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Xbox 360, 8 years later and still going strong, Part 2 ( The issues edition)

A few days ago I posted an article regarding the Xbox 360 and how I felt it has been strong for 8 years. I pointed out that the Xbox live has continued to be strong with an expanding user interface, social capabilities and apps. I also mentioned that the system has had a strong library of games from the beginning of its experience and has provided some incredible blockbusters.

In light of all the great things that have come from Xbox 360 in this generation there have been flaws.

The most obvious was the RROD issue. Every one remembers the three flashing red lights around the Xbox 360 power button. It lead Microsoft to realize they had massive gaming community failure. The failure rate was so big that reports started surfacing on a worldwide level. . At the time Microsoft had no choice but to create an extended 3 year warranty to try to control the damage.. Many articles spoke on the graphics chip, the systems faulty wiring and the percentage of users with this problem. The outbreak created a 31 billion profit loss for Microsoft. Despite the damage Microsoft took the necessary steps to recover from one of this generation biggest and worst hardware failures. Though the RROD is a thing of the past there is no doubt that this will always be one of biggest topics of this generation.

The second issue this generation was when the Xbox live got hacked. There were reports stating that accounts had been compromised with many users describing that they had never given out there information. The exact amount of users being compromised was never determined but numerous reports indicated that there was sufficient gamers facing the problem. The problem was not Microsoft's alone as many companies to date have been hit hard.

The third issue is the games. Xbox 360 started out with such a strong amount of games that as time went on many would wonder why has Microsoft took the foot off the peddle. Many consider Microsoft focus on the Kinect and trying to expand to the casual market a major reason why the lack of titles stopped coming. In an interview with the Vice President Phil Spencer he was quoted saying that its about the "quality and impact" In the same interview he also mentioned that "Creating core IP (intellectual property), as many first-and third-parties have seen over the years, isn't an easy thing,". The truth is that is not an easy thing with cost at an all time high. Is investing in titles that don't sell a risky business? the answer is yes. After all if you look back in this generation there have been many companies going out of business.

Considering the 3 issues that I have pointed out. I can still stand by the Xbox 360 not because I am a fan boy but because the system has given me some truly excellent experiences. This is the reason why I wrote my earlier blog. As this generation comes to an end. I don't want to focus on the negatives. I want to enjoy the remaining years of this generation and prepare for the next generation of gaming. I want to remember what count's and that is the games. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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chrismichaels041727d ago

I applaud you. You listened to some of the concerns of the gaming community and you began to address them. No one is disputing your right to appreciate the Xbox or your opinion that the Xbox is a fantastic console. Your first article just came off a bit too one sided giving off the wrong impression that you were being biased. I commend you for acknowledging the xbox's weaknesses this generation as well as its strengths. I understand you want to focus more on the positives but you can still highlight the positives while acknowledging the negatives. A little friendly advice. Next time maybe you should consider combining the two points into one article to avoid any future confusion. I look forward to reading your future blogs. Is there a link you can provide us so we can follow you?

dedicatedtogamers1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Great blog! It's true that 360 has/had issues, but if they deliver the games, then it's normal to let those issues slide. It was that way for Wii and PS3 (different issues, but issues nonetheless). I don't see why it's "normal" for PS3 owners or Wii owners to overlook those issues, but when 360 owners overlook their own system's issues, suddenly they're called idiotic, brainless fanboys.

Jyndal1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

When I go looking for a system, the first thing I look at is price, followed closely by system specs. When it was a decision between PS3 and the 360, I went with the 360 because, at the time, it was comparable to the PS3 in hardware, and was around $150 cheaper.
Now the system that's got my attention is the OUYA. I'm still waiting to see a better line up for the games, but so far it's in the lead for my gaming dollars. At $99, a Tegra 3 processor, and some of the game industries' leading companies already developing titles for it, there's little left to prove to me that this system is going to be successful.

Lvl_up_gamer1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

"The second issue this generation was when the Xbox live got hacked. There were reports stating that accounts had been compromised with many users describing that they had never given out there information. The exact amount of users being compromised was never determined but numerous reports indicated that there was sufficient gamers facing the problem. The problem was not Microsoft's alone as many companies to date have been hit hard."

Accounts were not "hacked". This word is being wrongfully used in many cases. XBL accounts are being accessed, not hacked. User info is obtained through other social media outlets and then used to access XBL accounts. There is no "hacking" involved. Is the bank hacked if someone steals your wallet and uses your credit card or bank card? NO. Is it the banks fault if you lose your wallet and someone uses your ID to access your bank account or use your credit cards? NO. So neither is MS if someone obtains your info through other social online outlets and then uses it to log into your XBL account and make purchases, which are only associated to your account anyways; MS is not at fault. It's not like they are running off with FIFA XBL content to go use on their PSN account.

