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Resolutiongate: Specs, Lies and Video Games

It's been three days since this whole Resolutiongate' started and it doesn't like it's going away anytime soon. For the uninformed, Microsoft insiders have confirmed rumors that Call of Duty: Ghosts and Titanfall are locked at 720P. Whilst we have yet to hear confirmation from either Microsoft PR or the respective studios, we're not hearing denials either.

About a week ago, I wrote two statements that have since turned prophetic:

1) The majority of Call of Duty players are not gamers (Confirmed by Infinity ward)


2) More and more games on the Xbox One are going to be downgraded to 720P (confirmed by CBOAT and the recent rumor)

Naturally, it wasn't long before that chameleon-like survival instinct kicked in and certain people changed their tune faster than you can say 'Dee-Ar-Em'. Already, dozens of Sony, Nintendo and PC fanboys have died, their necks snapping like twigs from all the double-taking caused by the sudden shift in stance:-

"I don't play games for the resolution!"
"It's about the games, not the graphics."

and my personal favorite -

"The difference between 720P and 1080P is negligible! No one can tell the difference!"

This is a stark contrast from their position just after the Xbox One's reveal whereas the PS4's been touted and ridiculed as a 'beefed up PS3' and the Xbox One's power of the cloud would guarantee 4k resolution to the chosen ones. Fast forward a couple of months and the Xbox One's become the 'underdog', the bastion of 'real gamers' who do not wish to mix hands with the 'graphic whores'.

I believe there's a saying about worms doing something...flipping? Twisting? It escapes me at this moment.

In one of my earlier pieces, I've mentioned HOW these people behave and what their mentality has been like during these months. How they huddle together in Reddit, praising Major Nelson, sneering and wondering why everyone is against them.

Today, if you'll permit me, I'd like to get into the spirit of WHY. Why do they act this way? Why are they not able to see past the lies and the deception? Why do they allow themselves to be duped in over and over? This question has been tackled by many people more intelligent and more knowledgeable than myself but I would humbly beg your forgiveness as I offer my opinion:

By all counts, the Xbox One reveal was a disaster yet if I were to fish out one nugget of success from that brown mountain of failure, it would be that the Empty Suits had convinced a very zealous group of one thing --The Power of the Cloud.
Microsoft had one task and they pulled it off so gloriously. Sell the people on an implausible concept, powered only by their imagination. Let THEM dream up what the Cloud can do without facts or figures. It was absolutely brilliant. Like a snowball rolling down the hill, the power of the Cloud kept growing and growing into this giant, ludicrous concept -- entire worlds filled with intelligent NPCs with ZERO loading times.

It was a glorious recognized by normal people as a load of hogwash.

I'm not completely disparaging the concept of the Cloud, it will definitely play a major part in gaming but as a tool to push 4k graphics on the Xbox One, not so much.
Still, the Defenders want to believe in that future. They have to believe it. They NEED to believe it and because of that, fear is what drives them. To recognize the faults of the Xbox One is to recognize that the Cloud is just a bunch of hot air and that won't do at all. As a friend of mine once told me, "Please don't destroy my reality, it's the one thing I've got left."
To defend their lies, Microsoft has reversed not only their positions but many official statements over and over again (need I mention Major Nelson's reassurance that the DRM cannot be removed). The Cloud believers see this and begin adopting the mannerism of the Empty Suits. They begin to echo their views, their shifts and, quite tragically, their morals.

I'd like to take a break here and show you an exchange between Black Buster Critic (one of the most vocal anti-Xbox One users on Youtube) and a person named ABBA.

**paraphrased not verbatim**

BLACK BUSTER CRITIC: Do you agree that Forza 5 ships unfinished? There are millions of people without internet, as shown by the amount of Xbox Live accounts vs the amounts of units sold. Do you not agree that single player campaign customers have the right to the finished product?

ABBA: I don't know anybody without internet.

