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The 3rd Times A Charm, The PS4 Is In A One Horse Race

The way it looks now the PS4 is about to handily outsell the Xbox One. This will be the 3rd time in a row a Playstation platform has outsold a Microsoft platform. This generation looks to be more of a PS2 type victory than a PS3 type victory.


It's the most obvious so I'll start here. The PS4 regardless of everything else it's better at, is cheaper. This is the first thing uneducated gamers are going to be looking at when it comes to buying a new next gen console. You can get a game and a PS Plus membership for the price of an Xbox One, this will be a big deal around Xmas if anyone is weighing the options of a christmas present.


Aside from sports games which perform fairly evenly, ALL multiplatform games seem to look and perform better on the PS4. This is a big deal. One of the big advantages of the Xbox 360 was early on a lot of multiplatform games performed better on the 360 and weighed in to peoples choice of what system they would buy their multiplats on, if they owned both systems or what system they chose to buy if they were choosing one. The PS3 having more raw capability was eventually was able to overcome this problem and mixed with strong 1st party exclusives was able to get back in the race and eventually overcome the 360. This is not the case this generation. The Xbox One is similar to the PS4, but less capable. Period. Expect the gap to widen not close, unlike the PS3.


Yes it's early. Yes the systems just released. But with the PS4 already holding a commanding lead so early remember this... The casual crowd buy what their friends buy. The don't care about lots of the stuff we care about. They care about 4 things. What's better, what's cheaper, what's popular and what their friends have. The PS4 wins every one of these catergories. Which again is a big deal. These kind of things have a actual snowball effect that is very easy to understand it reasoning.


I'll keep this short cause I could go on forever. Microsofts PR has been a disaster. Period. Don Mattrick and Microsoft have done a better job selling the PS4 than Sony. Sony has done the best they've ever done PR wise selling the PS4... This is a big deal. IMO Microsoft should fire everyone in public relations asap.


This will seriously hurt some feelings, but that doesn't matter cause it's true. What the PS4 is doing with Gaikai is 10x cooler and more grounded in reality than what MS is doing with all their cloud hype. Yep I said it. I don't know about you but having a netflix style gaming catalog sounds waaaaay better to me than dedicated servers and AI processes like Drivatars. But someone start going on about dedicated servers, I know they're great most 1st party PS3 games (like KZ, Warhawk) had them. I think the casual crowd would also find more enjoyment in a gaming catalog vs. Dedicated servers for some games. Also, most of the big MP games of this gen didn't have dedicated servers and no one seemed to care.


Last gen most people preferred the 360 controller to the DS3. The X1 controller improved a little, the DS4 improved a lot and comparisons pretty much go 50/50 now. What was once an advantage for the Xbox is now just a wash. If anything the fact the DS4 doesn't use AA's or battery packs gives it a +1 and again factors in to the first point, the price.


Wow, how things can change. The media is fully backing the PS4 as the winner this generation, even in America. This is a big deal. Last gen the 360 had the media on their side and it helped alleviate pressure from Microsoft regarding RROD and other issues the 360 had and helped paint a sinister picture of an overpriced PS3. This is completely switched. Everyone is ready to pounce at MS's mistakes, like they did with the PS3. Microsoft better pray the don't have any major system issues, because this time the media won't be there to calm everyone down other than a few questionable sites. IGN and Digital Foundry can't keep making mistakes for them and expect to maintain any credibility that they have left among the serious gaming community after that.


These 2 places are literally what kept the 360 alive, the PS4 is doing much better in both. MS is trying to create a false demand, while the PS4 is actually sold out. This is giving MS a heart attack. If they don't figure out how to heavily outsell PS4, than this is done. They can't match them, they have to crush them and it's not happening.


The PS4 being more powerful, easier to develop for, having a bigger install base and generally being more popular/wanted makes it a much more alluring platform for indies and 3rd parties. Most of these advantages were held by MS last gen, but that's not the case anymore. The more people have to cut back their games to be on the X1 and the more the PS4 outsells the X1 is only going to drive 3rd parties to have the confidence to cut the X1 out of the equation the same way the cut the Wii U out of it.


The PS4 has stolen many 360 fans w/ MS's help. The PS4 seems entirely focused on their fanbase and Microsoft's old one, while MS seems to be trying to grab a new fanbase. Sony is entirely zeroed in on games and gamers. I've never felt more confident as a PS fan/fanboy/supporter than I do now and I imagine many feel the same way. For good reason. Sony is in the perfect mindstate to be successful. Sony and their fans are feeding off each other and everything just feels so right. Look no further than Antonio Banderas. It's beautiful.


