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I'd pay for an Xbox Ultimate, how 'bout you?

MorganX | 2728d ago
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Lately my blogs have been slanted towards favoring the PS3. Hey, I'm just a gamer, not a fanboy. I can appreciate both platforms. I'm not anti-Xbox 360, I own one; I'm pro consumer. The PS3 is simply offering more value right now. What angers me, is that the Xbox could offer the same features as PS3 and combined with its superior online ecosystem, would probably easily be everyone's preferred platform with the exception of fans of exclusive titles.

But, I cannot ignore the fact that Microsoft is short-changing those of us who have supported them through RRoD hell. This utter refusal to go Blu-ray, or even announce they will in the future is a slap in consumers faces. Telling users they don't need an HD disc because digital downloads are the future of home video entertainment or telling them that 720p with Dolby Digital 5.1 is High Definition is just wrong.

So how do consumers get what they want, while giving Microsoft the profits they're willing to short-change us to keep. Where's the happy medium? It's where it's always been; Hardcore gamers and enthusiasts willing to pay the extra bucks to subsidize advanced technology until the manufacturer can get enough market penetration and reduce manufacturing costs enough to make a profit and appeal to the mass market.

This is how it works with 3D accelerators for PCs. I mean, how many people are actually willing to spend $500 for a video card to run Crysis properly? I'll tell you how many, enough to keep ATI and NVIDIA's R&D departments staffed that's how many.

XBox Ultimate doesn't need to be Xbox 720. It just needs to be Xbox 360 done right. So here's the deal, here's what Xbox Ultimate needs:

  • 40GB or larger Hard Disk (OEM hard drive upgradable just like the PS3)
  • HDMI 1.3a capable of bitstreaming Dolby-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD (PS3 can't)
  • Internal Decoding of Dolby-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD (PS3 delivers now)
  • Silent Fan and operation (PS3 delivers now)
  • 2% or lower failure rate (PS3 delivers now)
  • Internal Blu-ray Drive (PS3 delivers now)
  • Built-in High-Speed WiFi (802.11n, PS3 delivers built-in 802.11g now)
  • Internal Power Supply (PS3 delivers now)

As you can see, out of the 8 features that I feel would make an Ultimate Xbox 360, the PS3 currently delivers 7 right now. That's undeniable. More important to Microsoft though is what would I pay for this? Right now, today I would pay $499 (without 802.11n), $549 (with 802.11n). I'm sure that I'm not alone. Build it, and they will come.

If Microsoft chooses not to deliver a machine as fully capable and as reliable as the PS3, then even hardcore fans should not continue to defend them. Microsoft had an Xbox Ultimate ready with internal HD-DVD but Warner defected to Blu-Ray. They can produce it in a very short amount of time; they just choose not to. With all the hardcover fans who defend them with venom and vitriol, there's not enough pressure on them to deliver the additional value to consumers.

So right now I'm calling out all the Xbox fans. I've told you how much I'd be willing to pay for an Xbox done right, how much will you pay, or are you just all talk after all?

Breakfast  +   2728d ago
Ive come to terms what the xbox has to offer and what the ps3 has to offer. In terms features and specs the ps3 offers way-way more. The xbox is obviously lacking some things...but i dont really mind right now. Id rather the stuff on your list go to a new xbox. What im trying to say is i wouldnt buy this....but i would buy the new xbox.

For me though...i play the video games more than anything. And the xbox delivers on that side of the spectrum. Its the only reason i like my xbox more than the ps3. If it was based on just the console, the ps3 would win hands down...but there is more to a console than just specs.

More Value in the PS3...and...More Games on the Xbox

"Hey, I'm just a gamer"...then you should see where im coming from.

Edit: Just fix reliability...ill buy that xbox.
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MorganX  +   2728d ago
>>"Hey, I'm just a gamer"...then you should see where im coming from. <<

I do. Which is why I would buy another Xbox just to get the extra features the PS3 already has... the games. Gears of War 2, all the XBLA games, and achievements.