BLACK BUSTER CRITIC: It's not about you, it's about your fellow gamers -- do you agree there are people without internet?

ABBA: I don't know anyone without internet so I can't emphasize with them.

BLACK BUSTER CRITIC: But you can emphasize with Kinect more than your fellow gamers? You agreed that there are no good games for the Kinect and that we need to buy it so it can survive.

ABBA: Yes, that's exactly what I said.

BLACK BUSTER CRITIC: Do you know the Kinect?

ABBA: What?

BLACK BUSTER CRITIC: You've said you cannot emphasize with people you don't know. I assume you can emphasize with the Kinect because you know it personally?

ABBA: ..........what?


The repetition of -What- there is very important because it reveals the inability to detect contradictions and correlation of ideas.

But I digress.

I consider myself well-to-do. I've owned all three systems this Gen and I plan on getting only the Wii U and the PS4 next Gen. Yet for the life of me, I cannot see myself in a position where I would sneer and condescend people without money or internet nor do I picture myself not calling out Sony or Nintendo on their hypocrisies.
During the PSN outage, my credit card was not stolen because I only resorted to using Playstation Store Cards. Yet, in spite of that, I was able to understand where people's rage was coming from because I have EMPATHY. I never laughed or insulted them saying "Haha, should have used PSN cards!" because, again, I have EMPATHY.

Back on the earlier seasons of Dexter, the titular serial killer targeted a sleazy car salesman. Immediately, after waking to find himself wrapped in plastic, the man started giving out reasons for Dexter to spare his life, each one increasingly bizarre and every single one of them contradictory to the one before it. What was humorous, both to Dexter and the audience, was that the man never once showed an inkling of embarrassment or shame as he danced and waded his through an ever-complex narrative. To his credit, he was trying to save his bacon but then again, he was a confirmed there's that.

This is what's happening over at the Microsoft camp. The gamers, true gaming execs, have left Micrsoft and we're left with sleazy car salesmen. We've traded J. Allard and Peter Moore for Larry Hryb and Penello, the passionate gamers for the sleazy car salesmen who sprout an ever-changing narrative. Without passion or convitction, you show no absolutely no emotion when you're caught lying, effortlessly jumping from one position to the next.

SFDebris, whose reviews of Star Trek are as funny as they are informative, likens the Voyager series' writers handling of Chakotay to the shaking of a Magic 8-Ball. This is precisely the feeling I get whenever I wake up to see MSFT crew doing another dance.

So, Magic 8-Ball, let me ask you this. Should I insult indie games? Should I say HD graphics are awesome or should I say resolution is useless? Are retail games destroying us or are they very important?

*shakes Magic 8-Ball*



Disclaimer: MightynoX has shook hands with Keiji Inafune (Megaman), Hideo Kojima (MGS) and Ryukishi07 (When they cry series). All three agreed that he's a massive clown.

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Fireseed1667d ago

"Why do they act this way? Why are they not able to see past the lies and the deception? Why do they allow themselves to be duped in over and over?"

Can't speak for everyone else but I'll give ya my take. See when the X1 was on stage at E3 they revealed Killer Instinct. Now when they did this they did it in a way that was strange in the industry at the time. They announced the game, the characters, played some of the music and showed some gameplay. Now funnily enough they didn't go through a power point listing the number of particles on screen at once, number of polygons each character was made up of, or even the resolution the game ran at. It's weird I know but I think they figured people would look at it as a whole and say "That looks fun, I want that"

Now fighters are a different breed and 60fps had to be confirmed in order to guarantee smooth gameplay. But other than that. Resolution doesn't matter. Polycount doesn't matter. The gameplay and the experience you have are all that matters. And I've played it. The game is fun. Does it running at 720p ruin my fun? No. Does it having low poly characters compared to others ruin my fun? No. So I'm really missing the point as to why resolution matters. Sure I'd like to see it in higher def, but if it isn't ... who the heck cares? Other than people already not planning on buying in which case who cares what they think?

darthv721667d ago

Hmmm....that was pretty well thought out. you must be an old timer that has grown up from the humble beginning of gaming like some of us on this site.

