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N4G Quality Control?

N4G have to started advertising external Hard drives bundled with PS3 pirated games.

It seems a little hypocritical considering the communities stance of piracy. Of course I know N4G is website run by massive hypocrites profiting from the "console wars" and generally just helping to create a horrible gaming culture.

But is that a step to far, they're now bringing in advertisement revenue from piracy websites. I know many of you feel very strongly about Piracy ain't it about time N4G starts worrying about it's quality control?

Instead of just leeching off the fanboy gaming culture to squeeze as much profit from it's users as possible, you decide.

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mastiffchild2526d ago

If true I find this appalling. A site for gamers should never take money from those who selfishly ruin things for those of us with morals or that care about gaming. Shitty.

Advertising this or R4 DS carts or chipping services for a 360 is just below the belt and not something you'd expect to be allowed here.Seriously, I'm amazed and disgusted. No wonder the companies in the games industry have no respect for us or our rights if sites supposedly for us have ads for stuff like this. It stinks.

PirateThom2525d ago

Sadly, N4G had an advertising service set up, this servive shows relevent advertisements, it's a gaming website, so it's gaming related. It's the ad company more than N4G.

MidnytRain2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Speaking of quality control, there are many grammar and punctuation errors in your blog. You may feel strongly about this, but don't type so quickly and make sure you proofread.

I don't pay attention to advertisements on websites. I only buy from trusted retailers.

Speed-Racer2525d ago

Sadly that is a narrow minded approach to the whole situation. Just because you do not look at ads, does not mean the rest of the population does not. I think the ad industry would have been bust if no one looked at ads.

MidnytRain2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

I was just sharing a personal experience.

I don't understand why I received so many disagrees. I want to be smart with my money and with who I associate myself with.

Why didn't anyone tell Menech to edit his blog before approval?

Speed-Racer2525d ago

I see many ads every day (because I have to), but that doesn't I don't shop smart. Also many people pay attention to ads. The online ad business is actually up this year from 2009 and 2010.

Menech2525d ago

The reason I disagreed was because you where being a grammar nazi, And the topic of my blog wasn't only the advert it's the general lack of quality on all aspects of N4G lately.

mandf2525d ago

This site quality is going downhill very quickly. I love this site and have here since 2006 but it's out of control now. Articles that help people get flagged as duplicate but smear campaigns, flamebait, and idiot blogs get approved.

Just because you can make a site doesn't make you an expert or even relevant in the industry. Half of summited articles come from nobodies that just started gaming and have no clue about the industry.

Then you have the same people post and bash every game even though they haven't even played it. This site should make you post your gamertag, psn id, or wii code to comment on a specific system. People think cause they see a video they have a clue. I hate reading comments from people who have never even played the game and bash or praise it.

news4geeks2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

so basically you want a system that would rival North Korea for censorship and freedom of speech?

@LostDjinn below - The mods are fine. It's a fine line to distinguish between trolling and a legitimate complaint. I see no ulterior motives from them.

They don't troll or create multiple accounts, they just have ultimate control over your bubbles. That's why I have only one, because they don't like me being so outspoken but I'll still defend them as doing a good job. Plus I won't stand for a bad word said about Cat.

My complaints are with the trolling websites whos members fancy themselves as journalists.

mandf2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

I never said anything about the mods. Get your facts straight. If you never played a game then you have no right to bash or praise it cause you have no clue what you are talking about. It's called common sense. Half the comments are haters or the uniformed.

It's like going out to eat at a place. You can say if the service and quality of the food is up to par or not. If you didn't go there and say bad stuff about the place then you are no more than slanderer or an idiot. Same deal.

At least when I comment on a game, I have played it unlike the haters. I can promise you this, I bet I have played more games this gen on just the Ps3 than 75% of the people on this site have played in their whole life. Uninformed people make this site go downhill. It's news for gamers` not news for arguers.

Peaceful_Jelly2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

with this I agree. Lately most of the articles that are being posted are from school kids that created a website yesterday or from blogs. And I have no problem with that but 99% of the time the content is just flamebait. And even though the articles are tagged as "opinion" and are coming from a no name website that doesn't stop people from commenting stuff like "how this got approved?" and the Heat starts getting higher and higher.

A few minutes later we have the entire front page covered with garbage and with other articles directly responding to that other one while using N4G as their battlefield.

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