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February is upon us and what better way to honor the month of romance by doing a blog about the best videogame love stories. Unfortunately, before you snuggle up with your girlfriend in front of the fire to read my Valentine’s Day blog (on whatever smart device you two will be sharing), I’m going to have to get my testosterone levels it was either this or eating tons of red meat and I chose to make this list of the top five videogame Bromance stories:


Big Bo’s got your back, I mean literally and right from the start of the game too. In a game that’s about cultivation of your squad’s trust, none have the biggest impact than your friendship with Big Bo. We love ya, big guy. Holler if you’re dead…


Other than being a source of pee jokes and being a walking Oedipus complex, Hal Emmerich is Snake’s most loyal supporter. Even before being confirmed for a return in the sequel, Otacon is the catalyst for the ending’s better, more realistic ending. I always found Solid Snake, cynical ladies man, promising to live the rest of his life with an obsessed fangirl to be infinitely creepy as opposed to the bittersweet laugh he shared with Otacon in the ‘Bad Ending’. Compounding on things, Kojima chose Raiden as a vehicle for us to inhabit in the sequel so that we might see the relationship between Otacon and Snake from a different POV. Need I remind you of the manly hug they shared after E.E.’s death? And now, the two of them are living together as ‘confirmed bachelors’ after MGS4 with their adopted daughter…err…hmm, maybe this shouldn’t made the list…


No Shepard without Vakarian. I’m going to get a lot of flak for not listing this higher than it should be but the fact that Vakarian abandoned Shepard during the mess that was Mass Effect 3’s ending kinda ruins their relationship. Plus, he gets a penalty for being a love interest for FemShep.


JRPGs are no stranger to bromance yet often they eschew a nuanced, restrained relationship in favor of a hot-blooded ‘Blue Ranger Rivalry’ syndrome. Enter Guy from Tales of the Abyss. Ever by Luke’s side, he supports his friend wholeheartedly. Want proof? Towards halfway through the gam, every single member of the party casts Luke aside like a piece of trash, not even caring if he winds up dead in a ditch…then, instead of continuing on with the party to save the world, Guy ditches everyone and comes back for Luke. In a genre where the love interest is the catalyst for the hero’s journey, here it was the best friend who started the main character on his path to redemption. What a stand-up…err, guy.

And finally, the best bromance in videogaming history:


This scene, man. This. Goddamned. Scene.

What do you think? Share your favorite Bromance stories!

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maniacmayhem1540d ago

How about those two guys from Army of Two. Never played the game but from all the promo pics they appear to be kids in a candy store as they shoot everything is sight.

Septic1539d ago

Haha. I swear you planned to make this blog solely to use that pic lol.

isarai1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I've been wanting someone to make a true awesome bromance action game. Like Lethal Weapon or Rush Hour, i would LOVE that game to death

e-p-ayeaH1537d ago

Army of Two and Kane and Lynch are good options.

isarai1537d ago

eh, the first army of two was good, but after that there wasn't much energy between the two, Kane and Lynch felt very hollow, like they were just co-workers

CrossingEden1538d ago

One does not simply make a bromance list without including Marcus and Fenix, Drake and Sully and Jak and Daxter.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1538d ago

and Ratchet and Clank, and Masterchief and Arbiter.