We old timers know the roots of gaming, back when it was about fun and entertainment. Now its mostly about numbers and who has more of them.

For these younger gamers they know not what they talk about as much as those of us who lived through it, worked to progress the industry and pave the way for these younger ones to walk all over the heritage of gamings greatest creations.

They are more worried about the numbers on screen and if that will make or break their desire to play the game. Personally, i dont play the numbers game just like i dont play the sales game (another 'numbers' situation). I play....the game, and i play it for what it is and offers and that would be fun.

I appreciate the visual presentation like the next guy but i appreciate the fun and entertainment aspect more.

trancefreak1667d ago

I just made a similar comment with people bitching over tiny features I have never had in my lifetime. When the release of these consoles come out I will , and will appreciate it. Unfortunately yeah I am becoming that old time gamer who isn't as quite sharp with intense action anymore, but still I think I do quite well.

Great comment Darth! I think some of the gamers need to take a trip back in time and see what made games so good. It was always the fun factor until this last gen for me. I didn't know I would need a new TV for better graphics LOL. So its more about more clarity in TVs and monitors which I can appreciate; but I don't need super A+ 1080p 60FPS consoles to have a good time.

Although I do prefer the highest resolution's and crispness in games, It is not a deal breaker for me. I had a blast playing The LAST OF US and it struggled along on the PS3 at lower resolutions and frame rates. It didn't bother me because of the immersion of the game.

Anyways I am kinda rambling along here, and I enjoyed the article piece and the comments.

devwan1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Numbers have always been at the forefront of selling games machines and technology, it's nothing new and it's an easy sell - something you can get your consumer to nod their head along to your check-boxes.

VIC 20.
Commodore 64.
Spectrum 128.
What's that huge gold text say on the Mega Drive? - 16-BIT.
Sega 32X.
Atari Jaguar - 64-Bit - Do The Math.
Nintendo 64.
Just some examples off the top of my head.

These days very few people really care how much memory or what bitness a console is, but why should it be such a bad thing to be aware of screen resolutions, especially with multi-platform titles? Almost everyone has a 1080P TV these days and the average family's screen size increases year on year - why's it such a bad thing to want games that are directly outputting a native image that is as high-res as our sets can handle? Why's it not acceptable to want more impressive visuals from a medium that is all about sensory immersion? Should it be seen as wrong to want to see new hardware as being a great leap graphically from the machines we purchased 6 or 7 years ago?

If simple fun and entertainment irrespective of visual fidelity and depth is your thing, then there's maybe less reason to buy into another console generation, especially if some multiplats for one machine are going to be hardly more detailed than the last.

For those who do care, it's pretty important if one machine is going to have screen displays 2.25 times more detailed than the other for what is essentially the same game on both, especially when it's the more expensive unit dragging its heels from the current gen.

LoveOfTheGame1667d ago

Apparently "old timer" is getting younger with this community. I'm 23 and started gaming with the good old NES and went through every generation since then.

I feel the exact same way, people used to care about the actual game and experience you could get from it. Now gaming is being turned into the same souless crap movies and music turned in to.

MIghtyNoX here is a prime example of what is wrong with this site and the gamer community. Believes no one else can have their own opinion and are wrong for liking a different console.

This site alone has killed all my enjoyment and interest in the PS4 or Sony. Not since my disdain for the 49ers due to my dad's gloating, have the fans of a specific thing driven me to want to see its failure. I honestly want Sony to just make every single mistake in the book just so some of these people would just disappear.

I know that's not a healthy way of looking at things, but the amount of hypocrisy and ignorance given off by some of the people here have almost driven me away completely from this site. We really need to find common ground between the fanboys so they can just see the bigger picture of helping gaming progress.

