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Playstation 4 Awards

Awards for things that helped sell PS4's.

Demo Of The Year

Interview Of The Year

Insider Of The Year

Employee Of The Year

Accessory Of The Year

Technological Break Through Of The Year

Online Service Of The Year

Reaction Of The Year

Technical Achievement Of The Year

Outstanding Achievement Of The Year

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_FantasmA_1521d ago

LOL. It would be funny if they had been given all those actual awards. Then it would just be the confirmation we gamers need that M$ pays for favors.

SilentNegotiator1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

If MS hadn't screwed up with such frequency and magnitude, I doubt Ps4 would have sold as well with Xbone lagging so far behind; Xbone would have had a lot more of the pie if they had been more in-tune with gamers.

Software_Lover1521d ago

My personal opinion.........

I think they got caught off guard and rushed everything after the PS4 reveal. I truly believe they were planning to launch this year and were spoon fed incorrect information about Sony in regards to hardware and launch time. Sony did the first thing right by hiring Microsoft's old marketing team. They said and did all the right things. Microsoft's "reveal" was rushed.

I still can't figure out how these consoles ended up looking almost exactly alike.

GutZ311521d ago

Microsoft was led to believe the same thing first party, publishers, and third party developers.

They all thought the system would have less GDDR5 memory.
At 4GBs, the PS4 would have struggled to keep up with what microsoft has.
But that isn't the biggest thing. The GPU and CPU are similar in that they are made by AMD, but each architecture is with different builds.

Sony wont boast 5 billion transistors, because that doesn't mean anything for performance, That just means they have the esRAM and the APU stuck together.
The thing that sony did to really solidify their console as next-gen was bumping the memory, as well as using a better graphics card, with 18 compute units(CUs) versus 12 CUs on the xboxone.
With the increase to 18 CUs, you get 1152 Arithmetic logic units (ALUs), versus 768 ALUs.
But it only gets worse as you look at the rest of the specs, 32 vs 16 ROPS, 72 vs 48 TMUs, 1.84 TFLOPS vs 1.31 TFLOPS.

And then the CPU, or APU for that matter.
Sony went and future proofed the PS4 with HUMa and other technologies that make it possible to run more on less on hardware that will have to stay the same for years while PC's just get better.

GamingTruth1520d ago

and still wont be able to run ps4 or even ps3 exclusives

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