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Why bash Microsoft and why Microsoft is in the best position for Next Gen.

In the last 2 months I read countless articles bashing Microsoft. All the next Xbox or Xbox 720 rumors that have floated around the internet have been insane. Gamers constantly bashing MS for having always online, intergrating the Xbox with TV, lack of games. First I want to say how do you come up with these ridiculous stories when MS has not announced anything. Granted in the last few years Xbox has seen a reduced amount of games. Maybe that is why gamers keep using that same rumor over and over. In every other category Microsoft has managed to amaze and continue to innovate. Again, why is it that Microsoft continues to get bashed but not one actual story from MS themselves has come out regarding said Xbox. It all boils down to one thing when you are number one at what you do you get bashed. What gamers forget the most is that Microsoft has learned in the last 12 years and they will continue to push the boundaries were it matter the most and it starts with us gamers. Remember when they took the gamble with broadband with the original Xbox and many said no dial up is the way to go. Guess who prevailed. Below I am going to give you reasons as to why you should not underestimate MS with the Xbox brand and actually embrace Xbox but not just Xbox but all gaming period. I understand that not many of you are going to like what I have to say but guess what my logic is your system of choice should be the system that most caters to you. Here are my thoughts read below.

It is no secret that Xbox 360 has revolutionized the gaming space with Xbox live. Xbox 360 was first to bring achievements, have an extensive friends list, accessible matchmaking, cross game chat and relentless exclusive DLC. 8 years later and Xbox live has evolved keeping everything that I loved about the Xbox in the beginning but now offering the all in one package with over 50 apps a redesigned interface, intergration of kinect, motion controls, voice commands and smart glass. Now you can meet with your friends play a game, switch over watch a movie, chat with your friends while watching any sports event, Watch live events like the Spike Video Game Awards or Upcoming Xbox event and vote online while interacting with the show.. The amount of possibilities are endless Xbox 360 has jumped leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in offering what was once impossible. They have also had problems along the way like the RROD issue but have managed to overcome the negative and continue to bring more positives to the system. Up to this date you don't have to endure endless time downloading games, wait long extensive periods for an update, can play a game at a much faster rate then the competition and cross chat is still available whether you are playing or not.

When it comes to MS people forget the resources that they have and that is why I feel they will have they have an advantage coming into the next generation.

Microsft has invested millions of dollars alone on Xbox live, they have created it from the inside out. By doing this Microsoft is one of the leading companies who can upgrade/intergrate all the features seamingly through all there devices which include Xbox 360, windows 8 via smartglass and New Xbox. Don't believe me read some of the recent articles posted this past week.

Xbox planning new dashboard update beta UI changes for next gen.

I quote

"We understand Microsoft is aiming to ensure Xbox 360 users can transition over to the next-generation console and interact with existing Xbox 360 users using messaging, beacons, and achievements. Microsoft will also phase out the point systems with this dashboard update, replacing it with currency and gift card options. We're told that the final update will be made available, providing the public beta testing goes to plan, in August."

Granted this is all rumors but common gamers this is microsoft you are talking about you don't think this will all be possible.

Now when it comes to games. This is a tricky area because you have your satisfied gamers and non satisfied gamers who feel microsoft is weak when it comes to games. Many have used the example that Microsoft has only had a few exclusives left this generation with Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Fable. Is this really a bad thing for Microsoft in the last few years?

Here are a few reasons why I don't feel it has been really that bad for them

1. To many developers have gone out of business or have gotten a bad rap for developing new IP's

2. The economy has shown that gamers are not buying all games and interest has fallen

3. There have been some outstanding 3rd party games in the last few years of this current gen cycle

4. More 3rd party games have become better sellers then 1st party games on any single unit/console this generation.

So is Microsoft really in that bad of a position, have they really been that worse off because they have focused on less new IP's late in this current gen cycle. The answer is no.

Has there focus on attracting 3rd party relationships with exclusive timed DLC or only on Xbox strategy paid off the answer is yes.

Now lets move onto launch games when MS started with the original Xbox

Kameo Elements
Project Gotham Racing
Dead or Alive 3
Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding
Fuzion Frenzy
Jet Set Radio Future

All games that are still dear to gamers and have been big key franchises for years to come.