Elwenil1667d ago

I'm 39 and grew up with pinball, Pong, arcades, the Atari 2600 and just about everything since and I disagree with Darthv72. The very fact that I have grown with gaming and seen all it's changes is why I am disappointed that things are not progressing farther or that certain issues seem to have held gaming back. I have watched gaming evolve on both consoles and PC and while both have made great leaps and bounds, I think that in the console world there seems to be a bit of "good enough" going around the industry. I also like my games to be fun and while I also like some nostalgia, I want to see games in all their 1080p glory. I want to see 60+ FPS. I want to see what has not been seen before, what has not been done before. I want progression.

It's all well and good to say "I like X,Y and Z and because I'm a "real gamer", only people who feel like I do are also "real gamers," but to me, that's all BS. I don't think "real gamer" is a title anyone can bestow on themselves anymore than I can claim to be some sort of gaming expert just because I'm old and have gamed for a long time. Gaming is what it is, but it's also a lot of different things to different people. It's not about who is young or old or who wants graphics or not and who is right and wrong. It's just entertainment. And just like other forms of entertainment, people get a little too hung up on certain pros and cons. If you like "X", then go play that and be happy. If you want to tell people or discuss why you like "X", then go ahead, but don't try and tell people who like "Y" or "Z" that they are wrong or somehow inferior because they don't like what you like or are younger or whatever. You like what you like and I like what I like. I'm happy with that, why aren't you?

s45gr321667d ago

I am an old gamer been playing games since the original NES but lately games lack depth and complexity. Most games are hand holding you all the way to the end of the game. That's why I prefer indie games like Dust an elysian tail yeah it has the amnesia main character ; however, it has depth for example every time you die you lose money, enemies get stronger as you get stronger. Hardly any checkpoints. It truly is an old school game in the sense it has depth plus no handholding. Games like Miasmata create your own map you lazy bastard, entry level chemistry, dehydration, etc. Most games are like a Michael Bay film lots and lots of particle special effects but no substance. I like games with amazing visuals and it makes sense to have games with high resolution, and all the technical Mumbo Jumbo (tres FX). If the tvs or monitors can use it why not. Not all games are fun, but a masterpiece is one that can pull off great visuals, lots of content, depth and complexity like Batman Arkham series or Uncharted franchise. I want games with map editors, free unlockables, mini games, depth and complexity not just amazing visuals.

BBBirdistheWord1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

interesting thread, this one.

I too, am an older gamer and started gaming on the Atari 2600. Space invaders was the first game I ever played and it was so much fun. Then Pitfall, Miner 2049'er, Lazy Jones... the industry was all brand new and fresh and the limitations of the hardware forced developers to come up with new ideas to make games fun.

I am a little saddened that the focus has changed from innovation to squeezing a few more pixels out.

That's booooring.
It really is.

If this is what it has become, then gaming is lost.

An apt metaphor for this situation is the performance of cars.
A Porsche 911 will lap faster than many other cars with more horsepower and if you ask any Porsche driver, it's also a lot more fun to drive.

The horsepower itself may sound impressive on a internet forum, but when it gets down to it, it is about real world performance and fun, not who wins the horsepower-peen contest.

When I played Space invaders on the Atari2600 I was not concerned about the specs. I was concerned about how new and fun it was.

Let's face it. The ps4 does nothing new except it has reportedly more grunt under the hood. It has the exact same optional camera. It has the nearly the exact same controller. It has the exact same philosophy and gaming ideas (knack=lbp). It has the same old Jrpgs and racing games and shooters (kzsf). To be fair, the XBO has that too, but has lifted their game with the forced inclusion of kinect, which could the new innovation we have been lacking for so long.

I am saddened to see that 'higher specs' has become the defacto standard by which we measure innovation and fun today. I am saddened that MS took the risk of doing something entirely new and different to push boundaries out of the boring status quo and is getting so much hate from fanboys for it.

