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The DLC Debacle That No One's Talking About

Downloadable content ,or DLC as it’s commonly referred as, can be a double edge sword for developers. If done properly, players won’t hesitate to open their wallets just for a chance to extend play time of their favorite game.

But what happens when said content is promised in the game’s accompanying Bradygames Official Strategy Guide, proven to be on the game disc but only to be labeled as ‘Japan Only’ by said game’s publisher?

This happens to be the case with Level-5’s PlayStation 3 exclusive online rpg, White Knight Chronicles II. Published by D3Publisher in North America and by Sony Computer Entertainment in other regions, the lies surrounding WKC II’s DLC debacle began nearly a year ago when D3P announced on FaceBook that it’s impossible for them to release any further content for the game due to it being Japan Only.

Since its release in Japan nearly three years ago, WKC II has received a plethora of new content in the form of quests, armor, a story based on your created character and more, while its western counterpart has only received a single update in over a year.

As mentioned above, the so-called Japan Only DLC can be found in the game’s official strategy guide while much of it has been unearth by hackers who cracked the game’s disc. In an email response, developer Level-5 has reportedly stated that whether or not the content they created makes its way overseas is up to the game’s publisher(s) who was given the rights to it by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. Level-5’s response means that the Japan Only excuse made by D3P is just that.

When confronted with much of the above information, D3P has kept to its original JP Only statement and without pressure from the appropriate parties ( be it Sony or major media outlets ) nothing will change.

One has to wonder if this practice would be acceptable if it happened to a bigger franchise like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear or Resident Evil.

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ZombieNinjaPanda1969d ago

The practice is not acceptable for a game like White Knight Chronicles and it would never be acceptable for games like FF, MG, or RE. You'd still find people defending the decision though.

caseh1969d ago

Interesting that both the author and ZombieNinjaPanda mention Metal Gear.

MGO had content and patches released in Japan that were not released in the EU or US. They also released a standalone MGO for Japan which isn't strictly classed as DLC but its still content made available to one region and not others.

MaideninBlack1969d ago

The difference with that is the fact that the content in WKC II IS already on the disc. I've seen it.

D3P is saying it's JP Only but why is it all sealed on the game disc?

X1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Probably still needed to be translated/bug tested for localization. Imported WKC2 to play it before it was confirmed for US/EU release. When WKC2 was being localized, Japan was already in the process of releasing new quests, including the avatar story. The teaser after beating the game is pretty much like twisting the knife cause that was something I was really looking forward to playing with my friends. A pity it was not to be.

Another reason could be to save bandwidth. Many of the JP updates were big compared to updates on US/EU versions.

Edit: Whoops. Meant to be a reply to MaideninBlack.

capostrophy1967d ago

The NA/EU update was just an unlock code for content already on the disk. In japan the actual content had to be downloaded.

FamilyGuy1968d ago

This article is late, did you just recent start playing WKCs2 or something? All of us have expressed our gripes over the situation for months and the community has mostly given up and moved on by now. Nothing will change, maybe if more people had purchased/played the game they wouldn't have been so quick to abandon supporting us.

Even WKC 1 aka international edition had content on the disc that japan received that was never officially released outside of japan. Things we only saw hackers wearing. It was much worse this time around because of it being our characters story and lots of additional quest but it's beyond time to give it a rest.

They won't do anything for us and this isn't going to influence any other devs from pulling the same trick.

Sucks to say it but you're beating a dead horse.

neofail651968d ago

Agreed get over it, most veterans bought Japan version to play the additional content. We have reached gr50 whilst they continue to pursue a lost cause.

This group who did the petition and continue to fight a lost cause is from Neoseeker. Most are from the Hacker guild who added the Avatar 10 story video to the petition. This is the petition they did which included hacked Avatar 10 video with damage mods video is in it. Great way to do a petition don't you think?

execution171968d ago

I was playing since launch then put away both my WKCs over a month ago since most people only cared about modded saves which took the fun out of the game, and I don't know why people started complaining with WKC2 when most were probably just bandwagon complainers when they did the no DLC or locked up first versions of some DLC quests which would of been helpful on WKC1

capostrophy1967d ago

What's sad is that this game sold less than 7000 copies in Japan in the year all of this DLC was released when more than 110,000 copies were sold on our server (US+UK+FN+EU+GM) in the same period.

With the NA region having sold our share(33% of total sales) and the rest of the countries on the server picking up the rest of 50% total world sales, there is no argument that we deserve our share of the content.

Overall I blame SCEA for not picking up the title in the first place and dumping the game and the management of the server on a poorly prepared or advised publisher.

Though D3s behavior has been fairly deceiving throughout the entire period.
-Their facebook stated we'd not receive additional content followed the next week by the release of content they had stated we would not receive(guilds).
-They started acting like they were thinking over releasing content for a few weeks in March last year in letters requesting clarification.
-They finally issued a statement that the rest of the content was for "Japan Only" only to release 4 downloadable weapons a month later.

Overall Sony should take a good share of the criticism for not having faith in their product and fracturing it's release (since D3 did their own localization, content on the NA and EU disks are different, no doubt leading to the need of a much larger patch for the updates).

Though I'll still never buy an online game from D3 again.

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