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Are PC Gamers Stuck-up?

MidnytRain | 1490d ago
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I'm sure plenty of you who will click on this blog have already decided to flame me or are currently thinking of smart responses. That's okay, but let's talk.

Now, I'm not one to call people out on every mistake (too often), but some gamers I'll just never understand, but perhaps that's a good thing. If I did, I might as well not call myself a gamer anymore.

I recently read an article that EA would not make available their upcoming AAA shooter Battlefield 3 (BF3) on the popular digital distribution service Steam. Anyone could understand being upset with not being able to use your favorite store, but what about skipping the game altogether? Well, that's where the PC eltists come in.


As the epitome of spoiled rottenness, we have people refusing to buy what could possibly be the most highly acclaimed game this year just because they can't buy if from Steam. Now, let's take a realistic look at the matter. How many console gamers have you ever seen react this way to retailer selection? Not nearly as much as these sad eltists.

Let's have a look at another game, shall we? Now, our focus will be on Crytek's latest, Crysis 2. Being a fan of a game that started a movement is resectable. If you fell in love with something revolutionary or unique, you'll have fond memories and expectations on what the sequel should bring. But what's this nonsense? Apparently, that's a lesser reason why some PC gamers chose to "boycott" Crytek. Yes, indeed, there's another much more ridiculous.


There were people, believe it or not, that accused Crytek of being a sellout because they didn't include DX11 support at launch. What? Seriously? You won't buy a game because it doesn't come with the graphical settings you want? That is indesputably WEAK. Apparently, these are the same guys who claim "gameplay > graphics". Or how about another favorite: complaints that the start menu in the game said "Press Start". Wow.

How anyone could enjoy being a part of such a depressing community is beyond me. Granted, plenty of PC gamers don't do such things, but let me reiterate. You will almost NEVER find console gamers complaining over such trivial things.

Many people will blame "consolization" for the simplifying or "dumbing down" of sequels to their favorite games. Well, you can essentially blame pirates for things like that. If more gamers bought games, developers wouldn't feel they needed a safety net as badly. Piracy isn't restricted to PC games by any means, but my point still stands, but I digress. Just my two cents.

Console gamers are far less demanding and entitled than their PC counterparts. People like to bag on the console communities, but the PC community has its own issues to work out. I'd say that console owners... they're more gamer than the others.

*I changed the title of my blog because I felt it was a bit too flippant and not accepting of challenge.

TheDareDevil  +   1490d ago
Boycotting BF3 just because it doesn't release on Steam won't hurt EA. Hell, it'll give EA more proof that they should make console only games.

I'm pretty sure that 90% of the people complaining will go on and buy BF3.

They were more pissed because Crytek went on and made Crysis 2 a multi-platform game, and it apparently didn't have better graphics than Crysis. What they don't see is that C2 was overall a much better game in terms of gameplay and story.
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NCAzrael  +   1488d ago | Well said
I already posted my response to the whole "Are PC gamers stuck up/jerks/etc?" thing a while ago, but let me summarize this for you real quick just to make sure you understand where, at least for me, the anger comes from.

For me Steam isn't just an online store. It's a gaming platform. It's my PC's version of Xbox live/dashboard or the Playstation Network/XMB. I buy my game, download, and install it all from one simple interface. I launch my game from a different tab on the same interface. While playing the game I can hit shift+tab and pull up my friends list and chat with someone playing a different game. If my friend is playing a multiplayer game and there is room on the server I can launch the game and jump right into that server.

If a game was released on Xbox or PS3 which, when you played it, you couldn't use Xbox Live or PSN, console owners would be PISSED. Not just pissed, but actually PISSED. The outrage that would pour forth would actually be in all caps. For Steam users, Origin is taking away our platform of choice and forcing us to use a new platform which will probably go through several revisions over the course of countless years until it finally matches what Steam does, which is exactly why EA is doing this.

EA wants a slice of Valve's action. I completely understand their desire, as Steam makes a lot of money. And I don't have a problem with fair competition. But when EA tells me they are all about making sure I'm free to choose ( http://www.ea.com/news/dema... ) and then tell me that I can still choose, but not Steam, what they're actually telling me is that they want me to have the appearance of choice. I'm not stupid. I see the whole thing with Crysis 2 and Dragon Age 2 for what they are. They're high profile games that are designed a certain way so they'll violate a term of their agreement with Valve so they can pull the game, point their finger at Valve, and then innocently suggest their own digital distribution service. It's all a marketing campaign to kick start Origin.