I understand that due to the high degree of Sony loyalists on this site making enough noise that the writer felt the need to have to create a negative article to appease them, but at least make it correct with the negative information and stop spreading misconceptions like XBL being hacked.

PSN was hacked. A hacker infiltrated the PSN network through the mainframe. An XBL account is NOT hacked. It's accessed through general information obtained through "phishing" scams and other online social media outlets.

chrismichaels041726d ago

Such a shame that even a well written xbox blog continues to attract 1 bubble trolls like you that don't even have enough bubbles to respond to this. It's pathetic people like you that make all us real gamers look bad and give all gamers in the xbox community a bad name. You can hit my disagree button all you want. It's all you can do.

The writer isn't trying to appease anyone. His first article focusing only on the positives while ignoring the negatives gave off the wrong impression that he was being a biased fanboy... you know, like you are. He proved, unlike you, that he was an honest and unbiased gamer by acknowledging the Xbox had weaknesses as well as strengths.

So you support people only while they praise the accomplishments of Xbox, but the minute they openly and honestly discuss the xboxs failures, you turn on them and criticize them for "spreading misconceptions". I'm not going to even bother addressing any of the other nonsense your trying to debate. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.....even trolls.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31726d ago

Uh, the writer is definitely trying to appease people and that would be Sony fanboys like yourself. You were in the other article boo-hooing about how the author was complimenting the xbox too much, which is why he/she made this new article concerning it's faults. This was done all to appease a bunch of lames that can't have a positive article about any other platform besides Sony's.

soxfan20051726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

So, anyone who has one bubble is automatically a "troll". Or, is your definition of a "troll" simply anyone who has an opinion that's different from yours? That's what it seems like. I'll trust the opinion of someone who's been here for almost a year over someone who just joined 55 days ago and has posted noting but one sided, biased blogs and comments. (I still laugh that you think an Xbox 360 is only $99). When all you have left is to resort to name calling, and making fun of others because of bubbles, that just proves that you have no more legitimate points to make. You can make fun of me all you want - it's all you've got.

There are a few pro-Sony 1-bubble members here too. Funny how you ONLY call out the ones who speak in favor of MS. Your agenda is obvious.

I love how you talk about disagrees. You say "disagree all you want, it's all you've got". However, you contradict yourself. In the last blog, you say to the author "They can whine all they want, yet notice how they are getting mostly disagrees" (you're talking about me and others). Well, who's disagreeing with us? Must be other trolls disagreeing because "it's all they've got". Are disagrees indicative of false information, or are they just done out of spite? You change your stance when it suits your agenda.

Maybe you should take your own advice and update YOUR one sided, biased blogs like this author did. How about elaborating on the "weak start" you mention? You demand details about 360's troubles, yet you refuse to provide similar details in your postings.

Just because the majority of people here at Sony Central support you doesn't mean you're right. They're just as equally delusional, that's all. If having their support makes you feel better and think you're right, then go ahead and bask in that warm feeling.

Hicken1725d ago

So Major Nelson's account being switched to Russian was because of social networking sites and the like?

chrismichaels041726d ago

Adorable....the 1 bubble troll brigade travel in packs. So basically your all disagreeing with me simply because I commended the writer on being open and honest? Yea, that proves your point about who here is being biased and ignorant.

A 1 bubble troll is a 1 bubble troll, regardless of which system they are trolling for. I'm calling you out specifically because the only 1 bubble trolls in here right now are you. Funny how you're accusing me of being one sided in my blog, yet you're acknowledging the fact that my blog did put attention on Sonys weaknesses in the first place. The only reason why the writer needed to update his blog was because he didn't mention any Xbox weaknesses at all in his original blog, hence the reason for his well writtten and honest follow up. I don't need to do a follow up to issues I already acknowledged in my original blog.

As far as the disagrees my comments are getting, if you think I'm bothered that my disagrees are all from the same group of 1 bubble warriors in this blog as it was from the original blog, then you are greatly misinformed. Am i supposed to be impressed that you guys have been on here trolling for over a year and are down to 1 bubble? That's nothing to be bragging about. Either way, I don't get all the hostility and anger, it's just video games. You guys need to seriously take a deep breath. It's not that serious. But I do appreciate the fact that you all went out of your way to read my blogs. Enjoy. In any case, I'm done entertaining this fanboy nonsense. Don't forget to disagree with me on your way out. Thanks.

1725d ago
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