Case in point:
Despite there being technical differences. between the C64 and Amstrad back in the 1980's, the truth of the matter is that when we look back at the games, there was practically no discernible difference between the two. The only difference relates to a few more or less pixels.

Same with the xbox1 and ps2, with the same games

Same with the ps3 and 360, with the same games

Same with Ps4 and XBO, with the same games

So it's no wonder that we focus hardware as the defining characteristic.
We have been fed the same stuff for so long, we don't know what innovation is anymore.

NewMonday1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

another old timer here, I think people are missing the point..

if we want to talk about "fun" only then the WiiU blows away the XB1 no contest.

also if resolution wasn't important, then why dose MS go threw all the trouble to hide the facts? and why did the XB fans vehemently try to discredit the CoD resolution reports?

gameplay is the prime merit of the actual game.

specs are the prime merit of the machine, it will decide the threshold of gameplay/graphics we will get, the console with the lower power will give the lowest possibility between the 2.

and many don't find KI fun at all, just a crazy mash up, the only solid game for the XB1 launch is Forza.

also I see a lot of hypocrisy when the same people who swear by gameplay say they are hyped by Ryse, they lose all credibility.

lawgone1666d ago

LoveoftheGame said: "MIghtyNoX here is a prime example of what is wrong with this site and the gamer community. Believes no one else can have their own opinion and are wrong for liking a different console.

This site alone has killed all my enjoyment and interest in the PS4 or Sony. Not since my disdain for the 49ers due to my dad's gloating, have the fans of a specific thing driven me to want to see its failure. I honestly want Sony to just make every single mistake in the book just so some of these people would just disappear. "
>>I agree with your first statement. I used to feel the same about your second statement. People here and at other sites were chasing me a way from Sony. The leadership at Sony was doing the same since they seemed to be just as immature. However, I've had a change of heart. I mean, f* em. I'm still going to get an XB One first but I will get a PS4 eventually. My only hope is that online play is not ruined by the plethora of moronic fanboys that Sony has made its core audience.

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XboxFun1667d ago

Resolution now matters because Xbox One has exclusives. You see the argument on this site always shifts to the next FUD to the next FUD.

Before it was MS's Xbox doesn't dedicate all it's RAM to games, then when PS4 didn't most had to move on...

Then it was GDDR5 vs. GDDR3 (whatever!) and then claims from anonymous sources that PS4 was 50% more powerful. But then more named and respected developers came out and said there really isn't that big of a difference. So then most had to move on...

Then it was MS's E3 will be nothing but Kinect games. And then when MS came with a strong line up...well then they had to move on...

Now it's resolutions, the PC crowd has been touting this feature for the longest but were always told to "shut up" or "no one cares" and called a PC elitist if you compared PC specs to consoles. BUT now it can be accepted and regarded as a must have for games now. Even though it has no effect on gameplay or design.

One trip through MightyNoX's comments and his blogs will tell you what his true agenda on this site is and there is no doubt there will be many more "I hate Xbox One" blogs and comments from him.

I just want to know when the 1080p games do start rolling in for Xbox One, what will the next FUD to jump on from the other camp?

I didn't even include 4k, hUMA, the FCC report and now including 3rd party multiplat games to boost a line up to my comment.

metalgod881667d ago

Honestly, who cares what side this person is on. Personally, I could care less if one console can play games in 1080p and the other can't. It's not a dictating factor for myself to buy one console over the other and if it is, you may want to take a look at your priorities.

I'm not sure why you care so much about what people think, but seriously man, it's the internet. I've been comparing pc to consoles for years. It happened last gen and it's going to happen this gen, pc's are going to become stronger machines from the center point to the end of this next-gens life cycle. Until consoles are modable/upgradable, this is inevitable.

The only problem with non-upgradable consoles is the fact that pc games graphically end up getting hurt unless they're specifically made for the pc.

Also, darthv72, greatest comment I think I've ever read on this site.

