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New 3ds XL Powerup or Poisonous 'Shroom

In just a few weeks, the much bigger, much fatter, and supposedly more powerful 3ds will be within our greedy grasp. However, that leaves many current 3ds owners in quite a conundrum as to whether or not throw out their own wad of gold coins to the Big N.

Here’s some things to think about:


A screen that will be 90% larger than its little brother and much more crisp and easier to see.

A stylus that will be stored on the side rather than the back.

Bigger left and right shoulder buttons that feel more ergonomically correct.

Can hold a 4gb SD card which is double the capacity for the original 3ds.

Longer battery life which is around 6 hours.

Its stylus doesn’t telescope which makes it easier when you write Swapnotes and makes them look less sloppy.

3d slider will now lock into place when playing 2d games.


The console itself is just too big and fat.

Its ugly compared to the lush and shiny colors of its little brother.

There is currently no circle pad pro available for it.

Also, a circle pad itself, which many had wished for on the first 3ds isn’t there.

You would have to hold onto your old 3ds in order to transfer everything over to your new 3ds XL and wouldn’t be able to sell the old one to help pay for the new one.

So, here’s a good look at the 3ds XL in action and after watching decide for yourself if what’s old is gold and what’s new is just old miner’s coal.

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Sephris2110d ago

A tip for you when it comes to the page you compose your blog on, just above the button you click to save your draft, is a link you can click on to embed your video that says "embed video +" that will put the video you have up there right on your blog. This will give your readers everything you want to offer them right there on your blog page. Other than that, I like what you've got here. :)

Waddy1012107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

A good summation of some pros and cons but i'd just like to address some of your points.
In terms of your cons i'd just like to say something about two of your points.
The 3DS XL will fit on the pedestal that comes with Kid Icarus Uprising, i know because i've tried it.
Your point about no A/C adapter being included is incorrect for your region, because as you've said you're from the US and the adapter is included in the box for the US version.