The launch games for Xbox 360 had all these options

Call of Duty 2
Ridge Racer 6
Saints Row
Condemned Criminal Origins
Perfect Dark
Project Gotham Racing
Quake 4
Amped 3
Peter Jackson King Kong
Need for Speed
Tony Hawk
NHL Hockey
FiFa Soccer
Kameo Elements
Tiger Woods PGA Golf

About 18 Launch titles and with more heavy hitters to come Xbox 360 became the system of choice.

Next Gen launch titles (These are only rumors). Top games that can possible make an appearance.

Ryse-Partnership with Crytek
Forza 5-Turn 10
Alan Wake-Partnership with Remedy
Zombie Game-New IP
Project Gotham Racing
Titan-EA partnership
Call of duty-Activision Partnership
New IP-Partnership with UBISOFT
Rare- Secret Project
Black Tusk Studios- FPS New IP
343- Teases Halo
Lionhead- Possible New Fable
Harmonix-Possible New Dance Game
EPIC-Possible New IP or Gears of War
Ruffian Games- Possible Crackdown or New IP
Play Ground Games- New IP

I don't get why gamers will feel that Micorosoft won't have the games come launch. Even more so now with a bigger emphasis on online gaming look at the developers working with MS below and you can see why gamers should not be so harsh on Microsoft.

Note: Microsoft plans on creating retail style games as well as great arcade games for online. Combine this with the free to play formula and core gamers as well as casual gamers can all be satisfied.

Name of the companies they work with regarding Xbox live and some of there known franchises

Certain Affinity-New IP
Twisted Pixel- Lococycle
Signal Studios- Ascends new gods
Undead Labs- State of Decay and working on next gen Class 4
Tequila Works- Deadlight
Big Park- Kinect Sports 2, Joyride
Good Science Studios-Kinect Fun Labs
Press Play-Max and the Magic Marker
Lift London- Cloud Based Gaming
Double Fine Productions- New IP
4J Studios
Frontier Development
Iron Galaxy Studios
Krome Studios
Climax Group
Ska Studios
Runic Games
Robot Entertainment

The last rumor which I just feel gamers are taking to heart but still embrace is the Xbox having a connection with cable.

What is really so bad about that?

The reasons we hear so much about Microsoft trying to dominate the TV space is due to there focus in the last 2 years of expanding Xbox live from just a gamers machine to a entertainment device. Having all the options does not hurt xbox it will just broaden it. I never had a problem with the offerings on Xbox live.

Overall gamers want games, social aspects a smooth online experience and are willing to spend anything for it as long as they don't have to deal with long loading times and massive installs.. Right now the only gaming console to provide that is Xbox 360. That is why I feel they are in a position to excel in this generation.

Note: I did not get into the whole DRM, always online rumor due to the fact that I still don't have an idea what this always online thing really means. Is it going to be connected to games, kinect, social aspect, movie watching. I really don't have an idea. Funny thing is that with no real information on the next xbox many websites ran with this story for hits. Many gamers just kept believing something with no actual basis.

What do you gamers think is all the hate on Micorosoft really needed?

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dedicatedtogamers1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Very well put-together blog. You make a lot of valid points. Outside of the fanboys (who will hate something no matter what), I think there are a fair number of people who are genuinely disappointed with what Microsoft has been doing. I also do not agree that Microsoft is in the best position for next-gen. The market is far too tumultuous to predict that. For all we know, the Wii-U is in the best position for next-gen.

Microsoft lost a lot of goodwill with their core consumers over the past few years. The core fans are leaving, but don't take my word for it. The sales of key franchises are on the decline. Halo 4 sold less than Reach, which sold less than Halo 3. Forza Horizons sold less than Forza 4, which sold less than Forza 3. Gears of War: Judgment sold less than Gears 3, which sold less than Gears 2, which barely sold more than Gears 1. Fable Journey sold less than Fable 3, which barely sold more than Fable 2. It should also be noted that the sales of these franchises have been decreasing while at the same time the installed base of the 360 has been increasing. I could go on, but I think you see the point.

Plus, it's popular to hate on something that is popular. The PS3 got it BAAAAAD from 2006-2009 and then people sort of got bored being idiots. The NextBox might be the target of irrational gamer angst in this upcoming gen.

YodaCracker1831d ago

Well, I would first like to point out that Halo 4 is the fastest-selling entry in the entire series:

As for those other games... Forza Horizon is a spinoff from the main series. Fable: Journey is a Kinect game so it sees only a fraction of the install base to sell to. Gears Judgment is a prequel coming very soon after the last Gears game, releasing in Spring instead of Fall, with less content and very little advertising. No surprise it sold a fraction of what Gears 3 sold.