GrandpaSnake1667d ago

lol at this guy, on every point you had to make! mostly the xbox one guys had to move on. You are the worst type of people on these sites because you totally refuse the competition. Would a face off comparison between x1 and ps4 convince you? what if the ps4 games just totally took out most of the x1 games? Funny how you can jump from a playstation to xbox but you refuse to jump back? you constantly try and defend the x1 brand.

jessupj1666d ago

Believe me when I say it is absolutely hilarious that you spew on about the sony camp jumping from FUD to FUD.

Shall I post the pointless debate we had showing how as soon as I bring up a legitimate counter argument you immediately jump to another issue and ignore everything I had said?

One trip through your comments will tell everyone what your true agenda on this site is and there is no doubt there will be many more "I will blindly defend Xbox One" comments from you.

I think you're getting very confused about the whole thing as well, or you just have selective blindness.

I don't see a lot of sony fanboys moving from FUD to FUD. Ever since the reveal the PS4 has pretty much been solid and unwavering so they haven't been given an opportunity anyway.

The xbone on the other hand has had so many 180s that I've lost count, and it seems every time it happens, the MS apologists shift stances. They are the one jumping from rock to rock. The sony camp is merely pointing out all their hilarious back tracking and contradictions.

And for the record I really don't care if the xbone can run games at 1080p or not. I only care if developers are going to hold back PS4 games for parities sake. (And it's a fact the Ps4 is significantly more powerful. Developers can say whatever they want, numbers don't lie)

As long as I see a notable increase in performance or visual fidelity of PS4 multiplatform games I'll be happy.

XboxFun1664d ago


How about the many points I brought up that you simply ignored and didn't want to hear but insisted I answer your questions only.

"I don't see a lot of sony fanboys moving from FUD to FUD."

Of course you don't because you're one of the main offenders. Hard to see while looking from the inside out. But I have already provided just some of the examples in my post that you glossed over, as usual.

"The xbone on the other hand has had so many 180s that I've lost count, and it seems every time it happens, the MS apologists shift stances."

So many 180's that benefitted the gamers and did not effect one consumer and yet this issue still is brought up by the SDF. This is exactly the FUD I am talking about. And yet paying for online, dropped cell and a weak launch line up is glossed over by sony fanboys and yet we are called MS apologists. Funny how that works.

"I only care if developers are going to hold back PS4 games for parities sake."

I am sure that you are ready to make excuses if you feel a game isn't up to par as you think it should be. I mean you sony fanboys blamed everything from 360 holding a game back to developers being lazy. I can't wait to see the excuses you have for this gen.

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xXxSeTTriPxXx1667d ago

Then they shoud've released it on the 360 as originally planned instead of taunting it as nex gen.

Graphics does matter when your upgrading because visuals is part of the experience.

Nex gen (in terms of gaming) means bigger and better everything from gameplay, to visuals, to mechanics etc.

If you could achieve this same level of "FUN" on the x360 then it should not have been upgraded to the 1 in the first place since graphics don't matter and FUN is all you want.why make a chunk of your user base pay $500 for a game, when it could have been just FUN on a console they already own, since graphics dont matter?

gt6 wasn't upgrade for the ps4 so yeah if your going nex gen then go nex gen.

jessupj1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I don't know why you're getting disagrees for such a simple and rational stance.

I'm no expert, but I am doing a game design unit at uni and one of the key concepts we're taught is 'is it fun?'

They more tools and technology developers are given, the less they are restricted in their creations, it's that simple.

Take skyrim for example. Was that in anyway achievable 30 years ago? Definitely not, but thanks to the advance in hardware we were able to play a huge open world game. Forget the graphics, it's the game concept and scope that was amazing and (sorry for repeating myself) that was only possible because of the tools the developers were given.

So please don't sit there (not you Sett, the other 'old timers' in this thread) and imply you're more of a real, mature gamer because you only care about the gameplay.