Now, will I boycott BF3? No. However, it will be the first non-collector's edition game I've purchased at a retail store in years. If EA is going to force me to use Origin instead of letting me use Steam, then I'm at least going to ensure that someone else gets a portion of my money instead of letting it all go to EA.
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Kran  +   1490d ago
"PC Gamers Aren't Stuck-Up, Huh? Yeah, Right."

Not all of them are. To be honest, Console owners can be a heck load worse for the fact that they flame at each other over exclusives.

PC Gamers dont really do that. Besides, a lot of PC owners also have consoles, so yeah.


It is true. But then again, PS3 owners are quick to brag about having Blu-Ray and then 360 owners are quick to brag about having "better features" as they say.

Basically, no set of gamers are better. Not even Wii gamer, in fact, they're worse as they brag on sales. "Oh. Mario Kart has sold 10's of millions. WE WIN!" no they f**king dont! Sales mean nothing to be honest.
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SageHonor  +   1490d ago
True, but there are alot of PC owners who are quick to brag about PC having the best graphics...
-Alpha  +   1490d ago
A majority of "Graphics" arguments and topics are started by console owners about console games. A majority of the crowd reaction is to praise such console games while saying something like "Xbox can't do this"

But when PC fans do the same, it's considered elitism.
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Arnon  +   1490d ago
Consoles are completely responsible for DLC and patches to add things into the games that were already meant to be in them from the get-go. Consoles are also the reason why Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, as well as a Call of Duty every year, exist.

The reason why the majority of people on this site are angry over PC gamers and their "stuck up" attitude, is because they jumped in front of all the "PS3 has better graphics than 360!" "Oh yeah? Well 360 has better online!" "PS3 has better exlusives!"

Finally, the PC gamer said "PC has more exclusives, better online with more communities, cheaper games, and better graphics with mod support and dedicated servers."

This article is one-sided. This website was built around people arguing over who had the better console, not PC.
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DragonKnight  +   1489d ago
@Arnon: "Consoles are completely responsible for DLC and patches to add things into the games that were already meant to be in them from the get-go."

Not only is that chronologically wrong (PC's had DLC and patches WAY before consoles) it's also categorically wrong as well. DLC and patches started on PC's and the implementation of them on consoles is a DIRECT result of trying to offer to console gamers what PC gamers have had for a long time. If you think there aren't plenty of lazy PC devs who leave things out for future "expansion packs" or "fixes" then you're completely naive.

"Consoles are also the reason why Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, as well as a Call of Duty every year, exist."

Wrong. Developers are. Speaking of Capcom, their actions are decades old, so you can't blame consoles for things like Super Street Fighter, which is essentially an expansion pack, which again had its birth on PC's. You're trying to place blame in the wrong place.

"Finally, the PC gamer said "PC has more exclusives, better online with more communities, cheaper games, and better graphics with mod support and dedicated servers."

More exclusives? That's HIGHLY debatable especially when you consider that the PC is heavily lacking in quality games across multiple genres. And by that I don't mean that the PC doesn't have games in every genre, I mean that it's "best" games are almost always in the same limited genres such as MMO's, Shooters, and RTS' whereas consoles don't have that problem. Better online is only disputable in the "it depends on the game" sense. It is purely subjective, but there are also arguments that make that statement indisputable as well, given potential. More communities isn't necessarily a good thing. Cheaper games is indisputable, but the hardware is vastly more expensive, and I don't care about these fairy tale gaming rigs that supposedly cost $300 and ALLEGEDLY outperform consoles. There must be something up with that that I'm not seeing yet. Mod support is again a tricky subject for 2 reasons. A) At least one console game this gen has mod support (I believe Unreal Tournament) and B) Mod support is per developer approval. Dedicated servers is indisputable, although many PS3 games have them as well so that is changing.

"This article is one-sided. This website was built around people arguing over who had the better console, not PC."

It's a blog, a complete opinion piece, of course it's one-sided. But that fact doesn't negate PC gamer elitism. It's rampant. But it's no worse than any over the top fanboyism.
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Arnon  +   1489d ago
So consoles are not responsible for DLC and patches, is that correct? How many games last generation on the console had DLC and patches to fix and/or add things to the game that were already meant to be in them?

