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Will Xbox sink their competitors Battleship?

If any of the gaming community was able to choose a lasting concept for the next Xbox Console, what would you like to add, to improve a somewhat outdated 360 system architecture?

Granted, Microsoft have made some great advancements over the original 2005 console, including Dashboard Updates and the addition of the Kinect Sensor, but what about the next 10 years?

There is little doubt in most gamers minds, that for the next Gen, there is going to have to be the ability of Cloud Gaming as well as Disc Based & XBLA based games. Some people will take the leap forward, others like things just the way they are and won't relish the change, therefore, both will be essential to build on current branding.

What Microsoft may need to focus upon, more than ever before, is the power of the console. After all, we have seen the PSP Vita released with quad core technology which means its classed as palm technology also (at best).

Would you be buying the next Microsoft Edition if this is the best technology it contained within it's silky or matte black skin? Well thats rather debatable and many opinions would be flying around. Though the focus probably isn't as high with the Vita as with current PC gaming including the technology that these are now running on (let alone, running away with) mainly highlighted by DICE and Battlefield 3 during the 4th quarter of 2011, with the larger lobbies and superior Graphics.

So, that said, what exactly would you put in the console? Hold that thought.

It's not only PC's that seem to have made technology leaps recently. With the imminent mainstream arrival of Super HD and 3D technologies ever advancing, there is a whole new issue regarding graphical processing elements and we all know what happened in 2006+ with failures to the GPU's resulting in RROD, E74, E73 and other Microsoft issues costing BILLIONS in repair bills which is without doubt a place consumer and Developer akin would hope to discard to the mists of time.

So the big question is, what are we talking in spec design? How many cores? Who will be chosen for Graphic Support. What will build the most fundamental basics of the console that will blast it far into the future?

Maybe a 6 Core Intel based processor would likely be a starting platform, possibly combined with an AMD CrossfireX GPU unless they decide to switch to Nvidia which seems less than likely. Lose the memory cards, increase USB storage capability, offer Cloud Gaming Support via OnLive or a parallel self-supported package. It may even be best to offer the DVD drive as a USB plug-in option due to the issues seen with laser life expectancy plus sticky drives and remove the locked DVD code that 'pairs' the DVD and CPU on current models so backup's are useable without key transfers.

Likely there is no correct answer and Microsoft will clearly make the final decision yet as the consumer, it is your choice to speak out and forge the road ahead. I sincerely would like to see the next-gen Xbox sink the competitors battleship, as it will only inspire more work and determination to build faster better consoles.

Speak out for your next super Xmas or Birthday present, after all the Next-Gen Era is now upon us all.

Feel free to provide your comments below.

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dedicatedtogamers2344d ago

I am of the opinion that game consoles need to move AWAY from being like PCs, and your entire article makes the argument that the Nextbox needs to be MORE like PCs. Hardware power isn't going to determine the winner next gen. It has never determined the winner, and it never will.

Chaostar2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

That's a terrible attitude to have, some of the greatest innovations in gaming have come to be simply because of competitive pressure.

You've clearly picked your 'console of choice', which is fair enough, but to close your eyes and wish upon a magic star for the competition to simply disappear is foolish. In the long run it will hurt the thing you love.

You have also made the gigantic assumption that MS has the 'core' gaming audience in mind when developing it's next gen console. All signs at the moment would point to a focus on keeping costs low and targeting the audience that the Wii captured this gen.

I don't really want to speculate on specs, at least on the internet; where everyone and their cat is a computer engineering genius.

Godmars2902344d ago

Actually, by example when its been a choice between the expensive and the cheap, MS has always gone cheap. That's why they didn't outright own the first Xbox which would have enabled them to make a slim version, and why the 360 had all the problems it had when it first launched. Why the system was scratching discs, because they went with the cheapest manufacturer who in turn didn't bother to include padding for drives or do proper inspections.

I really doubt that they'll make those errors with their next system, but at the same time chances are that they wont make it an example of bleeding edge tech.