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A day out at the Playstation Hub - Dublin

I saw a flyer in the city center a couple of weeks ago about something called “Playstation Hub” happening in the city center itself sometime soon. I decided to go home and search it up a few days later and found out that Playstation had brought a taste of the PS Move to Dublin for a number of weeks and I was stoked. We rarely ever get anything here in Ireland like this and I was looking forward to having a chance to play these new games that were listed and in trying the PS Move.

I decided to pop in today, if only for a short while, to see what it was all about. I happened to get there just 10 minutes after it opened and so the place was pretty empty which gave me a good chance to play all that I wanted to.

First up was Motorstorm Apocalypse (and in 3D!). I found it really, really fun I must say. I was never a big fan of the past Motorstorm games (granted, I barely played more than a demo of them) but this really appealed to me. The driving was pretty pacey and ferocious, car crashes really took apart your car at times. The boost system meant that if you power up your car too much it’ll catch on fire soon enough and have you off the track (or at least that’s what I interpreted was happening!). As for the 3D itself, I have to say I couldn’t really notice it that much. Maybe I didn’t have my glasses on properly as I rushed them on, or maybe it just takes some time to get used to.

Next up I gave LBP2 a shot, the game I was most looking forward to. I began in your pod as normal and had a selection of 4 levels to play from. I chose the first which threw me into a futuristic-looking level where a creature greeted me. I jumped down a chute and went on with it from there. I eventually stumbled on an in-level arcade which gave me a chance to play a game like Pong (although I can’t remember the exact name for this exact version of it). I continued on and found use of the jumping-pads and had a bit of fun with those and looked forward to learning how to use the grapple-hook. Unfortunately, the beta then froze (3 times) which I found to be a bit much, so I left it. But I’ll be back!

I saw a free spot at the Killzone 3 tv so I decided to give it a go. I was looking forward to Killzone 3 for a fair while this past year, but I’ll admit it’s fizzled out. Well, that was until I played this demo.
Superb graphics, much improved shooting mechanics, and quite frankly kick-ass scenery and battles and I’m psyched up for it again. You begin on a ship, shooting down a number of Helghast standing on platforms. You eventually crash and have to continue your journey on foot, but this is where it gets most fun. You continue on to a battle in the middle of a snowy field, blasting your way through and then continue on. Here I fount an enemy staring out a window so I thought I’d give the melee attack a go. My character whips out his knife, pins the enemy up against a wall and cuts him by the throat. All that in stunning HD grapics on a 40′ inch tv – yeah, it gave me goosebumps. The jetpacking action will have to wait unfortunately as I let another few guys play their way through the demo, but I’m in no doubt about Killzone 3 whatsoever now, this game is gonna be a blockbuster.

My first attempt as using the PS Move came with the Time Crisis booth. Thankfully no-one was around to see me flap around wildly trying to get the cursor on the menu move up and down, until I eventually realised I had to hold down a trigger button! I unfortunately couldn’t find any control menu, and so when I went into the game my aiming was all over the place. I couldn’t figure out how to aim my gun with decent accuracy at any enemy, and every time I thought I was finally getting somewhere, I realised that I was actually the one getting hit.

I gave Gran Turismo 5 a shot too. Bare in mind I hadn’t played a racing sim since the early PS2 era and have never been a big fan of them. The graphics were superb, as were the amount of options for customising your car for each particular track. There were 5 different tracks to choose from, along with about 10 different cars, of which I tried the Mercedes-Benz and the Ferrari Enzo. I found it pretty fun despite my horrible driving sim skills. I didn’t notice much car damage when I crashed (which I did, a lot) but maybe it was just the lack of a big impact that made that so. The only downside to that demo I found was that everything seemed so set and a bit dull admittedly during races. Each car went to the exact same side, slowed down at the exact same spot, turned in the exact same line, etc. But these sort of things are gonna happen with early demos like this, the main thing is that this demo serves it’s purpose – showing the GT fans how the game can play (with the added extras and tweaks that will come with the full game) and showing you what the full game can offer you.

All in all, I only spent about an hour at the Hub, but I’m certainly glad I went. With college and other things I won’t have too many chances to go, but the next time I do, I’m gonna make sure I get that grappling hook level on LBP2 and I’m gonna jetpack my way around the KZ3 world as much as I can!

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I agree, the game is a bit static looking. It's very much a showroom game. Whatever that means.