Still, there is no doubt that late in this gen we are seeing surprisingly poor sales for many franchises. This is not exclusive to Microsoft and the supposed exodus of fans. You can look at almost any Sony exclusive series and see a decline in sales as well; Killzone, Resistance, and most recently, God of War: Ascension. A fatigue has set in and new consoles are long overdue.

MikeMyers1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Core fans have left?

"Halo 4 has seen more than 11.6 million unique players since its launch in November last year."

How many games on the Wii U or the PS3 can claim those numbers?

I also like how YodaCracker gets 3 disagrees and no agrees (until I gave him one). Why is that? Once again we get all these phantom disagrees on this site even when the comment makes perfect sense. The last God of war sold less than the previous one. So did the last Resistance game. Did Killzone 3 sell more than Killzone 2?

Most of the hate for the Xbox 360 probably stems from PS3 fans. They see it as a threat, a direct competitor. They have also seen Sony's marketshare diminish while Microsoft's grew during this generation compared to last generation. Does that means the core users left the Playstation console?

GamersRulz1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

"Most of the hate for the Xbox 360 probably stems from PS3 fans. They see it as a threat, a direct competitor."

what treat are you talking about?

gamewise PS3 have the best games, no one deny that. more quality exclusives than competition.

Sales wise, PS3 swoop the 360 under the rug after launching 16 months later and was more expensive.

So elaborate, what threat you meant by your statement?

the one that should be frightened is MS, because there is no headstart this time,there is no price advantage and xbox specs is just pathetic compared to PS4. be happy if MS just put a fight because they would end up last place regardless, just like this gen.

smashcrashbash1830d ago

I love how people like you immediately jump up and claim it is Sony fanboys who hate the 360.In no way could any Xbox owner be unsatisfied with it's performance or anything like that.Like most people here you immediately jump to say 'The Sony fanboys'.Also I love people like you who pretend that there is no hate for the PS3 on the Xbox side and you guys just sit there being all reasonable and it is us the PlayStation fans that pick on you. Also like most fanboys you only hide behind the games that do good on the 360 and make sure and ignore the failures and bombs to hide behind certain games and make sure to leave out all the rubbish and bad sellers on the 360 to run behind the Halo shield and put your fingers in your ears.I have seen many people on the Xbox side that were already hating on the PS4 before it even was announced and went to great lengths to try and push the stupid rumors that we heard about it but the moment we tried to push any rumors about the next Xbox people get all personal and huffy and try to spin it so all the negativity seems like a good thing. And to end it all this is the first time Microsoft has gotten even close to getting ahead and people like you won't shut up about it. It wasn't long ago the Xbox was being stomped by the PS2 and they still haven't pulled a great distance ahead of the PS3 or passed the Wii when it was still relevant.

So let's not EVER pretend that no one on the Xbox side no matter how much they praise the Xbox has no hate or still see Nintendo and Sony as a threat.If you didn't people wouldn't go to such great lengths to put down the PlayStation brand. Look at all the desperate articles and posts 'how Microsoft will win and will bring it and how everyone else is doomed before they even see the console or know much about it.So let's just stop the pretense about how PS3 fans are always picking on you the same claim Nintendo fanboys always make because as soon as it is your turn you just do the same thing because you see still see the PlayStation brand as a threat.Which is good because the business men out there on't take their eyes off the competition because they NEVER assume that someone isn't a threat.That is a good way to go out of business or let the competition zoom by you.

MikeMyers1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


There's a difference between those who despise the system and those who have legitimate concerns. The same can be said about the PS3. Fanboys of the Xbox will act the same way, rarely if ever say anything positive about the PS3.

This topic is about all the bashing going on towards Microsoft and the next Xbox. After May 21st that will not be going away here on N4G, not matter what they show. That is a fact. Of course it also happens with the Wii U and the PS4 but so far from my view the PS4 is getting treated fairly well, that's because IMO they had a good show. The Wii U has failed to capture audiences, so that is why we've seen doom and gloom articles much like the Vita. So far nothing has been shown about the next Xbox but people are quick to judge aren't they?

