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Why Xbox One is in the Best position heading into E3

Contrary to what a few people on this website believe. I actually like the Xbox one. I have had each system this generation so showing favortism is not what I am doing here. I also liked the PS4 reveal as well. The one thing that I have notice is that hardcore gamers always go on these websites to bash or just plain out ridicule consoles. For example Wii U has been getting bashed for not having enough games, online being weak and so forth. PSVita has been getting bashed because they have no software to back up an absolutely awesome machine. PS3 has been ridiculed for weak online, PS4 had no console and now it seems Xbox is the new hate machine. Its like the hardcore gamers on this website had a hatorade in there fridge and the minute Xbox had there show they decided to drink it. Now again I know that I am going to get a lot of flack for what I am saying but this is my opinion. A few days ago I posted an article titled "Why bash Microsoft and why Microsoft is in the best position for Next Gen." I saw the amount of comments I got for actually feeling strong about the now called Xbox one. So I am expecting this to not be any different.

Today's show actually had great focus on the Xbox itself after all it was called Xbox Revealed. In the last few weeks Microsoft went on record to say that they will tell the story across two different events. Beginning May 21st and continuing at E3. Now did they convey there point of trying to showcase new xbox with all the new features. The answer is yes. For the hardcore gamer did they show case as much games as they wanted the answer is no. Should the hardcore gamers be as hateful as they are on these websites the answer is no. For years I heard the same tired rants from gamers (notice I did not say the fanboys because it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine who is who now a days.) Below I am going to explain why Xbox actually had a successful show and why gamers should not be so quick to judge a book by its cover especially since the whole story has not been told. I am going to reiterate what I said in my last article, my logic is your system of choice should be the system that most caters to you.

In order to lead you have to provide answers to compelling questions the focus was on Xbox not just games but in general what the machine will be able to accomplish. Why is this so bad for gamers I don't understand. Just a few months ago many bashed Sony for showing a camera, controller and talking about specs but no console so now when the table is turned and Microsoft show off the system and what is capable of doing being the all in one experience this is a bad thing. I just don't get gamers.

The console itself will have much more horse power in the hood just look below at some features that will be introduced with the new Xbox one:

-8 Core CPU
-8 Gigbyte System Power
-500 Gig HDD
-Blueray Drive
-802.11 Wireless Wi Fi
-HDMI in/out
-USB 3.0
-Improved controller
-Smartglass Intergration
-Ability to DVR games and send to friends
-4k res
-Gigabite Ethernet
-Cloud based processing adding power to the Xbox On-Kinect powered
-Harmonizing experiences for all entertainment purposes
-Improved Skype

Plus they will have on day one 300,000 servers that will be the power source for the service on the new console, Improved matchmaking that will allow to let gamers to do more than one thing at a time while waiting. DVR functionality to show off incredible gameplay to your friends. Again why is it that gamers are hating so much the show was very tight and focused on XBox one.

Now lets talk about the games. I know Microsoft did not show off enough to wet hardcore gamers appetite but again this goes back to my earlier point. They have been telling us all along that the story of xbox will be shown at two seperate events. Today's show focused heavy on the Xbox one what makes gamers not believe microsoft will focus on games when they have already gone on records saying they have a ton of exclusives.

To be exact Phil Spencer came on and said there will be 15 exclusives that will be released in the first year alone and that they have more developers working with them then in any other generation. Haven't gamers been wanting to hear that for a long time? Why now hate on the very thing that gamers have been craving. I know the very first few comments I am going to get are they should have shown more they should have made this the show for games. I want to ask gamers how much games do you want them to show off in an hour while also speaking on the new Xbox?

Everyone knows that for the last few years Microsoft has not been creating new IP's on the current Xbox so there emphasis for the new one having more new IP's and future franchises makes sense. They also did tease with the reveal of Quantum break New IP and after the show Don Mattrick went on Gametrailers to say that they will show off Black Tusk New IP as well. Below I have posted two references.

Quantum Break New IP

Black Tusk New IP

Now the next section of my article will still have rumors but also reference facts. They mentioned 15 Exclusives 8 being new IP's and 7 returning Franchises. So here is my take on what they have two show off so far. Read Below.

Quantum Break New IP--Remedy Action/Adventure
Black Tusk New IP- First Person Shooter
Ryse- New IP Rumored a Crytek Action Adventure game
Forza 5- Turn 10 Racing Returning Franchise
Zombie Game- New IP Rumored

4 Exclusive New IP's of the 8 that are promised with at least 3 being confirmed. One exciting Franchise out of the 7 returning franchises was shown so we still have a ton of announcements. I know many people are thinking all the rest is kinect. Why hate on kinect when kinect 2.0 is going to do games the way they were meant to be done. Also microsoft is going to focus more voice commands then motion since it worked well with games like Mass Effect, Skyrim, Madden and few more. But then you add 3rd party games like the ones below and the Xbox one is already looking like an awesome machine.

3rd party games

Assassins Creed 4
Call of Duty Ghost- Looked better then last few games in the series
Battlefield 4
NBA Live
Madden 25
Witcher 2

Gamers I think all the negative comments is not necessary. We are just in phase one of this whole Xbox unveiling there is still a ton of news we are going to get and E3 is just a few weeks away.