I care about gameplay too, and the better the hardware, the more options developers have, which lead to bigger and better game concepts.

fsfsxii1667d ago

You make the perfect blogs LOL!
Keep up

iceman061667d ago

Regardless of content, the title ALONE deserves some praise. Very creative!!!

-Gespenst-1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

It makes sense that the XBone wouldn't be able to display these games at 1080. If the Ps4 can just about manage it with superior specs, the Xbone pretty much doesn't have a chance. I wonder if the ambition of the games being made is based on an overestimation of the power of these new consoles. Perhaps devs need to reel it in a bit.

No matter what though, none of these things are necessary for a game to be good. There are SNES games that are yet to be topped in terms of their quality as far as I'm concerned. This is my opinion and I haven't wavered from it. The experience is more important to me than the compensating tech-fetishism that's so widespread among the gaming community. Do you care about the games or do you care about how well your machine runs those games? If it's the latter, then that's what companies are going to cater towards, and games will not grow as a result. They'll just remain empty, stupid graphics showcases and as benchmarks for shut-in gamers trying to compensate for their own lack of power with their PCs and consoles.

There's also the issue that the Ps4, although objectively better in the specs department compared to the Xbone, will hav its multi-platform games toned down to achieve parity with their xbone counterparts. Whether or not this will matter depends on whether or not the game in question is actually "toned down" on the ps4, or whether both versions are built the same way and use the same amount of resourses. If the former, then the more fully realized vision of the ps4 version will be compromised, and what the game is supposed to be, and how it is supposed to be experienced is also compromised. That mightn't necessarily be a noticeably bad thing, but I feel like there's definitely potential there for a game to be a real mess compared to what it was supposed to be. The again, the gulf between the performance of the Xbone and the Ps4 isn't THAT huge, and it's possible that multi-platform ps4 games won't have to be toned down all that much to meet the Xbone's quality.

If it's the former (going back to the point about 16 lines up) then it really doesn't matter. Neither game in this case has been compromised, and the experience is what it is supposed to be.

I think developers and gamers alike need to realize that realism and intense graphics aren't that important and they don't make a game good. If gamers think this, this is what they get, because this is where the money is; developers will make graphics intensive games. If developers think this too, they're even more inclined to make those kinds of games. But this mentality ensures that games won't grow as a medium, and also that while they'll have the impressive surface appearance of reality, below the surface they'll be six year old children. Graphics need to be more meaningful; they can't just be realistic for no good reason other than masturbating people's tech boners and "because we can." On top of this, stylized graphics are more impressive anyway, because they require a much greater level of creativity and imagination than merely rendering reality does. Graphics shouldn't be an end in themselves; they should serve a narrative purpose. And again, they don't even NEED to be good - in the way that we understand it nowadays - for a game to be good, look at Chrono Trigger. Those graphics are old sure, but they still look great and they do a great service to the entire game and its narrative.

ShowGun9011667d ago

lifetime gamer, 31 started on atari and nes...

the reason specs matter is because its a early symptom of a disease the platform will likely suffer from its entire life cycle... if one of the very first games ported to it can't be at the same resolution as the ps4 counterpart, what is gonna happen when the devs really start upping the ante.

look at the graphical leap this gen (perhaps resistance 1 to TLOU) almost no comparison... how will the xbone handle this gens TLOU? short answer is, there is less of a chance that devs will be able to draw out enough power in the xbone to make multiplats look anywhere as good as their ps4 counterparts... and for someone looking for the most future proof tech they can buy, that REALLY matters to me!

im sorry, i LOVE gameplay (souls series is amazing! ni no kuni FTW) but i don't need to buy a machine that cant push graphical boundries to get that... the ps4 will have just as good of games, it just looks like from what we've seen so far that they'll be more immersive too! (due to better graphics)

my two cents!

ps. If all anyone REALLY cared about was FUN, the wii u would be to at least 7mil by now...

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