The PS2 is back. This generation is going to be a landslide.

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Godmars2901444d ago

The PS2 "era" wont come back unless there's diversity in game play and mechanics. Since that's not happening with AAA, then that means indie devs. But then as is typical of indies, they're not as polished as past era middle-ware was. Also the beta-test, get it out ASAP mentality that's taken over wont help either.

What I'm saying is that middle-ware needs to come back, but no one feels like they can afford or create the atmosphere needed for it to come back.

Nujabes_1444d ago

Yawn... Weak blog that is full of biased information. If you want to make a good blog at least try to be objective and neutral.

cyguration1444d ago

What is it with people being "objective" and "neutral" when it comes to blatantly obvious facts?

"Da Cloud" won't amount to much of anything useful on Microsoft's system unless you have a fiber optic connection. It can't do real-time graphics processing or anything useful when it comes to offloading real-timed data.

Microsoft's PR has been terrible since the reveal of the Xbox One. There's no two ways around it.

The blog is honest and truthful.

Nujabes_1444d ago

Absolutely not facts. Those are all highly biased opinions excluding the sales point.

Controller is better, fanbase, Gaikai is more important than dedicated servers... I mean, really?

ThatCanadianGuy5141444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

What do you mean, really? Of course Gaikai is better then servers.Most games already have their own Dedicated servers.It's not some new exclusive feature.Companies have been renting dedicated servers for decades.Just because microsoft rents out their own now and coins the "Cloud" hyperbole tagline doesn't change the fact it's nothing more then a just another server farm.

Having the ability to stream PS1,PS2,PS3 games ala Netflix style, thus making PS4 fully backwards compatible and then some, certainly outweighs some servers.

And here you are talking of weak, biased information and being objectively neutral.


thereapersson1443d ago


I wouldn't go as far as to say that the PS4 will be "fully" backwards compatible because Gaikai is still a compromise (albiet a technologically impressive one), and all we know at this point is that Sony is planning on prioritizing big-name classic titles first. Most likely the titles that will get priority are Greatest Hits titles from previous generations, but again I am speculating based off current available information.

Godmars2901444d ago

While we don't really know what's going with Gaikai or 'Da Cloud' there are examples of game streaming working. If in most cases poorly if not lag issues.

With what MS has been promising with there servers most people who don't work for them say that it wont work and there are no actual examples.

Nevermind that in many peoples mind MS already has credibility issues over Kinect. Something else they long promoted and promised and are still trying to prove.

cyguration1444d ago


Microsoft's vision of the "Da Cloud" are just words wisping in the wind. They haven't proven that they can hammer out the MS delay that has worked against every other real-time cloud service out there (namely OnLive).

Trying to include real-time processing updates via Cloud streaming with a game being played locally has disaster written all over it.

As mentioned in my previous post, unless every user has a fiber optic connection with basically 1MS delay rates, there's nothing that "Da Cloud" could be used for to enhance a real-time gaming experience.

I'm also glad you brought up Kinect, because Microsoft has still yet to show how the device enhances the gameplay experience.

memots1444d ago

Maria , you're looking to get flamed again. These are facts but some people don't care about fact and don't want to hear them.

Just let them enjoy whatever they are into. ( My wife is into a lot of different stuff and i ain't judging i am liking it :P )

steve30x1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

GAIKAI is great on paper until you think about it. Lets say you are playing a PS3 game on GAIKAI and all of sudden your internet stops working. Then you are disconnected from GAIKAI and your game suddenly ends.

Chevalier1443d ago

How do those same people benefit from cloud? Are you saying only people with good internet deserve a better version?

steve30x1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Really? You couldn't understand simple logic. I am not saying only people with a good internet connection deserve good games. I am simply stating the big problem with GAIKAI. Its great in a way but if your internet or anybodies internet bad or good drops out then your game ceases to work. You then lose your game progress so far and have to start from the previous save point when your internet comes back on.

zero_gamer1443d ago

Which is why I am staying on PS3 for PS3 games. The exception is using Gaikai on my Vita.

Majin-vegeta1444d ago

This should be Blog of the month.

The only thing you could argue on here would be the controller but most people who have tried both have leaned more towards DS4.

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