This whole generation has been one big embarrassment and the main source is from both the Xbox and Playstation camp. For over 7 years we've been seeing them go at it. What exactly did it solve in the end? Nothing. Now we're already raring up for the next generation of buffoons going on and on about GDDR5 like they did with the cell acting like that's going to make all the difference in the world while suggesting Microsoft won't have any games and if they do they will all be Kinect titles for the casual gamer.

Look at Jek_Porkins comment below, care to explain why 9 people disagreed with him and only 1 agreed (I didn't add a agree or disagree)? His comment sounded pretty reasonable to me. Maybe that's not what makes this place exciting, being rational.

I had asked DragonKnight below a simple question before. I asked why is it the PS3 forums on here are so popular. Why is the dedicated PS3 Main Gaming Forum so much more active than any of the others. If you added up the Xbox 360, Wii and Wii U, PC, and the Mobile/Handheld forums together they still don't add up to the amount of people on the PS3 Forum. You know what his answer was? It was because there's more to talk about with the PS3. Really? So the PS3 gets that much more content on a daily basis than all those other systems combined? Wow, I never knew that. Yet he wants to argue against fanboyism?

Jek_Porkins1831d ago

Halo 4 is the fastest selling Halo game of all time, I'd also point out that Forza Horizon is an entirely different IP than Forza Motorsport, and Forza 3 has a bit of inflated sales because a lot of people picked it up when it was bundled with the Xbox 360, and it also had a very amazing Platinum Hits version which had all the bonus content, making it an extreme value.

You are also trying to compare Fable The Journey to Fable 3, when Fable 3 is at around 5 million sold, but came out when there was 60+ million Xbox 360's, where as The Journey came out and there are far less Kinect's, and a more varied Kinect market. Should we see a proper Fable 4, it'll sell very well like always.

Gears 3 was marketed like crazy, it had an extended development time, dedicated servers and a ton of other well advertised features, Gears Judgment was made by an entirely different team for the most part, and the game plays a lot more like Unreal Tournament than a Gears game, it also came out less than two years removed from Gears 3, and everyone knows a new Xbox is on the way.

If we all went by your logic the PS3 lost core fans too because God Of War Ascension sold poor. It just so happens when new consoles are coming that games don't do as well.

I consider myself a core gamer, Microsoft has satisfied my need for core games, it might not have been the way you preferred, but I bought an Xbox 360 to play Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable ect... and they gave me those blockbuster titles on a regular basis.

I like Kinect, it didn't deliver all the goods, but it was a start, I'm all for as many options as possible, controller, motions controls, games, apps, entertainment, the more they give me, the better.

I think it's popular to hate on popular things, I tend to be optimistic when it comes to gaming, Microsoft is indeed in a good spot because they have the most money to spend on content and advertising. The Xbox got Microsoft on the map, the Xbox 360 got Microsoft North America and brand recognition with a lot of people, it's clear they have a plan, and I'm excited to see what it is.

Chaostar1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

There are some decent points hidden among the interminable lists, however, I must point out that your personal attachment to a brand has rendered you defensive to the point of delusion. There has been no "bashing" of Microsoft in the media, well at least in respect to gaming anyway. What you are perceiving as personal insults are actually just wild speculation in the light of very little actual news coming from MS themselves.

Although a lot of it has been negative you have to keep in mind that the press have only been commenting on information they have received from various 'sources'. There's nothing sinister about it and it shouldn't be taken personally.

Anyway, as far as your opinion goes, you're totally entitled to believe that everything MS touches turns to gold but, when you blog with such wild passion and fanaticism, it's going to be hard for anyone to see past your glaring bias in order to comprehend your point of view.

Please understand I mean no insult as I don't remember ever seeing you trolling or anything but I would suggest toning it down a few notches or you'll never be taken seriously.

As for my own opinion on the matter, I don't believe I can say either way who is in the "best position". After personally witnessing more generational transitions than I'd care to say, I have concluded that anything can happen no matter how well or poorly a particular company is doing beforehand.

stuna11830d ago

@ Chaostar

That brought a tear to my eye! Simply beautiful, and well thought out! I totally agree.

I'll take a jab at Microsoft as well as Nintendo, but for the most part it's all in fun, but right now is not the time for people to start flip flopping this close to the wire.

Most don't like to hear it but Sony & the PS3 were buried under a ton of criticism from all sides! The media, other console makers, developers, even their loyal fanbase, but guess what? They were told "Deal with it"! And for the most part they did, it's not like they had much choice in the matter.