"Wrong. Developers are. Speaking of Capcom, their actions are decades old, so you can't blame consoles for things like Super Street Fighter, which is essentially an expansion pack, which again had its birth on PC's. You're trying to place blame in the wrong place."

Uh, no. Consoles most certainly birthed having the same game released 4 times. There's a difference between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (which was a separate game), and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Remix Super Ultra Whatever.

"More exclusives? That's HIGHLY debatable especially when you consider that the PC is heavily lacking in quality games across multiple genres."

That's NOT debatable. This isn't an opinion, it's a fact. I never anywhere mentioned it had "better" exclusives, I said it had more. Not only has the PC been "backwards compatible" with every PC game released through over 20 years of gaming (indie, browser, full retail, digital download, etc.), but it also allows for emulation, which essentially doubles or triples it's library.

"I mean that it's "best" games are almost always in the same limited genres such as MMO's, Shooters, and RTS' whereas consoles don't have that problem."

This is ignorance. I assume you're not much of a PC gamer considering you're contradicting yourself by making such a gross generalization. The reason this is made is BECAUSE these three genres are BETTER on the PC. But I think you need to go take a look at Steam.

"but the hardware is vastly more expensive"

The hardware is not vastly more expensive. You can in fact build a gaming computer for around $500 that will outperform a console 3-fold or more.

"A) At least one console game this gen has mod support (I believe Unreal Tournament) and B) Mod support is per developer approval."

A single console game having mod support does not suddenly classify the console to have mod support. Also, mods are hardly ever looked at with developer approval. Most, if not all games on the PC have mod support.
NCAzrael  +   1488d ago
Just to be fair, while it does come across as bragging, it's also the truth. And for most of us, the graphics discussion is primarily used because we see the decline of our platform of choice and need a strong point in our favor.

Personally, I could care less. I happen to be lucky enough to have a good paying job, a car that's all paid off, and a house with a low monthly payment. I can afford the $500 I spent on my video cards, the 65" TV in the living room, the PS3, the 360, and the Wii.

Also, @DragonKnight

Please point out to me the plethora of PC titles that sold DLC before the consoles started making it common place. And I do mean SOLD. The vast majority of "DLC" for PC games are actually free content, mostly user created content, or mods. It wasn't really until Microsoft started using microtransactions for the 360 that DLC as we now know it became common place.

Patches I will agree with, as patches have been available for PC games for years before consoles even dreamed of connecting to the internet. However, the amount of release day patches for PC vs consoles is pretty heavy on the console side.
SageHonor  +   1490d ago
Yeah 360 players would brag about online
PS3 players brags about exlusives.
PC players would brag aabout graphics

Another case of people putting down something because its different when it comes to something..
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1489d ago
Its true, what you say is correct kran.

There are stuck up people on every platform. You will notice these are the people who usually only game on one platform and want to tell everyone their platform is the best.

Ive seen more pretentious people in the 360/ps3 crowd then PC gamers.

Sure PC gamers may come and brag about how outdated consoles are, somewhat tru by the way, but ps3 people brag and dis xbox for multiple disks and xbox people rag on them back for a mandatory instals and various other things.

Basically, console fanboys make a huge deal about tiny differences between version and then a PC gamer mentions the actual TRUTH about the huge advantage PC gaming can have and they are being elitist?

Funny you mention how PC gamers were mad, with good reason, when former PC pushing games like crysis get held back by aging consoles. I remember the same thing happening everytime a formerly exclusive series goes to 360, FF13 anyone?? PS3 people hated that game as soon as it was announced for 360.

You sound worse that any PC gamer you might be describing, acting like there is a division between these groups.

Regarding your last paragraph Id say that the "more gamer" community is the one made up of people who play on PC/consoles. I have my entire life and PC has always been ahead of consoles tech wise. it sounds like you are taking that fact of life personally and are trying to put down PC gamers for something that is done far more by PS3/360 owners than PC gamers.

to be frank, you come off at the one who thinks hes better than everyone else and sound butthurt because a PC gamer pointed out the truth that the PS3 is outdated and PCs are far ahead. I think your one of these people who get upset about everything unless some blindly says the "Ps3 is the best at everything even though it is 5 years old" and "power of the cell."