Note: The partnership with 343 and Steven Spielberg brought excitment to me for years I been asking myself why don't they make a Halo movie or who would be a great producer and they have answered my question. Having a show being done by Steven Spielberg with the Halo Universe is an excellent way to expand on the Halo Universe.

One last thing if E3 does not prove to be an excellent source for unveiling exclusive games for the 90 minute show Microsoft will have then I say you can make a better judgement but right now this is all still premature. What do you gamers think was the show Today that bad or do you think Microsoft at E3 will have a fantastic show?

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dedicatedtogamers1831d ago

You pretty much already posted this blog:

I can understand that you're excited for Xbox One, but the diappointment isn't unique to this site. Gamers across the internet, across the world were very let down.

1831d ago Replies(5)
Automatic791831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )


How did I pretty much already post this blog.

What I don't get is that MS went on record saying Xbox revealed and now the media is on a rampage acting like Microsoft lied and did not reveal Xbox. I get gamers want games but there is also a whole demographic group of people who own all consoles and do much more then game. So to us gamers maybe they did not show case enough games but that does not on a grand scale equal to disappointment. E3 is going to be for us. Why not make judgement then.

Why not wait till E3 for said games and if you feel xbox is not focused on games then you could have more of a valid reason to be disappointed.

SilentNegotiator1831d ago

"Contrary to what a few people on this website believe. I actually like the Xbox one"

....what? People are confused on the status of whether or not you like the Xbox One?

1831d ago
rainslacker1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

OK. Lets for a minute give MS credit for this disaster of a reveal. What about everything that happened afterwards?

Is it a good position to be in knowing that it will essentially block used games, even if MS is gracious enough to make it possible to trade them through some pay scheme.

Is it a good position that online DRM has been confirmed? Even if that DRM isn't constant, isn't online DRM of any kind pretty much just as bad as it's been for the past decade or so?

Is it a good position to be in where a huge amount of the community of gamers is already swearing off the XB1...even some of the most die hard Xbox supporters?

Look. It's like this. There were good things to be said about what MS showed at the reveal and afterwards. The media features were interesting, although never asked for. The fact that they do have exclusives for the system, even if we have to wait for E3 to know what they all are. The apparent improvements to the Kinect and controller. The cloud which expands the possibilities of the system.

However, it's really hard to take you, or those trying to make this argument, seriously when you don't address the actual extremely negative aspects which have more impact on the gamer. Sadly, these negative aspects affect us much more than the good ones do, and it seems to be something that the defenders are just ignoring, or worse putting some PR spin on to make it not so bad. This is the exact way that companies got away with all their anti-consumer BS this that something you really want to carry over into the next?

mega311831d ago

PS will have a used games block too, sooner or later, they will, a lot of developers will love the new xbox because of this so called block that no one still understands which i hope is explained at E3.

Think about this, WHY did EA get rid of online passes? im sure the xbox isnt the only reason but its still a reason because you pay to play a traded game.

You think EA is gonna be the only one? lol no,so many other developers WILL FLOCK to the new xbox because they wont lose money. You want to keep your cash and prevent companies like EB games from taking profit of your work, so of course ur gonna love to support a machine that does that. Hence why EA SPORTS the same people who were the first to include Online passes in their sports games than moved to normal, are on stage with MS cause of this block.

Sooner or Later the PS will do the same,because it will save them so much cash and get more developers on board to not worry about used games hurting them.

MS arent the bad guys, they just did something that everyone was going to do a long time ago, protect the developers. PC does the same thing, if i wanna play a steam game, i have to be signed into his account. Same with the new xbox.

rainslacker1831d ago

I never implied the MS was a bad guy for doing it. I know any measure to recoup losses from used games is purely due to publisher demand.

But that point is moot if MS is the only one doing it, and if one console allows it(say MS) then that leaves their competitors wide open to increase sales, and have a serious advantage in the marketplace.

I know that EA games got rid of online passes exactly for MS blocking used. And I know there is a strong chance that Sony may do it as well. However whether Sony does it now, or later, I will not support it. I will support companies that leave consumer choice open. I have enough self restraint to actually stand by what I believe, and if it becomes the norm across all gaming, then I will simply not move on as the generations proceed.

PC DRM is more about piracy than second hand. 2nd hand was never a huge issue for PC. And with piracy I believe the complaints of devs are warranted. However with 2nd hand there was always a sale per copy of game in circulation, so first sale doctrine does apply. I personally don't care if companies feel they are entitled to profit off a product that has already been sold to the consumer. I believe that the consumer has every right to do what they want with that property, whether it be sell, trade, collect, or destroy.

Currently there is no viable data available to show what the blocking of used games will do to a companies profits. We can only speculate on that. I prefer to err on the side of the consumer, and there are strong arguments on why it will harm the companies themselves. The whole thing could backfire on them in a serious way. But sadly I do believe that there are plenty of people who will be fine with it, and what's worse, I feel their numbers may be greater than what loss companies may incur by those of us who think it's just a bad idea. The fact that the idea can fail miserably is the only hope we have to prevent companies from "flocking" to the idea.

And no, I don't think EA is going to be the only one.

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