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"Oh boy."

Why you should play: NieR.

Neckbear | 1713d ago
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Ah, NieR. An (apparently) low-budget game that saw unfaborable reviews, and that wasn't a success. Yet, it is one of the best games I've played this generation- a heart-wrenching story about a father, going through incredible ordeals, the only reason of doing so being his daughter's life.

A game where characterization is incredible- one of the best-written, most charismatic characters in the history of videogames being right there, in that game. Oh, he's also a book.

Your companions will laugh, will cry- will yell, will curse, will feel.

Incredible voice acting and writing would be two common praises- whereas gameplay may fall short, but boss battles are incredible. Graphics are rather bad, however.

It is a game that accomplishes something incredible: Making you feel. Feel sorry for the characters, feel sad because of the story- even shed tears in certain moments, it's there; the emotion.

An incredibly well thought-out world accompanies the amazing story presented in this game, as well. And, by last, the music. I'll embed a video of my favorite track in the game, just for the sake of it.

NieR is a criminally underrated and overlooked videogame I couldn't recommend more, I kid not. What is one of the best games this generation of videogames, stagnant with shallow experiences and flash over substance- a game that does things right, that gets to stand out, and gets to pull the strings of your heart. Mellow beats will accompany a certain character cursing you- and cursing god, for the death of her lifelong companion. A game where evil is not necessarily evil, when good is not good- when there's no such silly morality, instead opting for different points of view. A game that makes you feel horrible, for once. "Nothing is at it seems" is written on the box- and my friend, take those words to heart.

"No sympathy for your enemies, nothing shall stop your path" is a common theme; "Do you want me to feel SORRY for you?!" the main character yells in the saddening finale- ignorant to what he just did. He will push foward, not to be stopped by dreams, hopes, or the righteousness of what he's doing.

It feels all like a sick, twisted play- Misunderstandings, bloodshed, sadness- dancing with laughs, smiles, and jokes. It's a game I can't help but love because of that- because it avoids being dull, morally correct, and plain silly. Because it shows the grand best and worst of the human condition, questioning states of mind, philosophy, society and even humanity itself; all written masterfully like few videogames have done, to boot.

Sadly, however- the game is not without flaws. What many would argue are HORRIBLE side-quests plague the game- though the keyword is "side", as they obligatory are not. Push foward with the actual story, and you shouldn't see any issues.

The combat feels rather archaic for some, as well- lack of a lock-on button being a main criticism.

However, for a game that touched be so much- that I remember, even after months of beating it, I must say I overlooked those flaws easily.

The game may start off slow, and may not appeal to some- In fact, it has some questionable design choices; yet I just loved it, and I'm not afraid of recommending it to everyone I know.

Did I mention there's BOAR DRIFTING? Yes, you heard that right. Boar Drifting.

Go ahead, give it a try. The game's quite cheap nowadays, and it's an experience I feel not many should miss on; a really unique game that tells an incredible, shockingly well written tale unlike any other; accompanied by some awe-inspiring music, and that gets to be original; unique, and rather quirky, depending of your tastes. One of the most memorable games of 2010- scrap that, of this generation, NieR was for me.

That is why I wrote this blog post, recommending it to you, folks. If you appreciate a truly mature, deep, well-written and engrossing story, strengthened by incredible characters and great audio, NieR may be one of the best experiences you can have in this current generation of videogames.

Otheros00  +   1713d ago
All they did was curse. I didn't like the game because of the constant swearing and lame combat, story, length of the game, replaying the game just to get 10 secs of new scenes, etc. The game is dull and silly. I love jrpgs but this game is like the opposite of a good jrpg. Drakengard was over 9000 time better in everything.
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Neckbear  +   1713d ago
A rather neat opinion, though I wrote the whole blog post, so figures I'll disagree with it.

To tear your argument apart with the magic of opinions:

"I didn't like the game because of the constant swearing"

Let's start off with swearin'. Only one single character did it, and that's 'cause she grew up doing so. It's not mindless swearing, and it's not even that heavy in-game. Surely there's the "fucking fuck you, fuck!" here and there which Kainé spouts, but that's about it.

"lame combat"

I found the combat to be rather fun. Not incredible by any means, and when you had the Phoenix Spear it did devolve into mashing TRIANGLE TRIANGLE TRIANGLE, but meanwhile it was rather fun.


And this is what irks be 'bout your comment. The story is, while rather slow at first, well-paced and kinda logical. They don't explain certain major plot points in-game, yes (by the way, you can read those in Grimoire Nier), but the big side of things was majestic; alongside the great characters.

I kind of doubt your taste in stories, however- seeing as how you have a FFvsXIII image as your avatar, and well...Final Fantasy games don't have great stories, in my opinion.

"length of the game"

A rather valid point, but it's not short by any means. First playthrough took me 20 hours, and 'twas enough for me to be satisfied.

"replaying the game just to get 10 secs of new scenes"

You're failing to mention that said scenes and extra dialogue change your view of the game- the characters, and the story. "Nothing is at it seems" is written in the box; and that's why.

