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Microsoft Kinect: Not Only is it like Mario Bros, but Hardcore Gamers will Buy it First!

If you read my previous post (entitled Sony to Nintendo: Why can't we be 3D Friends? Also, My stance on console-based 'modern warfare'), you know by now that, as far as peddling 3D wares, Shuhei Yoshida, boss of Sony Worldwide, and most likely other Sony gaming avenues, want no part of any kind of ribbing - good-natured or otherwise - on behalf of Nintendo in regards to journeying into the next dimension of gaming. Not to be outdone, Microsoft - through various public relations opportunities in regards to their Kinect project - offer their own humble pie-flavored Scooby-snacks to the oldest gaming dog in the yard.

Think back to Microsoft's Kinect-a-palooza at E3, but try not to bore yourself too much. One of the games they displayed was called 'Kinect Adventures,' and one of the men behind the game - Kudo Tsunoda - draws optimism through comparing Kinect games to arguably the most influential game of all time.

With its "core gaming depth and skills," as well as its "casual approachability that lets you get into it and play it right away," Tsunoda-san sees many a parallel between Kinect Adventures - among other Kinect games - with Super Mario Bros. Comparing games made for a technology based on a modified take on an already existing format to a classic game brought into the gaming mythos by the very company that's popularized the very same technology that led to the modification in the first place is the kind of thing that makes me laugh a little. Now on to something that made me laugh a lot.

Ryan Moore, boss-hog of Microsoft's worldwide marketing department, recently boasted to of how well they think they know their user base. Anticipating an onslaught of purchases by 'hardcore gamers' upon Kinect's launch, Moore feels that Microsoft "[has] to have a wide range of experiences, from things like [Kinect Animals]... to games that are more geared towards the core."

Yes, Mr. Moore. A console whose perennial greatest hits deal with first-person shooters and 'Horde Modes' can't wait to pretend to get their hands on imaginary pets. What's more, Chris Penello (director of platform marketing at Microsoft) says he'd prefer not to have 'games that are more geared towards [Microsoft's independently established] core' anywhere near the Kinect. "I don't want Halo [or Call of Duty 4, or Call of Duty: Black Ops] on Kinect. I want [them] on a controller." But with so many of the 360's more rabid fan base, even some of its detractors, considering the console one that does the FPS genre more justice than the rest, and Penello pretty much talking down the idea of a Halo Kinect adventure, how can Moore's assessment of appealing to its more hardcore constituents hold any significant merit?

For two marketing honchos to work for the same company but be on different wavelengths about their 'next big thing' makes me wonder if Microsoft ever holds group meetings to hash these things out. An 'advanced' console taking such big stock in making gaming more accessible to nontraditional players makes me wonder why consumers continually throw Nintendo, their game plans and their gameplan, under the bus.

I'm not a fanboy by any means. Each system has their ups and their downs. But you can't argue the facts. And the facts are that Sony and Microsoft, for all their advancements in gaming and their supposed glimpses into the future, are backtracking right now to try and do what Nintendo has been doing all this time.

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