And I play my ps3 and 360 far more than my aging PC, but Im not going to pretend like a good PC won't destroy both of my consoles even if they combined their powers and merged in the the ps360.
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Christopher  +   1490d ago
What's wrong is the generalization of people into such specific groups. It create the whole 360 vs PS3 war and now it's expanding to just drive a wedge between everyone out there.

Why can't we just realize that a small percentage of users are idiots and make stupid comments that make others look bad?
SageHonor  +   1490d ago
Some people cant accept its the internet... People say whatever they want
MidnytRain  +   1490d ago
How about this: PC gamers tend to have different priorities when complaining about things. The amount of heat devs get when they haven't met demands is scary. I should clarify that this is from personal experience (though I shouldn't have to), and that I typically don't see console gamers bashing devs over graphical quality when its already better than the other versions.

Actually, cgoodno, because of you, I might cover other fanboy "demographics" in future blogs. Thanks for reading!

Also, if you noticed, I never referred to PC gamers in general, except at the very end of my blog.
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steve30x  +   1490d ago
PFFFFT I see console gamers also complaining and throwing their toys out of their pram because a game is'nt up to their standards. One instance is GT5. I have never seen so many cry babies as the Gran Turismo fans. There isnt one thing they wont complain about in Gran turismno.
Hicken  +   1490d ago
The people who complain about GT5 aren't even people who really play it. They tend to be fans of Forza- or so my experience has led me to believe- looking for any and everything to have issue with.

GT fans who have been playing for longer than just GT5 rarely complain. When they do, it's more along the lines of, "Yeah, it would be better if 'this,' but the game is still great without it."

Edit: after looking through your other comments, I notice that this game is the ONLY one you point to. And, honestly, in the case of GT5, it may be well-deserved. The title spent far more time in development than any other iteration; a lot of people would say that because of that long development time, it should be better than it is.

But the site you mention is one that neither I or anyone I play with on GT5 has ever gone to. Which means those of us who are happy with the game (maybe not ALL of us, but a good number, I'd wager) aren't going around complaining about things, but simply enjoying the game.

Therein lies the problem. It's as GenoZStriker says below: they're the loud minority. Sites like this and (apparently) GTPlanet are full of that type of individual: a small crowd who complains loudly about something.
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Bladesfist  +   1490d ago
2 links make pc gamers stuck up?
DragonKnight  +   1490d ago
Did you read anything in the links? Count the amount of stuck up comments within those links. And it's not just isolated to N4G. It's everywhere. Granted, this is a gross generalization, but it is also FACT.
fullmetal297  +   1490d ago
I'm not mad at EA for making their AAA title exclusive. I've bought Mass Effect 2 and now the upcoming Battlefield 3. Purchasing a game from EA was surprisingly simple, however I am a bit irritated about providing my CC info to another company.

LOL the whole "Console gamers are far less demanding" killed me. The entire site proofs that statement wrong. I've seen consoles gamers complain up-and-down about the player count of Battlefield 3 and making redundant statements like "Herp Derp MAG has 256 players so why can't Battlfield 3?" and coming up with false myths like buying a 5k PC to play games. Those people piss me off.
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Mwaan  +   1490d ago
"You will almost NEVER find console gamers complaining over such trivial things."

MidnytRain  +   1490d ago
Seriously, though. Menu button prompts and visual settings... Just repeat that to yourselves...

Ultimately, PC gamers are harder to please.
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steve30x  +   1490d ago
Next time before making such a comment look on GTPlanet and watch all the cry babies. 90% of all comments on there are the fans throwing a fit because GT5 isnt up to their standards. I've seen console fans just as fussy as PC gamers a lot in the past few years.
pr0digyZA  +   1490d ago
Lol if a BF3 came out with press enter to begin you don't think people will say something, easy to criticize when it's not happening to you. And how many times do I see PS3 guys saying things like if GTA4 was an exclusive it would be so much better looking, yet PC guys say that its bad.
SKUD  +   1490d ago
I LoL'd at that too. What am I reading?....
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1490d ago
> DX11 support at launch

What OP are you absolutely retarded? Holy crap this kind of thinking you people have is ruining this damn generation of games.

When something is advertised to come with something, it better come with it. If I'm paying 50 to 60 dollars for something, and it's advertised to come with something, It sure as hell better come with it.

How about you keep your "oh if it comes in a patch later it'll be fine" thinking on consoles, and don't ruin it for the rest of us.
thebudgetgamer  +   1490d ago
this quote sums up the pc elitist attitude.