It's fun until you realize, well...SPOILERS AHEAD, SO BEWARE: That the beings you're killing are humans, and said humans BEG that you don't murder them. Some have certain, happy relationships- some simply wanted to live alone, and they all represent that beautifully. It was an incredible idea, I believe, to have such a twist that both fit the game incredibly well and made the second playthrough not as bothersome, if at all. Hell, I didn't even want to kill Kalil nor the robot in a certain part of the game because of their dialogue. It truly made me felt horrible, honestly.

"This game is dull and silly"

Both misconceptions.

"I love jrpgs but this game is like the opposite of a good jrpg"

It isn't a standard JRPG, for the matter. It's a much more grim, human story than the typical JRPG fare.

"Drakengard was over 9000 time better in everything"

Ignoring the silly, tasteless meme you just spouted, Drakengard is, while more sick and twisted, rather worse gameplay-wise, character-wise, and storywise.

Just sayin'; my opinion of NieR is that it's an incredible story, with some great concepts, but that's deeply flawed. Said flaws do not hamper the enjoyment of the game, however.


Actually, the dad's role in the game fits the main character perfectly; I could relate to him more. I can agree with the box art, though.
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JusenkyoGuide  +   1713d ago
i know this sounds harsh
but i didn't buy the game because of the boxart and the fact that square enix thought that all americans want in their games are swearing and a older main character.
coryok  +   1713d ago
though i disagree with the swearing (i think it held a lot of value to the character) i do agree with SE thinking we needed the older main character with lots of muscles. if i had a choice i would have bought replicant, but being in NA i had no choice and ended up with gestalt :(
coryok  +   1713d ago
i loved this game, my favorite game this gen by far. i didnt like the way kaine is profane in every sentence she speaks and grotesque in the actions she makes, but after playing through the game i can say that they did a fantastic job with her. it gives you a sense of the torment that she feels all the time, lets you feel her pain, and in the end gives you the choice to help her.

the first ending, meh, the second, still meh, then the third really caught me, and the fourth cemented this game as my favorite. other games will be hard pressed to compete with this game.

though i didnt enjoy boar drifting as much as you did, i also didnt have any problem with the graphics, i thought they were fine, the gameplay was great, switching from regular type killing, to a shooter type, from puzzles to platforming and horror type gameplay. it keeps it changing and interesting. as far as the music goes, it was some of the best thats ever been in games, it captured the moment and enhanced the game.

the game was truly fantastic, one that ill likely be replaying for years to come.
Lavalamp  +   1712d ago
Oh god yes! Nier is one of those games that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It's narrative, coupled with those incredibly atmospheric musical scores, made for such a compelling and engaging experience. It was such a shame to learn that Cavia got bought out and dissolved within another company. Nier was truly their Swan Song. But I have heard that Square Enix wants to make some more titles that will expand upon Nier's universe. That makes me both excited to see more Nierness, but fearful because the studio responsible for the gem won't be making them.
SeraphimBlade  +   1712d ago
High five, man! This game is hella fun, and gets a lot right that we usually accuse jrpgs of getting wrong.

I do have a small disagree. I don't know if this was explored more in the side quests, but I wouldn't call the world "well-thought out." I never really got a good sense of what the world was like. Are most towns like your hometown? Is that port as big as the cities ever get? The plot also feels a bit rushed near the end, (seriously they, like, beam the plot points into Weiss's mind) but the core story of a man stopping at nothing to save his daughter is great.

All in all, It never escapes the low budget feel, but has a lot of heart. Well worth playing.
young7yang  +   1712d ago
to all those who bash this game....

go back to your "call of duty"

this is one of the best games this generation and ill even go so far to say one of the most original titles i'v played in a while
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FGHFGHFGH  +   1712d ago
i saw it on amazon for $10 new
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Ingram  +   1712d ago
"Your companions will laugh, will cry- will yell, will curse, will feel." Uh...that sound dangerously like FFXIII.
SeraphimBlade  +   1711d ago
Maybe, but the difference is you'll give a crap about them
kayecb   1712d ago | Spam
DelbertGrady  +   1712d ago
I played it a while ago. Amazing game. There's something about that makes it extremely hard to put down. I'm not sure if it's the mesmerizing music, the wonderful boss battles, the multiple endings or that there's a ton of stuff to collect in order to get a full completion. Probably it's all those things together. I put more than 30 hours into the game during my first 2 weeks of play.

It has that old Square feeling to it.
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Ingram  +   1712d ago
Hey, really? in that case I might want to try it, I just read bad reviews about it and it looked, well, dull.

Reading this kind of good things are making me think it really is worth a buy.

Just genuinely curious, is similar to what games?, would you care to give a pair of examples?
wquach  +   1712d ago
Absolutely incredible soundtrack. The game is sitting at home nice and tidy still in its plastic wrap, but with your review and the song posting it's now kicked up to the top of my backlog list.

Unfortunately I'll have to wait seven weeks to get out of med school and go back home to my PS3.

I appreciate the well-written review, Neckbear, and putting the game back into my attention. I originally bought it from good word-of-mouth but school and exclusives got in the way.
PS3Freak  +   1712d ago
I loved this game, got to watch all the endings! Although it became a bit tedious at the end.

This is game was a breath of RPG fresh air that I desperately needed.

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