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After watching the heavy rain style GTA episode made by Ezequiel Guerisoli, it got me wondering. Could the gaming industry kill the blockbuster movie industry??

Come next generation and generations after, graphics are gonna be truly "photo realistic" with modder's like Ezequiel being as dedicated as they are, theres gonna be plenty more of these episodes in the years to come. Which in turn could lead to companies not wanting to spend millions to create a movie when people are making movies with any protagonist, backdrop and stunts they like for a fraction of the price.

So the question that needs to be answered is would they be a market for this kind of movie??

My answer is yes, Ezequiel could of so easily added S-3D to this project, meaning people who own 3dtv's would of downloaded it, and with it having familiar graphics and setting i'm pretty sure a lot of gamers would do 2.
We all know that CGI sells just look at what's avaible at the moment and how well it actually does.

All it will take for this kind of stuff to hit mainstream is, better graphics and a strong enough plot to justify sitting through a 2 hour

Wanna hear your thoughts on this one!!!


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Nate-Dog2803d ago

I dunno, I mean most of us are oogling over the latest graphics on consoles (and even though I never cared about graphics before, I still find myself wowed by the looks of games these days) but I'll repeat what someone said to me before. That while graphics now indeed are improving, they're nowhere near what real life and real, action-scene movies look like. It's gonna be a long, long stride and a long way (I'm guessing, at least) until games hit that sort of graphical prowess.

As for can games take over films and movies even if they do hit that sort of quality? I'm not too sure. Maybe by the time it happens more people will appreciate games and gaming and the beauty of them and won't think of them as "just games". So who knows.

milohighclub2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

yeah i get what your saying but personally i think this gen is started to look a bit dated. i know the next uncharted will wow me as will crysis, GT and the last guardian,but games like vanquish and mortal kombat(even though i'm looking forward to playing) just don't do anything for me graphically and i'm really just waiting it out for the next wave.

i've always looked at the final fantasy CG as a guide for the next gen graphics, if i'm right that will mean next gen will be capable of doing CG style gameplay. in that case people will be able to make animated movies i think we'll see photo realism by the gen after.


ok got another question, at some point in the future .devs will start making up atmospheres that contain oxygen, the A.I is gonna be amazing. their gonna be thinking for themselves, even have their own lifes, family's and even need to eat and drink to survive, they'll have free will and emotions. at this point would it be morally right to kill them as technically they would be alive. i know they are designed and created but is it not still life??