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"The Dark Souls Of Contributors"

N4G Trophy Set

MariaHelFutura | 1160d ago
User blog

If N4G was a game, this would be the trophy set.

(BRONZE) WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE- Create a profile on

(BRONZE) THESE PEOPLE JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND ME- Create a second profile on N4G after being reduced to one bubble

(BRONZE) SNEAKY, YES VERY SNEAKY- Take the contributors test, know and break the rules to try to get stories through faster that fit your personal agenda

(BRONZE) AND AGAIN- Take part in at least 50 top 10 stories, posting your own top 10 list 10 times

(BRONZE) I'M TOO GOOD FOR THIS PLACE ANYWAY- Claim you hate N4G and don't know why you even come here, say you're leaving and never coming back, return and post a comment within the next week

(BRONZE) I HOPE YOU BURN- Bubble someone down and disagree with them, not because of what they said, but just because you don't like them

(BRONZE) LIFE IS ALL ABOUT CHOICES- Change your avatar to whatever your favorite platform is and slander all other platforms for at least a month or until you create another profile

(BRONZE) YOUNG JEDI- Write a comment, post a story, lose a bubble, gain a bubble, meet some friends, gain some enemies.

(BRONZE) SOME WIN, SOME LOSE- Gain or lose 2 bubbles in 24 hours

(SILVER) MY DAD CAN BEAT UP YOUR DAD- Post a list of exclusive games 15 games or longer with at least half of the games being not announced officially

(SILVER) I MAKE GAMES FOR A LIVING- On 5 occasions call out a developer being wrong about something based off of posting a game you like

(SILVER) ENEMY RADAR- Know and post the exclusive games for the competing system that are scheduled to be released in the next 2 years, while posting a list of exclusive games for your system of choice that is longer than the competitors, 7 times in one week

(SILVER) THEY MADE ME DO IT- Start hating a game you use to like, not because of anything to do with the game itself, but because people on N4G constantly use the game to name drop

(SILVER) I WAS THERE- Achieve 25 agrees or disagrees in 5 mins

(SILVER) THE ULTIMATE INSIDER- Read a rumor then start speaking it as a truth, if people try to call you out on the information, lie about knowing people in the industry

(SILVER) I KNOW WHO SHOT JFK- Come up with 5 theories of how outside forces are trying to keep your console of choice down

(GOLD) YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW YOU MET A LEGEND- Encounter The Mart and Nasim 15 times under 15 different profiles of theirs

(GOLD) MY DEFENSE IS IMPREGNABLE- Lose a bubble, then complain about it to a mod and get your bubble back

(GOLD) AGAIN, I WAS THERE- Achieve 200 or more agrees or disagrees on a single comment

(GOLD) MY MIDDLE NAME IS SATAN- Claim to play a game you haven't played just to make the game look bad, claim to own a system you don't just to make it look bad, claim a game that`s hard isn't when you know it is, just to look cool

(PLATINUM) THROUGH HELL AND BACK- Achieve all other trophies to obtain this trophy.

TopDudeMan  +   1160d ago
This seems to have been done out of spite, but still funny.
MariaHelFutura  +   1160d ago
No spite, just for fun.
pixelsword  +   1158d ago
I don't care which one it was, it's still funny.
Christopher  +   1160d ago
***(GOLD) MY DEFENSE IS IMPREGNABLE- Lose a bubble, then complain about it to a mod and get your bubble back ***

Hah! It's in _our_ power to prevent you guys from getting the platinum trophy. Why, yes, I do accept money as a form of payment.

SnakeCQC  +   1160d ago
someone took 3 of my bubble can i have them back please
ZoyosJD  +   1159d ago
Wait...I have to buy the DLC just to get the plat. Do you accept fanboy tears?
Christopher  +   1159d ago
Sorry, we have a surplus of fanboy tears. We are no longer accepting them as payment. We are considering using them as currency for monthly contest awards.
CaptainSheep  +   1160d ago
There would be so much boosting involved. XD
Kalowest  +   1159d ago
N4G platinum boosting session
Helping with"(GOLD) AGAIN, I WAS THERE"
Between 9am-5pm, When Trolling instead of Working

lex-1020  +   1160d ago
Well never getting platinum on this. Anything involving gaining a bubble is impossible.
Kalowest  +   1159d ago
"Anything involving gaining a bubble is impossible."
That's true, would rate this platinum a 9/10.
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SeraphimBlade  +   1160d ago
Fun read. My suggestions:

(BRONZE) I'M TELLING YOU GUYS - Make a multi-paragraph comment or blog post bashing a sequel, reboot or spin-off that has not been released or reviewed. Swear off series forever.