"Consoles in general are an insult to people who like to play games."
Doc-Holliday  +   1490d ago
Consoles are fine for casual gamers.

Consoles are an insult to hardcore gamers.
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thebudgetgamer  +   1490d ago
thank you.
TKCMuzzer  +   1489d ago
Not sure whether your being serious but if you are all your doing is backing up the OP's argument.
I don't play games on my PC but am more than a casual gamer. Trouble is, I have a mortgage, job etc meaning console gaming just fits into my life easier than being stuck in front of my monitor in another room.
Consoles have allowed more people to enjoy gaming, it's as simple as that.
We need to get away from this "hardcore" crap, you think "hardcore" most of the world think "nerds". Gaming needs to get away from that image as it can provide great jobs in the future for artists, designers and all others skills.
"hardcore" never sits well with me as a description of a gamer and it's something I think needs changing.
"dedicated", that's a better word.
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news4geeks  +   1490d ago
Gamers on forums in general do my head in; too concerned about the next major shooter release and which version will have the best pixel on ones eyelash. All of them are a bunch of stuck-up twats.
GenoZStriker  +   1490d ago
I have actually come to the conclusion that this group of gamers you are categorizing is nothing more but the loud minority. Ever since the whole Modern Warfare 2 fiasco with the boycott and then the majority of boycotters ending up buying the game, I learn to never take what the loud minority takes seriously.

I call myself a hybrid gamer, because I play on both PC and consoles. Quite frankly I find console wars dumb. The whole thing about not buying Battlefield 3 simply because it's not on steam is quite frankly ridiculous. You can say and believe what you want, but that's my take on it that you are simply restraining yourself because of a believe that if it's not on Steam, the developers are evil thus I should never touch their products ever.

At the end of the day, I'm sure many of these people will buy the game anyway. Look at MW2/Black Ops/Starcraft 2 (Herp Derp Battle.net 2.0 is bad not buying it) and many other games.
#11 (Edited 1490d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MidnytRain  +   1490d ago
I like that term you used - the loud minority. Maybe the "civilized" gamers should speak up more.
NCAzrael  +   1488d ago
The civilized gamers would speak up more, but we're too busy actually playing games to really care. Granted, I do have moments where I am vocal about things, but I don't care enough about other people's opinions to really push it.
mamotte  +   1485d ago
Actually, "civilized" gamers are gaming, not talking.
ilikegam3s  +   1490d ago
Like L4D2 on pc...
Newtype  +   1490d ago
Crytek sucks though.
blackburn10  +   1490d ago
Yes they are. They pretend like they are just trying to make a point but behave very obnoxious. But don't take it personally. All system gamers have their faults too.
steve30x  +   1490d ago
I see console gamers also complaining and throwing their toys out of their pram because a game is'nt up to their standards. One instance is GT5. I have never seen so many cry babies as the Gran Turismo fans. There isnt one thing they wont complain about in Gran turismno.

Honestly all this stupidness wether you play PC or Console gaming is childish. I wont refuse to buy the game because its not on steam. Thats just plain stupid , but if there is a drm that requires internet access all the time for single player thats where I draw the line. A developer can have strong DRM , but this always online crap is where its going too far.

Before you make up your mind about this post. Just know I play games on PC , PS3 and Xbox 360.
Ducky  +   1490d ago
"How many console gamers have you ever seen react this way to retailer selection? Not nearly as much as these sad eltists."

... how many console gamers have ever faced a retailer selection? O.o

As for complaining about visuals, any time a PS3/360 comparison of a multiplat comes up, things get heated just over trivial differences.
While the PC whiners were complaining about Crysis2's lack of DX11, the console whiners were complaining about how it was a few pixels short of being HD.

... and then there's the constant mud-slinging/complaining at CoD which every seems to join in.

"I'd say that console owners... they're more gamer than the others."

... because?

You seem to view complaining as a negative, whereas it actually has a few positive aspects.
For example, remember EA's announcement on the retailer-specific exclusives on BF3 and how the only way to obtain those items ever was to pre-order? People complained, and EA rectified things. (Hasn't been the first time that a publisher has changed their ways due to complaints)

The N4G articles/comments might have you think that people are only angry at EA for not having BF3 on steam, but there's actually another group that is angry at Valve for their strict policy. Maybe things might eventually change.

