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My Project Cafe Wishlist

I've been a member here at N4G for a while and today decided to make my very first Blog Post I'am not a fan of hard work so please excuse any grammatical errors I may have.
So as you can tell by the title this is my Project Cafe(also known as Wii2)wishlist which brings me to the first thing on my list:

-A new name: When I first heard that the Nintendo Revolution was now being called "Wii" I literally thought it was a joke. It is probably the worst name I've heard for a console. Call it something that actually means something and does not have "Wii" in the title.

-A real online network:To be honest I haven't hooked my Wii up to the internet and honestly I'am not interested. With the whole Wii Friend Code hassle,lack of games that actually support online and lack of any type of services other than Netflix who would be? This is probably the main issue to be addresd in Nintendo's next console other than the graphics, so don't worry too much about this.

-Competitive Graphics: Talking about big issues being addresed this is the other big one. Rumors have been flying that it's slightly more powerful than the 360 and maybe more powerful than the Ps3, this is not even close to enough. We all saw how the new Unreal Engine looks like and this generation looks bad already. I'am not expecting the Wii2 to be the most powerful console next gen but compare the Ps3,360 and Wii to the Ps2,xbox and GC.The Ps3 and 360 look like they are from the same gen while the Wii looks like its from last gen. The point is graphics evolve along with consloes and so do games, so if the Wii2 isn't changing the graphics it isn't changing the game.

-A better control: This issue is already being addrese;but, will it be better or just a step back? Rumors say it has a 6 inch HD screen.To put that in perspective the Dualshock cotroller is 6 inches.If its really that big then they don't need new fitness game because people will get a workout just trying to hold that thing up! In all seriousness that's one huge control. Not only that but if the control is that big and has an HD screen just imagine the price tag, it could well be over $100.The Wii wouldn't be the party console anymore considering most people will only have one control.

-Achievment Support:This isn't for everyone but it's a big deal to me. Since Nintendo is late to the achievement party they have to make it better. Maybe make it for everyone, make it feature a hefty reward system better than any other. Imagine every XXXX poits you unlock a free amount of points you could use on the Nintendo Shop(I don't know how it's called).If they do it right it can defineatly make the Wiii2 the best place to play Multi-Plat games.

-An App Store:Apple has it, and it's time to take away ideas from them obviously not all apps are as handy in a console as they are in a Phone but some are, for example: Pandora, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook,Rhapsody, Sound Hound, Shazam,Hulu,PhotoShop Apps, SketchBook Apps, WebBrowsing Apps and things like that.

-Blu-Ray:While the DVD format is slowly dying Nintendo has to take advantage of Blu-Ray while it's still rising. Not only does it have the best quality in movies, it also comes in handy for making large and detailed games like Sony has been doing for some time now.

-Backwards compatibilty:For Wii and GC;a feature that every console should have.

-Consistent Good Games:The most important thing for me in this list. The Wii started out great with Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda:Twilight Princess,Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Metroid Prime: Corruption, but then nothing.The last game I bought for my Wii was Mario Kart.The Wii had a few good games afterwards but nothing caught my attention enough to buy it.It's sad that I got my Wii in December 28 2007 and have 9 games for it and got my Ps3 June 29, 2008 and have 37 games for it.

Again thanks for reading and sorry for the bad grammar share your thoughts on the topic at the comment section!

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iamnsuperman2406d ago

An app store would be good. I am surprised Sony and Microsoft haven't seen the app store and gone we need one of those. Its great for motion controls.

darthv722405d ago

the wii shop channel could be akin to the app store approach. There just isnt as much diversity with the different channels you can get from within it but it could be improved.

Also, people seem to think that something that works for one should be the standard for everyone else. Not entirely true. It all depends on the demographic and if such "follow the leader" practices are going to pay off in the end.

We can all have a wish list but we must think practical. Within the boundaries of price and how it is to be used. The rumors of an 8gb memory and quad core cpu and gpu are nice but a little bit outside the norm for nintendo.

Something a bit more realistic would be 1gb of system ram and a dual core cpu (could be quad if price is right) and a gpu that has at least 512mb of dedicated memory. Speed isnt so much an issue these days as there are chips that run slower (speed) but have a higher throughput in performance because of the way they balance their load.

The idea of doubling what was prior isnt the best approach as it generally only yields a 50% gain. Then all comes down to the parts and how improved they are (performance wise) and trying to predict what would still be viable in 4-5 years.

Agent_hitman2405d ago

Ninendo should include gamepad for Wii 2 not only Wii remote.
Expect it's doom if we only saw Motion control remote, it will be a big disappointment for hardcore gamers these days that dreaming for a powerful console this 2011 or 2012

MrAwesome2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I think Nintendo will take the "in between route" by making a control that actually has as many bottons as the xbox and ps3 controller, but at the same time they'll add a new gimmick that makes it less comfortable than the others.

HolyOrangeCows2405d ago

Dear Nintendo,
The number one thing I want out of the Wii's successor is...


Thank you.

(And, no, annual-ish Mario, Link, or Metroid is NOT enough)

2EHO2404d ago

you missed out if the last game you brought was mario kart

MrAwesome2404d ago

there were a few good games like:Okami(which I had for Ps2),SMG2,MadWorld,New Super Mario Bros, DK Country and Kirby; and I admit I did miss out, but with all the other features the Wii was lacking like online and trophies; and the barrage of good games coming out for Ps3 even though i wanted to buy them they weren't enough to pull me out. At the same time if i bought a Wii game I felt like i was paying for a last gen game.