(SILVER) NOSTRADAMUS - Make a multi-paragraph comment or blog post bashing a sequel, reboot or spin-off that has only released pre-rendered, non-gameplay trailers, based only on genre shifts or new character designs and how they are objectively worse. Swear off series forever.

(GOLD) WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT? - Buy the game you got I'M TELLING YOU GUYS and NOSTRADAMUS for on day one. You're a fan after all. What are you gonna do, NOT play it and look for a different title better-suited to your tastes?

(BRONZE) SNEAKY SOAPBOX - Start a funny, non-controversial post and then halfway through, take a cynical stab at certain groups of people who disagree with you

(BRONZE) IRONY, THY NAME IS MAN - Make a sexist comment about a woman accusing game(r)s of sexism.

(BRONZE) THE CIRCLE IS NOW COMPLETE - Make an optimistic comment about an upcoming Sonic title, after bashing the most recent one.
SeraphimBlade  +   1159d ago
Oh, I forgot a good one:
(BRONZE) I CLICKED FOR BOOBS - Click for boobs
r21  +   1159d ago
Hahaha good blog, need a laugh X'D This is gonna be one hell of a trophy list to accomplish!
Valenka  +   1159d ago
This is brilliant!
MrBeatdown  +   1159d ago
You forgot a biggie!

(BRONZE) I NEED ATTENTION! - Post your comment as high up on the page as possible, even if it's irrelevant to the comment you are replying to.
Urbz7870  +   1159d ago
(BRONZE)Ass Backwards-Read the comments first then commented before reading about the article.
pixelsword  +   1158d ago
(GOLD) Atlantis: Find a story worth reading.

Yes, I went there.
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bwazy  +   1157d ago
Cat  +   1157d ago
Looks like some folks are trying to pick up "I'M TOO GOOD FOR THIS PLACE ANYWAY".
bwazy  +   1157d ago

Hardly, while I find that most articles are absolutely trash and that this place is essentially the equivalence of one of those tv/popstar trash magazines, I come for the comments, as they're indefinitely more interesting than most news as of late.
pixelsword  +   1156d ago
I am too good, but I stay to provoke.

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Nineball2112  +   1157d ago
(SILVER) MY DAD CAN BEAT UP YOUR DAD- Post a list of exclusive games 15 games or longer with at least half of the games being not announced officially

Now that's funny right there... I don't care who you are.
darkpower  +   1157d ago
(BRONZE) ARR MATEY - Blindly complain about pirates and cheer on the companies who use piracy as a means to get support behind their own agendas.

(SILVER) DIE IN A FIRE - Make a comment that is more disgusting and more uncalled for than the one that came before you.

(SILVER) JAILBREAK - Complain about someone jailbreaking, or wanting to jailbreak, a console, using any preformed excuse you want.

(SILVER) WHAT PEOPLE NEED TO REALIZE - Use the phrase "what people on this site need to realize is" before posting an argument that actually already preaches to the choir on said site.

(BRONZE) WE'RE TAKING OVER - Say that a certain group of fanboys are "taking over" N4G.

(BRONZE) BAD APPLES - Complain that a group of fanboys are the "worst of the bunch".

(BRONZE) WOW, DO YOU EVER SUCK - Complain about World of Warcraft (any cliched complaint will do) whenever a story about it appears on the site.

(BRONZE) THE FRONT LINE OF DEFENSE - Use the term "Sony Defense Force" or any of its variations in a comment complaining about fanboys.

(BRONZE) THEN WHY DID YOU CLICK - Complain that a "stupid story" got a lot of heat by commenting on the said story complaining about the heat it got and getting others to do the same, thereby adding to the heat and defeating your purpose.

(BRONZE) THE HOBBIT IS ACTUALLY SMARTER THAN ME - Make a comment that either wishes for the graphic, detailed death or molestation of George Hotz, or calls him a derogatory name.
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cloud495  +   1156d ago
Challenge Accepted!
DragonKnight  +   1155d ago
(BRONZE) OVERCLOCKED - Brag about how PC is "teh bestest platform evar" every chance you can get.

(BRONZE) DON'T LET THE MAN GET YOU DOWN - Talk about how piracy and jailbreaking are great for the industry and anyone who disagrees is a tool.
coolbeans  +   1155d ago
(SILVER) MY TIME IS VALUABLE - Concede to "possibly" being corrected by another poster yet question his/her reasons as to why they've wasted so much time in doing so. **Speculation of paper-thin ulterior motives required**

(BRONZE) METACRITIC MELTDOWN - Submit Tom Chick's recent review for a PS3 exclusive or Halo game. :P

(BRONZE) WELL THAT'S... - Point out a poster's statement is his/her opinion, despite the fact that's already implied.

(GOLD) THEY'RE ONLY HUMAN - Correct a mod/admin on any topic.

Great blog idea, Maria! :)
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