I usually don't agree with the complainers (I pre-ordered BF3's PC version straight from Origin) but I wouldn't want to eliminate them or consider them to be all that bad. Silently accepting whatever the industry throws at you will only lead into a downward spiral.
... that, and well, most of the 'boycotters' have nothing more than words. MW2 and L4D2 proved that on PC.
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StayStatic  +   1490d ago
This is the most ignorent thing ive ever read ,a lot of stuff certain console players say could be seen as stuck up such as demanding 64 players on BF3 and flaming 30 FPS when the hardward lacks.

Rather than labling an entire platform as stuck up , you should try it and enjoy its fruits , best of both worlds.

I don't know if this is just flame bait but if i were to judge console players on a few links and playing on xbox live, i could say their all racist idiotic children

This is why you shouldn't generalize and realise a lot of PC gamers know a good quality game where the casual console gamer will play any old rubbish and pay top doller for something sub-par. Its not that their been elitest , its just they know the facts. Look at the last 2 CODS on the PC , MW2 removed dedicated servers and black ops was buggy as hell even on the ps3 , think it still is if someone can clarify.

However i agree their are some stupid whining from certain pixel counters and crying about "press start" is stupid. This even annoys me but i choose to ignore it because their just trolls.

You also mention PC gamers bragging about hardware making you sound jealous. This is no reason hate on someone no more than it is to hate on Jay-Z for the amount of cars in his garage.

Related image(s)
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TheKindRoost  +   1489d ago
Yes they are on the other hand console gamer are delusional. We all should learn a thing or two from casual gamer, they don't give a rats about who has teh more pixels or how powerful yer tech is they only want to have fun while playing the games regardless of all the trivial things we teh "Hardcore" gamers are always arguing about.
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DragonKnight  +   1489d ago
I find it funny that many PC "elitists" call console gaming "casual" and yet forget that if it wasn't for consoles to begin with, video games would not have the solid foundation they have, and also conveniently forgetting that their so called "hardcore" games/gaming habits involve playing the same types of games all the damn time. Look at the "successful" games on PC for, oh, the last 10 or so years and you'll see the trend of the games being the same mundane crap with better graphics over and over.

How many times can you sit there and call yourself "hardcore" when all you play is the same repetitive MMO's, the same artificially lengthened RTS', and the same "omg these graphics are so awesome" shooters? I'm not saying there are not other genres on the PC, but you have to admit that those are the 3 most played PC genres and they can't boast huge innovation leaps beyond the technical aspects.

One thing console gaming can say is that it has to adapt the games because it can't adapt the tech like PC can.

Hardcore gaming indeed. Since when is tech considered an aspect of being hardcore? Hardcore gaming is literally a person who games as more than just a passing hobby, it's someone who has a real passion for ANY kind of gaming. It doesn't matter that you use a keyboard and mouse to "pwn teh noobz" or whatever. *Sigh*
Ducky  +   1489d ago
"...but you have to admit that those are the 3 most played PC genres and they can't boast huge innovation leaps beyond the technical aspects."

Which huge innovation leaps have consoles games provided? O.o
... for that mater, why can't those 3 genres boast huge innovation leaps?

I suppose games like Minecraft, Amnesia, FrozenSynapse, Terraria and Magicka are mundane crap then. (All of these games have either Strategy, FPS or MMO elements)

Also, try going into an article that mentions mobile/tablet gaming. You'll similarly have console players (or rather, most self-professed 'hardcore' gamers irrespective of platform) say how mobile gaming is for casuals because they can't play their favourite game on it.
Poor old Wii never gets to join in on the 360/ps3 squabbling because it's still 'last-gen' hardware.
See, this isn't an attitude you can pin solely on PC gamers, but rather, it's an elitist attitude in some people that consider themselves 'hardcore'.
(... and it's not an attitude I can agree with either.)
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DW74  +   1489d ago
I wasn't actually going to respond, but I'll jot a quick thing. PC gamers aren't arrogant. They're angry because many to most of all the high-dollar developers have lessened/ceased PC development in favor of consoles. Simply more money to be made there. Much larger audience, more sales, same hardware platform to develop for, so it's easier and cheaper.
PC gamers get scraps, indie efforts, shit console ports, and MMO's with a 2 or 3 AAA titles a year. I miss the late 90's early 2000's. Good times for PC games.