Problem is, I don't know how long that will last. Other than Gears 2 and Dead Rising 2, the games I'm looking most forward to are on PS3 or both platforms: Wipeout HD (PS3), GRiD (PS3/XBOX), Lode Runner (XBLA/PSN), 1942 (XBLA/PSN), Commando 3 (XBLA/PSN).

When Sony starts to get real online content and downloads, I'm not so sure I'd be willing to spend another $500 for MS to pull even on the tech side of things.
Breakfast  +   2728d ago
Wow...we got totally different likes in

Im just saying at the end of the day, you like one console over the other not because of specs, but because of the games (however random they may be...hehe...ive never heard of Lode Runner or 1942).
MorganX  +   2728d ago
hehe, Lode Runner is a classic platformer from way back in the Apple II days, back when Zork and Choplifter was king. Have to be a real old schooler to remember those.

It should be really great with online multiplayer. When it's out, give the demo a try. Here's some screens:
Breakfast  +   2728d ago
I just this video on youtube on Lode Runners:

Im not gonna lie...that made me laugh. That is some REAL oldschool. Didnt know what was going on in the game...but im sure i will soon. Ill give the demo a try.

And i remember what 1942 is now...i played that a loong while not that old yet though, lol. Ill give that demo a try too.
Dann7978  +   2728d ago
Might as well call it a ps3 if it has those features
yanikins111  +   2728d ago
Ms lost me this gen. Maybe if Atari re-enter the console market I'll switch from sony. Ive owned an xbox and a 360 and never EVER again.
Mu5afir  +   2727d ago
Really, it's that simple.
Just BUY a Ps3, TADA!!!
Richdad  +   2727d ago
Ultimate power will be in software OS windows and hardware should go like this
2GB Ram, Auxiliary GPU integrated, Auxiliary processor integrated for software support. Full windows compatibility.
Then I will buy it otherwise the list is weak to make me spend 559$ since its not worth it but the things i mentioned would make me spend 700-800$.
Internal Blu Ray would be stupid thing since you can only watch movie and the drive speed is too slow to make games run without HDD streaming. Whereas the high capacity DVD is better in case.
also WiFi options outside is Ok since all EU and US people may have WiFI homes but the rest of the world doesn't and paying for it without any use is not good.
I would say rest of the things like HDD streaming external HDD support are upgradeable through a dashboard upgrade. I have purchased 360 as a gaming M/C I would say it plays games and has good library and thats all.
bigman7387  +   2727d ago
Right now I am solely a PS3 owner (not really by choice, read my profile), but if MS came out with something as jam packed as that, I would save to get it. Honestly I would be perfectly fine even if they just did your #4 and #5. The only real reason I have yet to pick up a 360 is because the one my roommate has (which is an Elite) is too loud and I still don't trust 360's because of the RRoD. If they only did those two I wouldn't pay that much for it though, because those two things shouldn't be problems to begin with, but if all those features came with it I could see myself paying $499.
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-SIXAXIS-  +   2727d ago
That's why you buy a PS3.
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DevonTheDude535  +   2727d ago
"HDMI 1.3a capable of bitstreaming Dolby-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD (PS3 can't)"

Wrong dude, PS3 supports Dolby True HD, you mean Bit stream True HD

From's player specifications section:

"Dolby TrueHD Yes
Dolby TrueHD (bitstream) No"
MorganX  +   2727d ago
I think we agree. The bitstreaming bullet item was for both TrueHD and MA. Sony cannot or does not bitstream either.

-HDMI 1.3a capable of bitstreaming Dolby-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD (PS3 can't)

-Internal Decoding of Dolby-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD (PS3 delivers now)
kapedkrusader  +   2725d ago
I different approach would be simpler...
How about asking Sony to release Home and in-game xmb. That's much easier and cheaper than a new xbox sku. In regards to the games, I don't think many PS3 owners are hurting about not having Gears or Bioshock. Resistance 2 is coming and there are many other games to keep us entertained like GT5:P,MGS4,MLB 08, GTA4, etc. Bioshock 2 will most likely go multi-platform. Besides you missed Remote Play thru the PSP which is huge.

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