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The State of the 3DS, 2 years later. Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted the state of the 3DS, 2 years later. My article featured upcoming games and showed how far the 3DS has come. As the 3DS approaches its 2 year anniversary on March 27. I felt that now was the perfect time to show case some of the best games that I played on the 3DS.

Super Mario 3D Land- brought to life some of the best elements of Mario 64 to the 3DS with unique features by blending old school Mario concepts like Music Blocks and flagpoles with Galaxy innovations like flip switches and timed, disappearing platforms the game showcased interactive gameplay by using the 3D showing excellent graphics and gameplay not seen before in any mario game. 3DS gave us a reason to love Mario games again.

Zelda Ocarina of Time- One of the best zelda's games ever made containing dungeon crawler aspect, puzzle and exploration elements in a adventure that is truly a Zelda experience to remember. Link is one of the best characters in the last 20 years. This game proves why he can stand the test of time. The game is not for everyone especially if you are not into puzzle elements and engaging in a world that can give you 40 plus hours. The end result is beautiful and will make you want to play the more recent entries in the Zelda line. The game is enhanced to take advantage of the 3DS controls, touchscreen worked the maps, inventory and the gyroscope features allowed you to work the bow and arrow. The game made the leap from N64 and shows how an excellent game can be ported unto the the 3DS.

Starfox 64- What can I say this game rocks. One of my favorite mascots in Nintendo lineup. The game is action-packed, has insane amount of dialog, four-player dogfights, and features a branching-pathway system that had me replaying the game several times a day so that I could find the secret levels. Flying Arwing fighter and waging war against andross, Flying from planet to planet dealing with waves of enemies gave the game a feeling best described as the classic gradius game.

Super Street Fighter IV- Brought all the fun aspects of the arcade fighter in the palm of your hands. The full 35 character roster is here all with combos, finishing moves and special moves you remember. The 3DS brought a behind the back camara similar to Resident Evil or allowed you to play the way you remembered. Great fighter on the go.

Resident Evil Revelations- This game will make you love Resident all over again. Giving you the close claustrophic horror of its predecessor all while introducing new enemies. Scanning objects gave you a reason to explore. The game brought to life the best aspect of the old school Resident Evil with the gameplay elements of Resident Evil 4. The characters were engaging. Bringing Jill and Chris back was awesome. The graphics showcased that the 3DS can handle and give the competition a run for its money. The game made such a strong case that capcom has decided to bring it to consoles.

Kid Icarus Uprising - One of Nintendo's Lost Mascots makes a triumphant return. The story of Pit's struggle against the demonic forces of Medusa brought to life an epic adventure. The Game used the Joystick and the touchscreen for some truly innovated gameplay allowing you to shoot on land and air by pointing at your enemies with the stylus and using the triggers. The strength of the 3DS was pushed to the extreme with this game. Every level was divided into air and land sections. Upgrading your weapons by fusing gave you an advantage. Some levels went from easy to difficult which created a sense that the right weapon fusion was important. I give Nintendo credit for bringing one of my long lost characters back with a vegeance. Capturing the incredible feel of kid Icarus, gameplay that felt new age with grittier twist.

Heroes of Ruin- What do you get when you bring a diablo style game into a nintendo hand held? The answer is Heroes of Ruin a classic dungeon crawler, with connected gaming and a fantastic medievel story of deceit and magic. The Four classes available, vindicator, savage, gunslinger and alchitect. Each bringing there own special abilities and weapons allowing you to enhance them with an incredible leveling system. What made this game fun was the four player cooperative play, cross chat and the journey. This game truly made me push the 3D effect to the top. Kudos to Nintendo for putting together such a fantastic full featured game unto a handheld.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance -is an action-heavy role-playing game that mixes third-person combat with imaginative worlds and familiar faces, including Disney characters and villains. As with other role-playing games, you'll "level up" over time and experience, and grow stronger throughout the single-player adventure. The Main character Sora and Riku really bring the game to life. The game does not offer side missions but where it lacks it makes up in other ways like the cool Tron world adventure and the ability to drive the light-cycles or collecting stars while flying through vortexes. I was never a fans of past Kingdom Hearts prior to this game but the cool but convulated story and Disney characters made this game a must have for any Nintendo 3DS owner.

Code of Princess- brings the classic hack and slash aspect of Guardian Heroes onto a handheld. The game has a female lead heroine and as the story progresses you can upgrade her character or even unlock new characters you meet. The four player on screen action presence takes all the elements necessary to make for a really great, cult classic. Great game for gamers wanting a throwback to old school beat ‘em up fun we use to love.

Transformers Prime The Videogame- Based off the hit cartoon tv show. What makes Prime such a great game is that it offers up a nice variety of gameplay styles right from the start. You begin as Optimus in a sort of tutorial level that shows you the mechanics of the game. The game shares a similar feel to its console brothers by offering Strafing, shooting and, of course, transforming as you please. You also have melee attacks that you can combine with shooting, and it all works surprisingly well on the 3DS.

Notable mentions- New Super Mario Bros 3DS, Resident Evil Merceneraries, Mario Kart, Sonic Generations

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Jurat1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

+1 for Zelda: OoT, RE: Revelations, and Heroes of Ruin. The system has built up such a great back catalogue in the last two years.

I'm now seriously stoked for Monster Hunter Ultimate dropping later this month. Also Contemplating buying a Wii U for the cross play capabilities.

Automatic791870d ago

You right the 3DS has built an incredible line up. I have also been contemplating picking up the Wii U. May wait to see what else is offered.

KillerPwned1869d ago

I just bought a 3DS XL and I have a Wii U Deluxe so their will be cross play between the two?

Automatic791869d ago

@KillPwned what are you thoughts on the Wii U Deluxe? Is it worth a Purchase?

Reports show that Monster Hunter is a Cross Play Title

chrismichaels041869d ago

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