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Gave away my Xbox 1

Hello all, I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and enjoying your new toys. You know we're told it's better to give than receive, but lets face the facts. We all love receiving more than giving. At least that's what I thought until earlier today.
If you read the title then you know what's coming.
Yes I did indeed give away my X1. I didn't give it away to get a Ps4, nor did I do it because I thought the system sucked. I absolutely enjoyed playing it and I have nothing negative to say about the X1.
So now you're probably asking why did you give it away and to whom? Well I gave it away to someone more deserving than I.
A neighbor of mine. He's about 16 years old and he's a good kid. Unfortunately he has had a bit of bad luck with things in his life, but he doesn't let it keep him down.
So the kid wanted an Xbox 1 since he first saw it.
He worked several oddball jobs, sold some of his belongings, and saved money where he could. This kid worked extremely hard to save enough money for this thing, and going to school at the same time.
Well the time finally came for him to purchase his Xbox 1. He had more than enough money for the system and the games. However he didn't purchase it! Instead he bought gifts for his family. He has two little sisters and a little brother and his parents. I don't know if his parent's didn't have the money to buy gifts or what, but he took the path of selflessness.
I was blown away by this. He worked so hard to treat himself to something and instead he chose to give something special to his family. This really inspired me. You see I'm the only child and never had to share or do a thing for someone else.
I can admit I am very selfish at times. I never had to work for something like he had. If I worked that hard for the X1 I couldn't turn it down in the end.
I knew he wanted that X1 to. So in the spirit of the holidays I gave him mine and the games!
I wish you guys could have seen his eyes light up! The kid was so happy he was jumping around, doing cartwheels, and some weird break dance thing. It was freaking awesome I tell you!
Kinda wish I caught it on film.
The kid deserved it in my book. You guys don't know him or what he's gone thru, or the work he did, but I do. Let's just say one of the jobs involved poo!
Felt pretty freaking cool making his day like that.
I'm not to sad over giving away my X1. I'm going to get another one in the coming days or so, and it's a material object anyway.
I guess what I am trying to convey is that sometimes we get carried away by our own selfishness. When in reality it doesn't have to be that way. Maybe if we all take a step back and give someone a helping hand, even if it's only one person. Not saying buy them a Ps4 or X1 or anything like that. Just help someone at random when you can and you just might learn something about yourself.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this guys. I appreciate it and I hope you all have a happy holidays and enjoy your toys.

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theXtReMe11547d ago

Very nice story. I appreciate your selflessness. You must live in a good area. It seems in my area, there are very few people who would consider doing anything like this and very few people that if you do something for would turn around and do something kind for somebody else.

Everybody seems so caught up in themselves that it makes me miserable being here. I grew up in a fairly small town where people were very nice to each other. So I'm not used to this selfishness that I see living here in Ocean City, Maryland. I try the best I can to make people in my community happy. We live on the entrance of the street and I always put up a huge Christmas display to make the older people happy, as they aren't able to do it themselves. I do the same thing in the spring and summer with a huge, beautiful garden display and another in the fall. There is a woman and her husband both 80+ who live next-door, who bring their grandkids over to see the displays and she cries every time she sees me out doing it. Hugs me and thanks me. That is all I need from anybody.

It's easy to be overcome by the complexities of life and forget about thy neighbor, but it's just as easy to turn around and do something nice, no matter how small, for the person beside you. Tell them they look nice or give them a hug and let them know somebody cares. Pay for the person behind yous coffee or mow your neighbors grass while you're mowing your own. All little things that mean a lot to that one person, who may turn around and do it for the next.

The Beatles said it best: All We Need Is Love.

Septic1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I didn't shed a tear when I read this blog....promise....

We need more people like you in the world p_p

I'm now off to kick a wall with my fist.

ZombieKiller1545d ago

you're awesome man. that was the most selfless, awesome story I've heard in a long time and I'm glad to know that people like you still exist in todays world.

Merry Freaking Christmas man (Or whichever holiday you celebrate too!)

Thank you for posting this!

HammadTheBeast1545d ago

liek if you cri evrytiem....

Relientk771547d ago

That was a touching story, and you're very nice for giving your console away like that.

AilonTrusk1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Had goosebumps reading that whole thing, made me quite teary eyed really

Neoninja1546d ago

Thanks for the comments guys and taking the time to read this. I just wanted to share something that I thought would lift some spirits and maybe help someone who was having a bad day smile or something.
Funny what people can teach you sometimes in life, especially when you weren't looking to learn anything lol.

Software_Lover1546d ago

Good job. I have learned over the years that it is truly better to give than to receive. People think that its so cliché, but they have never tried it. It's a different type of feeling, almost a high, when you can make someones life better or make them feel better about themselves.

Sadly, the majority of people will never know that feeling.

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The story is too old to be commented.