Now it looks like their on the right foot, you still hear people belly aching! Because they took a jab at the competition! Give me a break.

The criticism that was leveled at Sony should also be leveled at Microsoft & Nintendo, because from the looks of things it seems like they are the ones who have lost focus of what put them where they are to begin with.

DragonKnight1831d ago

What I want to know is how there can be any fanboyism for Microsoft in the new gen when the MS fanboys know nothing about the new console? The same can be said for those attacking it. Sure, attacking the rumoured ideas is one thing, but being pro or con when it comes to the NextBox is impossible right now as no one knows anything concretely about it. How can there already be fanboys when, as of this moment, the NextBox doesn't legitimately exist?

MikeMyers1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Well if you can show me just as many positive comments about the upcoming Xbox as the negative ones you've made I'll shut up right now.

You will always have fanboys from all stripes and colors. In fact it is likely people have already decided who will win E3 weeks before its even begun. That's why they are fanboys, they choose sides and will stay there unless something dramatic happens.

It will be fairly obvious who the people are that the author here is talking about during the Xbox event coming up. You'll see the same old negative comments no matter what they show. The same thing probably happened at the PS4 event. Ignorance and immaturity is rampant on forums. Some crave attention, some have personal problems, while others forgot what videogaming is supposed to be about. Having fun. Some people on here are so damn depressing it's ridiculous. It's like they chose this hobby just so they can bitch about something.

rainslacker1830d ago

Trying to apply logic to fanaticism is just going to make your head explode.

I can liken it to my own experience with Sony's camp. I am excited for it because of my previous experience with the brand. I may not be able to get excited for the features before they're announced, but I can be excited for what it may bring in terms of gaming in the future.

The Xbox fans probably feel the same way as they've likely had good reasons to like the Xbox.

As far as defending or assaulting said tech, well that's just the way it is I guess. Again logic is lost to those who don't want to listen. I think it is premature to compare the two at this time.

DragonKnight1830d ago

I can understand being excited for something that has been announced. I can even understand being excited about an announcement about something being announced, but to already draw "battle lines" in the sand for a new "console war" when there is literally nothing known about one of the consoles is quite ridiculous in my opinion.

To my recollection, no one has hated on the NextBox because it's impossible to hate on something that currently doesn't exist. What has been hated on is the idea of always-online required and used games being blocked (the latter something Sony has had its fair share of hate) and these are merely ideas which CAN be hated on. But I've seen people who are transferring their love for the 360 (or their hate for it) onto the NextBox and they don't know anything about it.

Now this could either be trolls just continuing to troll because they have nothing else going on, or it could be people who believe what they're saying. Either way it's sad because you can't love or hate what doesn't exist.

Ah well, it's like you said, it's pretty pointless to talk about that aspect because doing so assumes that there is someone who actually cares to listen.

Supermax1831d ago

Wait 2 days then you will know it exists

Automatic791831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )


"Please understand I mean no insult as I don't remember ever seeing you trolling or anything but I would suggest toning it down a few notches or you'll never be taken seriously. "

I understand your point. This blog was intended to show another side of MS. While still at the same time indicating not just to embrace Xbox but all gaming consoles. I see the endless doom and gloom when it comes to all companies and I did say in my blog that not everyone is going to agree with what I say. I also indicated that besides the past reference sections in my blog it is all rumors. I am also not sure why you would think that MS is not in the best position going forward they have added more internal studios, they have created some of the best 3rd party partnerships this generation and there online user base has increased. Its an opinion that many may not like but it is my opinion. Also there is just to much negativity on this site. By me bringing something positive about this company just like many have brought something positive about other companies might change perception. No disrespect intended.

Chaostar1831d ago

"I am also not sure why you would think that MS is not in the best position"

This is what I'm trying to get across, you are so devoted in your opinion that it's hard for you to comprehend the possibility that someone doesn't share it. Like I said in my previous comment I don't see either company as in the best position as, in the past, generational transition have meant an almost completely clean slate for all concerned. Adding a few unproven studios to Microsoft's portfolio will not change that nor will anything Sony do toward the end of the PS3 lifecycle.

I respect that you're keeping things positive in a generally negative world, it's why I pegged you as just a huge fan and not a fanboy (massive difference imo) but I just thought you could have made your point a with a touch more subtlety, that's all.

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