No one likes to see what they love diminish/die. Makes 'em upset.
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Bladesfist  +   1489d ago
Lucky it seems to be making a return, With more and more of my friends leaving console in order to play some PC exclusives.
stevenhiggster  +   1489d ago
Just a quick point, you are going on like PC gamers are moaning because they can't buy the game from their favourite shop.

It's more than that though, Steam isn't just a DD service like D2D or downloading from GAME or Amazon. It's an actual platform, much like having a console on your PC. BF3 not being available on Steam is more akn to it not being available on you console of choice and then you have to go out and buy a whole other console just to play it.
Ok so thats a bit of an extreme way of putting it since we don't have to buy Origin, just download it. But the point is, we have all our friends list, achievements and what not built into Steam and now just because EA and Valve can't see eye to eye we have to download a new service and start fresh with no friends or achievements or anything.

I myself am a Steam user and I personally don't have any problem with Origin. And I will be getting BF3, though probably not from Origin, not for any political reasons, but purely because it is currently the most expensive place to buy it from!
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Skizelli  +   1489d ago
PC gamers are no more stuck up than any other fanboy. I've seen plenty of fanboys refuse to buy something just because it was released on another platform first.
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blackburn10  +   1489d ago
PC gamers are obnoxious. Most PC gamers I have spoken to so far always has to start the console vs PC argument. It's like someone who has a sports car and I have a nice functional car. You continuously have to bring up your sports car in every conversation even after we heard about how its better then my car in everyway. Then when when I ignore you you start something else like saying my car is an eyesore compared to your sports car. Then when you finally irritate the hell out of me and I get angry, then you tell me that Im jealous that you have a sports car and I don't. That is a PC gamer in a nut shell.

All of them aren't like that but the ones that are feel they have some God given right to be obnoxious jack@$$es because their games run faster or have more pixels or something. None of them tore into the Wii for making games that chugged along, pixelated, had jaggies or looked like PS2 games but somehow the slightest graphical flub in a PS3 or 360 game and we have to listen to another 'PC is God' speech
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1489d ago
yes, and you would prefer the Ps3 vs 360 argument?

I know that the only reason that people on this site hate on PC gamers is because they are PS3 fanboys and want to believe they have super powerful hardware. But then PC gamers mention the truth about the capabilities of a gaming PC and they are being elitist.

LOL, PS3 and XBOX 360 gamers on this site act all high and mighty and brag and boast about tiny differences between platforms.

PC gamers are right that PC are way more powerful and consoles are holding PC games back. it sounds like a certain group of PS3 gamers are jealous that the PC is far more powerful and the developers are starting to take advantage of the extra power.

This is coming from a life long PC/console gamer who plays on my ps3/360 more than my aging PC. PS3 fanboys take EVERY thing personally, and now they are upset about PC gamers telling the truth about consoles being outdated.

Console gamers on this site brag and boast about tiny differences when they favor their platform, but it is somehow more upsetting to a certain group when PC gamers do the same thing with a much larger margin between PC and consoles, LOL.

PS3 fanboys who hate on PC gamers like this are just wishing they could be elitists, but they cant anymore with such outdated hardware when devs are starting to take advantage of PCs.

These angry sony fanboys should just buy a powerful sony VAIO PC, then they can be elitist and still praise sony about it.

The guy who wrote this should change the title to "Are PS3 only fanboys butthurt about the truth that consoles are outdated"
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jp0249107  +   1488d ago
But when you log in to Live or any console game with mic support you get bombarded with kids cursing worse than anything. See? I can make broad generalizations using only a couple of experiences too!
maxmill  +   1489d ago
Pc gamers are the most retarded out of all fanboys.

You buy a rig just so you can troll the net and talk about specs? LMAO
jp0249107  +   1488d ago
I find that ironic when you're the one whose trolling.

Fail troll is fail.
HAF912  +   1489d ago
Author is completely clueless as to the reasons why PC gamers are protesting Origin and want Steam.

PC gamers arent willing, unlike You (the author), to bend over for every anti consumer policy that big companies are willing to use.

thats why console gamers are stuck with xbox live fees, uplay, EA online pass, overpriced DLC, etc...

you guys like to bend over and give away your money for nothing. So to author, get a clue before you write.
Letros  +   1489d ago
If some internet gamers get you so upset to write a blog about it, I'm not sure how you're going to make it in this world, its far more brutal out there.
GrumpyVeteran  +   1489d ago
Midnty rain, you clearly have a failing grasp on the PC side of things and PC gamers in general.

