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What I think Call Of Duty: Ghosts needs to do in order to be better

Matt666 | 1007d ago
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In this article, I will be talking about what I think the next Call of Duty needs to become better than its previous games.

I have played all the Call of Duty's to date and I can say with my hand on my heart that it’s became stale, repetitive and boring.

The first point in this article that I will be talking about is the maps. They need to be more creative and bigger. The maps over the series of COD have gotten smaller, hence taking the ability to snipe away. In addition to this, it feels like the designers of the Call of Duty maps have no imagination anymore.

In order to make them better the designers would have to do the following: first of all to make the maps bigger, with the ability to enter more buildings, have more imagination to them for example snowy mountains going into a small village and you could choose to snipe from the mountains or be fighting in the village.

My second point is that there should be destructible environment within the game, this would make the game more realistic and also would discourage campers from staying in one building for too long. Furthermore this would put a whole new aspect of how team based games are played for example headquarters and domination and it would generally make the game more fun.

My third point that the game the weapons should be more realistic. What I mean by this that the knife should take more than one swipe to kill, unless you managed to sneak behind someone and stab them in the neck (like battlefield). The ability to quick scope and no-scope should be removed since it’s not possible. The Barrett 50Cal should be able to kill in one hit regardless of what perks your using. Furthermore duel wielding weapons should be removed (or if kept you’re not allowed a primary weapon). In addition to this the ability to throw C4 and the power of the C4 should be reduced and should be used for destroying buildings. Furthermore to make the guns more realistic there should be things like, bullet drop and other various things like the wind and atmosphere should all play in a part of how well the weapons work.

This brings me onto my fourth point, which is that, think of some new weapons/ or more weapons into the game. Over the course of COD we seen loads of the same weapons yet only a few new ones and I think it’s time to bring in new weapons with more choice of weapons. There are plenty of weapons out there go and look them up and do some research on them.

My next point in this article is bringing vehicles back to COD, the last COD to have drivable vehicles was COD: World at War, since then they just seemed too disappeared and been replaced with kill streaks that you can semi-control for example the AC130 and copper gunner. Once again this would bring a whole new aspect of how the game is played and make the game more challenging and realistic. But saying this there should be a system where a player can only get into a vehicle so many times per match, this would make sure that more players got the chance to use vehicles.

My next point, that the whole re-spawn system should be redone. Let's face it at the moment on current COD games, the spawn system is appalling and clearly does not work. The new system should ensure that spawn killing is kept to a minimum and also make sure that spawn trapping is kept down. I have seen plenty of cases of this and it’s rather annoying.

This bring me onto my final point, which is that the game needs dedicated servers and better bandwidth support to ensure that lag compensation is kept to a minimum and make sure that it’s a fairer fight for everyone. I have seen plenty of cases of this, mostly on Black Ops: 2.

All in all COD isn't a terrible game, but it certainly needs a lot of redesigning and updating, I believe that if they don't tackle these problems that there greed and repetitiveness will be there down fall.

Donnieboi  +   1005d ago
I agree with this 100% I can't think of anything else to add. Seriously, if COD did all of those things, it would win me back.

Also, I would love if maps were bigger (like the blog says) but not TOO big, as that would mean lots of running around with the action dispersed widely due to the shear size of the map. My favorite maps were from MW2 (especially the DLC maps)--those maps were huge (for a shooter that had no vehicles) and yet still the action was constant. If we get BF3 sized maps (for example) for COD, then I don't think COD will have the same fast paced appeal it once had.
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OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   1005d ago
The problem is they are scared to come up with a new engine... I think next gen will force their hand at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later.
Donnieboi  +   1005d ago
They confirmed that it has a new engine, and new team working on it (neversoft--the creators of activisions Tony Hawk series--together with a totally revamped Infinity Ward)
threefootwang  +   1005d ago
@ Donnieboi

Donnieboi  +   1005d ago

Also just type "call of duty ghosts new engine" in the search engine for n4g, and you'll get dozens of other articles on it.
Embolado  +   1005d ago
I do not see dedicated servers in this games future. Not unless they have a premium service that would account for the cost. Not saying that they do not make hand over fist on the COD series, but do not see Activison spending money to enhance gameplay without a fee attached to it.
Matt666  +   1004d ago
I agree with your comment and if you go onto Activison website, there a help page if you have lag and it actually says to turn off your firewalls, why would we want to do that Activison, when they could fix the game instead oh wait there lazy.
Bladesfist  +   1005d ago
I just can't take Call of Duty seriously anymore. I used to love it up until MW2 where I started to enjoy Battlefield more and recently I prefer playing ARMA for a more realistic experience. You can't really strategize to that kind of level without a few KMs2 at least. Being able to formulate a plan and attack a well defended base have accounted for some of my favourite moments in gaming. Now when I look back at COD I see a couple of guys running around in a garden with paintball guns.
Matt666  +   1005d ago
I would like to thank everyone for there comments and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
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-GametimeUK-  +   1005d ago
I agree with dedicated servers.

Black Ops 1 was the last CoD I enjoyed and I feel it is an amazing game. CoD isn't getting any better than that for me :(.

The maps are laid out too weird now with so many branching paths. It's like a spider web. On Blops1 my connection (I have best internet connection available) is amazing. In blops2 it feels nowhere near as good. Hate that game.
threefootwang  +   1005d ago
Not trying to troll here, but you should pick up BF3 for cheap and/or preorder BF4. Practically every suggestion you had is already in BF3, I picked it up for cheap for PC off of Origins for $10 last week, and after playing MP pretty thoroughly, it'll be really hard to go back to COD at all unless they pull out some major changes.

That being said, I'll still reserve judgement for COD: Ghosts until I see the actual game.
Matt666  +   1004d ago
I do have battlefield 3 for the 360 and I love bf3 except for the custom servers, due to some admins abusing there powers.
Bladesfist  +   1004d ago
I find it interesting that the only times I hear about admin abuse is with console games. I guess it is because of the size of the lower lower quartile range of ages.
threefootwang  +   1004d ago
I bought it for my 360 at first as well on release but stopped playing it due to the MP experience being quite crappy (24 players in maps designed for 64...). PC version is significantly better!
Neko_Mega  +   1004d ago
All COD needs to really do is kick mods/lag users out of the game and ban them if they keep it up. Thats about the only thing I hate most about COD games, I enjoy them...... Well until someone is able knife far away or shoot fireballs.

Yes I end up in some pretty modded games and it was kind of fun but sad that they had to win by screwing up the game.

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