near the same.

"So basically it's renting. DRM tries to cut out Gamestop while PSplus is going after Gamefly. Gamefly is about 100 bucks a year to rent any game you want. PSplus is 50 bucks a year to rent old games."

This here just sounds like fanboyism.

I think you'd have been better off just saying "PS+ isn't for me."

BillytheBarbarian1780d ago

A fanboy of not buying into next Gen requirements? Sure. If that helps you sleep at night.

I'm a fanboy of being able to play my games I buy 15-20 years down the road. I don't give a crap if it's Sony, ms, Nintendo, or Sega. I just want to own my games. Keep trolling bro. Hahaha, the Barbarian has spoken.

FamilyGuy1780d ago

You don't have to be online or signed in or anything to play the games you've downloaded from having a PS+ account.

Also, if you want to keep the games you can just buy them off the store. In addition to "free games" PS+ always has the on sale games for a cheaper price than what non-subscribers pay.

PS+/PS3/PS4 are NOT Always Online console. Gaikai, a streaming service like netflicks, is the only always online thing Sony has announced.

theFLeXy1780d ago


You cant play your psplus games once your offline???? You couldnt be more wrong lol. You have to be online and a ps plus member to download the free games but once the game is downloaded you can play it offline all you want and dont need to be signed in. Maybe before being a "psplus info pro" you should actually use the service lol

BillytheBarbarian1779d ago

I downloaded Vanquish a few months ago and it doesn't work without internet. I'll try to download it again maybe Sony fixed the issue. Not sure.

I just know I downloaded it and took my PS3 to try it out at work and it wouldn't load up. I just deleted it and haven't messed with it since. I think it was April when I downloaded it. This is the error code I get:
80029564 error

It took so long to download and install and when it didn't work I just really didn't care to bother with it anymore. Vanquish is a good game though, I ended up just picking it up for $20 on disc.

Games4M - Rob1779d ago

Billy there is no online requirement for ps+ beyond the initial download. I can pull the ethernet cable out of my ps3 and play any of my ps+ titles.

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BillytheBarbarian1780d ago

I'm playing NBA 2k13 right now. Great game!

Cam9771780d ago

Yeah, what 'clarifications?'

s45gr321779d ago

That's what I am thinking, yes these two corporations are not going to violate the first sale doctrine by adding DRM policies to physical copies of games well why not include the digital copies as well. There is also the fact will all my digital content that I paid for on PSN or xbox live market be transferable to the next generation consoles even though the gamer is not a PS Plus member or has an xbox live gold account. This also includes trophies/gamer score and of course our digital pals. I don't know I am sticking to PC gaming. It's all too fishy at the moment

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Software_Lover1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Just to clarify.......

You are saying that you are an idiot if you buy the XBone.

Just be a man about it. Or are you just like the N4g submissions? All title.

A product cant "treat you" like an idiot. You buy a product, you like it or you dont.

But how quickly people forget. I guess that's why people live in the now and not the past.

To each his own. Game on.

dontbhatin1780d ago

Looks like you read the first small paragraph and typed this BS lol.

Nicaragua1780d ago

You know i actually wrote the opening paragraph specifically for people like you who would have trouble comprehending my point.

Clearly thats too subtle so in future i'll try a half page advert in the new york times in the weeks running up to my blog explaining what they will be about.

Or you could just try reading it properly, that way when you write your xbox defence you will look a bit less silly.

Software_Lover1779d ago

I did read it. You are still implying what I said. It's like when people say "I dont mean to offend you........... but". You do mean to offend them.

You think that your opinion on what you purchase should be the end all be all, just like most people on this site. Whomever doesn't go along with what YOU BELIEVE must somehow be an idiot. If you wanted an XBone instead of a PS4, the people who want a PS4 must somehow be an idiot, or like being treated like an idiot.

Am I right?

