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Lack of Variety in Modern gaming.

Take a look at todays games. Not much variety is there? Back when I was younger there were lot's of variety. Now it seems like all developers are making First person shooters. I don't understand why, they have so many options. So why so many shooters? To me it seems like the same experience over and over its like having the same thing for dinner every day.

Developers need to change it up, just think back in the PS2 era, how many different games they were. You had Action, RPG'S, Action RPG's, Strategy, Strategy RPG'S, Platformers, Fighting games, as well as first person shooters. Sure you have some today but no ware near the amounts that we had back then, now all the big name games are shooters. I think it's the gamers faults. I would like to really know what happen? Did people suddenly just lose interest in variety? This is one of the reasons why my main gaming system is the Nintendo Wii because to me it has the right amount of everything. when you look at whats on the other two system you get a crap load of first person shooters.

I miss the old days, I only wish things will go back to the way they used to be. Developers need to fix this major problem, gamers want variety, different games need to be made, not just the first person shooter gamers. Gamers like me want to have a different experience with every game. What does the future hold? More variety? Or will the reign of the First Person Shooter last forever? Only time will tell.

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MatthewMk22605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

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Nate-Dog2605d ago

Indeed there are a lot of shooters (mainly first-person shooters) out these days that don't seem to offer that much of a difference from one another (apart from the odd one) but it's not like every second game that is released is a FPS.

There still are plenty of games in each genre, albeit in certain genres tastes / developing has changed (things like JRPGs), it's just that FPSs tend to get a little more notice mainly because of multiplayer and how much longevity a good FPS multiplayer can have.

There are still a lot of developers making different games, arguably unique games, these days but companies know what sells and are sometimes reluctant to go into the unknown and try something different because everyone knows the damage one flop can make (an example of that would ironically be Haze by Free Radical). Right now FPSs are getting a fair bit of attention, admittedly too much but personally I think this trend is going to die down soon. A lot of the moanings and groanings over the CoD series are starting to increase and I think even the people that buy the games annualy are beginning to get sick of them. This year and (the past year too) a lot of more different games are getting the attention they deserve (Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Mass Effect, The Last Guardian, Sly 4 hopefully, Limbo, LittleBigPlanet, and lots more) and maybe this'll be the time when devs will want to bring the originality back into gaming again that it once shined with.

FluffyMittens2600d ago

It's all about money and multi-player. FPS's that support multi-player will always be mainstream.