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Destiny, Bungie's First big FPS Post Halo

"The stories tell of a golden age long ago when our civilization span the golden system. It was a bright and hopeful time but it didn't last. Something hit us, knocked us down and tried to stamp us out"

Right from the beginning Bungie has gained my attention. As a gamer I have always had a special place for this developer after all, they gave us one of the best First Person shooters of all time in my opinion. I can tell that Bungie was not just aiming to put a single game experience out. They are trying to create a universe rich and complex with a deep sci-fi experience while still giving the gamer's a "bold new action game set in a living world"

The game is very ambitious and from the take of it Destiny looks to offer a massive multiplayer sci-fi experience (they call it a “shared world shooter”) that is fully playable by yourself, but designed to seamlessly connect you with friends. Up until now most first person shooters or should I say very few FPS offer drop in and drop out mode. Initially, maybe they offer in terms of game play a start with friends in a coop experience campaign or even let friends join you halfway through the battle but none have ever tried to really reach the span of offering a shared world shooter. Now I know what most of you are thinking shared world shooter we have tons of those now. I beg to differ as most FPS have open elements when it comes to the multiplayer part but none quite offer it on the campaign side. This is were I feel that Bungie is going to do a fantastic job. Back when Halo started it offered you a single player campaign that over it's life time has expanded from 1 player to 4 player cooperative experiences. Up to date no game offers the focused campaign of a first person shooter like Halo does and cohesively manages to do it well in a cooperative aspect. Now picture bungie expanding on this and giving you this massive sci-fi take allowing all gamers to share in this experience. If bungie does manage to to engage us in this massive shared world shooter what is going to set it apart. Is it going to be the world in which destiny takes place? Is going to be the characters? Is it going to be the story?

Its going be a combination of all 3. The Vidoc tells of a world that is a post-apocalyptic earth. The Human race has been wiped out and is only down to a few. You have The Traveler, a gigantic white globe that now floats close above the planet’s last safe haven. A few intellects come together and begin to explore the stars of our own galaxy. You also have various forms of alien life who only seem to want eliminate the human race once and for all. How do you defeat this force the answer is to step into this character called Guardian. Your job is to keep earth safe.

In terms of story it sound cliche we have all been there with Star Wars and Mass Effect. The whole aspect to me has a very MMOFPS feel to it but there is something special about this project and to me its the developers. They seem to want to bring you into this world by giving you the freedom of creating the story as you go. The concept art is incredible, the heroes seem to be engaging.

Overall, it is very early to judge based off this one vidoc how deep and ambitious this project is going to be. Or even if this game is going to make a massive impact in terms of franchise staying power. Very few developers leave a massive game franchise to start another franchise. We all know there is no guarantees. Bungie has the confidence and I for one believe it is in the right hands.

What do you gamers think please share your thoughts and comments.

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chrismichaels041921d ago

Fantastic read. I agree its too soon to jump to final judgement, but based off what we know and have seen so far, plus Bungie's track record for AAA quality games...I think its safe to say this game looks like its going to be awesome.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1921d ago

If I made a shooter for ten years and then signed a contract to make a shooter for ten more years I would be one bored game designer. Just sayin. Game will probably be great though!

Kalowest1920d ago

LMFAO, you have a point.

360Review1919d ago

Great read! Wish I could write this well!