Of course I am. We can go on and on about how things are marketed and such but your total focus on Microsoft shows it face. What about the terrible ps3 marketing in the beginning? Nothing great, game wise, for almost the first 2 years? Were the people bought a ps3 idiots? No, of course not. Sony changed its marketing and started pumping out games. Fired the right people and got on track.

I'm not even gonna get on the whole "We will never charge for multiplayer", "You will work 2 jobs", "Rumble isn't needed".... They changed their tune. People liked being treated like idiots right?

This is about gaming. Microsoft and Sony both currently, RIGHT NOW, have DRM on their consoles. That is a fact. Microsoft wanted DISC based DRM just like it is on the pc side. They changed their stance, because of money. Sony changed their stance on things regarding the ps3. COMPANIES DO THAT.

I could call people idiots for buying any Apple Products, or anything google/android related because your information is sold to the highest bidder everyday. But I dont because obviously you like the services. Same thing in this situation.

Some people like what Microsoft has and had to offer with the XBone. It doesn't make them idiots. Many people like what Sony has/had to offer with the ps3, even during the rough beginning (myself included). It doesn't make them idiots. It's makes them a consumer.

You guys need to get off your high horses thinking you can just degrade people everyday because of their freedom to purchase what they want, and thinking your way should be the only way.

Microsoft made a change. #dealwithit. If you dont want it dont purchase it. It's that simple. We dont need a blog everyday from people who don't want a product. Make a blog on something you do want and let people purchase what they want whether that is the PS4 or XBone.

Game on.

Nicaragua1779d ago

Wow, you certainly saw straight through my insidious scheme - your a total genius, you really are.

What was i thinking writing a blog about the recent Xbox One announcement without also mentioning the PS3 launch from 7 years ago? In the interest of being thorough i will make sure my next piece does exactly that along with a detailed comparison to the Mega CD and Virtual Boy - coz you gotta keep things current.

Seriously though you are crow-barring your silly rant into a context where it doesn't belong. This isnt a blog about apple or google or the PS3, its about how the Xbox team market their consoles with vapid terms like "the power of the cloud", "rocket science", or "5 million transistors" which is patronising and is intended to impress simple minded people.

That is literally what this blog is about. If you are seeing some alternate message behind it then your a paranoid nut.

rainslacker1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

I think the difference in their marketing strategies between the Xbox and their other software products is that their productivity software isn't being sold to the general masses, outside of the basic Office package of course.

When you look at Office, VS, sharepoint, etc, they are being sold to corporate decision makers, and people who develop on those tools for whatever reason and understand those tools. With these kinds of people it's not usually good to treat them like idiots, because they're not. They can smell PR BS from a mile away, so it's best to keep it simple and explain what the new features are, and how they will affect productivity.

When you look at the Xbox brand, or even Windows, it is a mass consumer product. It has to sell to everyone from young children to dear ol' grandma. It's selling to not what I would call idiots, but the lowest common denominator. Those PR buzzwords work on people like that. Sony does the same thing too, although I will admit they do treat people less like idiots. Sony itself had a few indiscretions with the PS3 in this regard.

The thing I find about most forum goers, and possibly myself to a degree, is that we're really tech minded, although in many cases not technically knowledgeable. Some people see "da cloud" and think it's awesome. Some People see "Kinect can do this" and suddenly everyone who never cared about it thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread. So obviously, this type of marketing PR works. It gets people talking about what they want them to talk about.

I single out MS for those examples, but it's true for Sony and Nintendo as well.

Now, with the X1, MS made some serious errors in how well their PR would go over among the general gaming community. They treated the fairly well informed community like the general masses. We are not that. We could be likened more towards the corporate buyer, or serious software user who is knowledgeable of the product and can, for the most part, cut through the PR BS. And many did just that. Everything backfired on them, and they clung to their ideals for a while, and continued to treat us like idiots because that's what they know to work for the general masses. It may still work when they go full force into marketing it outside the online forums such as this one.

I speak in generalities of course. There are still plenty on here, and other forums, who lap it up without much critical thought.

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