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"The Dark Souls Of Contributors"

N4G Trophy Set 2013

MariaHelFutura | 829d ago
User blog

Batman (Bronze) - Have a problem solved by Emilio that should have been solved be someone else

Tight Fit (Bronze) - Make a witty comment to fit in on the N4G forums

Lockdown (Silver) - Report a story not because anything is wrong, but because you're butthurt

Under The Bridge Human (Bronze) - Insult someone not because they're wrong, you just have no argument

Keep It Real (Silver) - Pretend to like everything, waste money on consoles you rarely use so everyone will like you

Keep It Realer (Gold) - Pretend you've preorder a PS4 or X1, so you can slander it being a supporter of all consoles, even though you have no intentions of buying it

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (Bronze) - Go to a story for the picture of the girl

God Complex (Bronze) - Have a comment moderated, that really shouldn't have been

Teef (Gold) - Get a moderator to restrict a user, so you can win the monthly contest

Assassin (Silver) - Track someone so you can follow them around and mark them for trolling regardless of what they say

Red (Bronze) - Watch a story's heat drop degrees, rise and drop again

Testing 123 (Silver) - Use m.n4g effectively

WTF (Silver) - Post links containing factual information to back up your claims, have it moderated

Houston, We Have A Problem (Gold) - Go from 2 bubbles to 8 in 2 days, only for them to be removed, then do it again

Ms. Motherf**kin Cleo (Silver) - List everything you said would happen, that did

Shook One's (Bronze) - Don't speak your actual opinion, just a socially acceptable version of it

Stealth Bomber (Silver) - Become a moderator to spare your console of choice from further embarrassment

Internet Assassin (Gold) - Have 5-10 'well said' comments in a row

Winner? (Bronze) - Get insulted and personally attacked, instead of having counter arguments presented

Low Point (Bronze) - Have your comments changed days later

Star Killer (Bronze) - Lose a bubble and friends for not liking Titanfall

karamsoul  +   829d ago
Emilio's the best guy here. Fair, has valid reasons to back up his reports, actually replies to PM's (even though he's probably busy as heck), and all around cool guy.
AceBlazer13   829d ago | Spam
xHeavYx  +   828d ago
I would add

I WANT POINTZZZ (Silver) Report a submission, even though it was already reported for the same thing 3 times.

Under Attack (Gold) Get a PM from an user insulting you for your comments against their console of choice
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thorstein  +   828d ago

ASSASSIN'D (Silver) Be tracked by someone who follows you around and marks you for trolling regardless of what you say

POP GOES THE WEASEL (Gold) Lose a bubble for trolling, then get it back by appealing to a moderator and showing that you aren't one when additional comments are bubbled up

EDIT THIS (Bronze) Edit comment because you didn't proofread it before you clicked submit
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HammadTheBeast  +   829d ago
The mods are fine, the bubble system is not.
wishingW3L  +   827d ago
maybe Emilio is fine but most mods here are hardly "fine". I don't know how the admins of this site choose them but they aren't doing a great job.
Software_Lover  +   829d ago
The more I read this stuff, the more this sounds like a friend of mine..............
Silly gameAr  +   829d ago
Keep It Real sounds so much like a lot of people on N4G.
Ravenor  +   829d ago
Ugh. Or some people enjoy, Halo, Killzone, Gears and Uncharted. Is that really that hard to believe?
Evil_Abed  +   826d ago
Keepin it real
-Foxtrot  +   829d ago
There should be one for -Mika...come on

Relax "Take It Easy" (Gold) - Successfully hold off replying to one of Mikas "amazing" comments
r21  +   829d ago
Nice XD
Christopher  +   829d ago
Perfect Clarity (Platinum) - Don't ever call a moderator a fanboy of one console or another just because your comment got moderated.
HammadTheBeast  +   829d ago

Dreamcast fanboi confirmed.
Christopher  +   829d ago
Okay, I admit to being one of those.
wishingW3L  +   827d ago
like if the mods here weren't fanboys. Smokey is a fine example of a Sony fanboy mod gone wrong, and this is coming from someone that only has PS consoles since the PS1.
Nate-Dog  +   829d ago
The butthurt is strong with this one. Never change Maria.
fatalis95  +   827d ago
Now make a trophy set for the worst game ever, life!
coolbeans  +   826d ago
Public Shaming (Silver): Report a mod's submission

We Don't Go To Ravenholm (Gold): Dare to venture down that one area of gaming discussion that'll unleash a zombie-like horde wishing to devour you for ever bringing it up

Heads or Tails? (Bronze): Publicly declare your apathy toward comment bubbles only to privately spill your vitriol towards mods once one or more have been removed via - votes

You've Won N4G (Platinum): Give coolbeans a gift for Christmas--preferably Amazon Gift Card XD

Edit: A little bit early for the trophy set, considering what new ones may crop up between now and PS4/X1 exclusives reviews, but still funny to see, Maria.
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