Let's quickly debunk everything you've said in one clean post.

1.Buying a console game from a retail store will not impact you differently in any way. Wanting to buy a game from Steam where all your games are at but instead having to buy and run the game through a completely different store front DOES impact you. Having to run a different service, use a different interface, and run the game through that new program is just absolutely ridiculous and not needed when they can simply sell it on Steam where people prefer to be nowadays. People don't want to be inconvenienced to that extent, where they have to remember so many accounts, run so many programs just to play a different game. Competition may be good, but EA aren't really offering any incentive or trying to be competitively enticing to the consumer, apart from making it completely inaccessible from Steam. That's cheap tactics and pisses us off.

2. Crysis 1 was a vision to the future, a glimpse of what is possible if you put the very finest developers with the very top hardware available. It was THE benchmark for any hardware released from then on, and it still is. To see Crysis 2 actually be inferior to Crysis 1 after over 3 years had passed is simply unacceptable, considering that DX11 was a feature promised for release.Also, the general simplification or as Crytek's spin was "Streamlined" experience of Crysis 2 to appease to the console community like yourself, pissed us off.

You've proven very well that console gamers are less intelligent and are more willing to bend over and take it and just lap up whatever crap the developers put on their plate. Ignorance is a bliss, isn't it? As a PC gamer, we know what's good and we fight for it. Big Brother would definitely favour the console gamer personality.

So...it's time to finish this off. You want to know why PC gamers hate people like you, Midnty? It's because of posts like these, and your deep ignorance on the subject in general.

Allow me to reiterate so it can sink in. Your ignorance on this subject is terribly deep, and is the reason why we (PC gamers) hate you(Console gamers/Sheeple).

Learn to deny ignorance, you may find yourself with some respect.

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jp0249107  +   1488d ago
I've never experience this problem. The ones that receive attention and help to pin the "elitist" moniker on PC Gamers are the ones that make the most noise. I've experienced lots of helpful communities on the PC, from the modding community, to Eve Online corps like Eve University, to communities that keep my favorite games going like Project Reality for BF2.

I switched from console gaming to PC gaming because it offered a larger community, and because it's larger I've encountered some bad apples, but that doesn't compare to the help I've received.
TABSF  +   1488d ago
So accepting shit or lazy ports is stuck up?
PC gamers want the best, what is wrong with that?
Console gamers should be the same!!!
Don't just accept anything.

DLC is mainly an issue consoles created, example would be Call of Duty World at War and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
All DLC on Consoles cost £8 or equal to that.
All DLC on PC was patched in for free.

PC exclusive developers mainly release DLC for free.

Valve, continually release content for free across all there tittles. L4D, L4D2 and TF2 all have received content for free even to this day. never mind the support for tittles coming to their 10th year.

This is what PC games had for like 15 years:

* Dedicated servers
* Free DLC/Content (which was already in the game)
* Support for years
* Mod support

Better graphics and physics is a given and always will be, but these other demands are more important.

This is what we got now:

* Match making (just terrible)
* Pay DLC (content already found on disk)
* Dropped support weeks after release
* No Mod support (because it would kill pay DLC)
* No SDK (again meaning no user created content)

EA have already said there will be no Mod support for BF3 until months after release, it because they don't want people downloading free content but rather buy DLC.
I'd still get the DLC if it was worthy of purchase.

Fallout DLC, Elders Scrolls DLC and GTA DLC is worthy of purchase, just like expansion pack was in the past.
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TW2Sucks   1488d ago | Spam
the_eddster  +   1485d ago
HELL YES! "PC games have the best graphics" proclaimed in a naval up-my-own-ass kind of way. Fine you have the best graphics but you also spent sh*t loads of money getting a new engine to keep up, and people said that the ps3 was expensive.
HAF912  +   1483d ago
no. pc gaming isnt any more expensive than console gaming. Do a cost analysis for all 3 systems for a period of 6 years ( 1 console gen ).

Cost is nearly identical.
the_eddster  +   1468d ago
Fine for xbox, but if a new ps3 costs £320 which will last you the remainder of that console generation, and a new gaming pc comes out at £395 (gallant AMD 560) which will last you until a new direct X comes out which definatly isn't every 6 years; and its blatently obvious that gaming pcs are way more expensive.

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