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What Sony has in store for the PS4

I'm going to put forward my predictions for what I believe will occur on the 20th since there seems to be a bit of scuttlebutt going about what Sony will actually announce. Here's what I know from a reputable source called Edge that I found.

1. There will be a new redesigned controller for the PS4 with a touchscreen that replaces the start and select buttons. It is also based on the technology of the Vita's rear-touch pad and should be similarly responsive in use.

2. There will also be a share function which will allow screenshots and the most recent 15 minutes of video gameplay which can be edited and shared on the internet with no penalty to processing power according to Edge's source.

3. Possible launch for Japan and the US for Christmas and Europe to get the PS4 in the first quarter of 2014.

4. The PS4's architecture has been warmly received by prospective developers since Sony has decided to go along the lines of a much more stream-lined PC approach rather than the Cell system. The recent tech specs that have been leaked are also apparently true and that it's "slightly more powerful" and "very simple to work with" according to Edge's source. Here's a link to the article in question and feel free to share your impressions of it here on this blog.

Now I'm going to reveal what I believe this means to me as a gamer and I will make predictions based on the available data that has been acquired from this article and various other pieces of news/rumours etc.

1. The share function is a game changer.

On the face of it, one would be puzzled at the need for such a function but it's a very good move by Sony. There are moments where I've been playing a game where I find a ridiculous glitch or when I perform incredibly well in a multi-player match or when I die in an ridiculously silly way that I would like to show someone what happened to me. If this share function was to be used to a point where you can update your various social feeds like Facebook/Twitter etc with the videos you've made; that could really tighten up a community and get things swimming quite nicely.

2. The PSN will be free (with ADs)

I base this prediction on the fact that Sony has patented the "Advertisement Scheme for Use with Interactive Content" and would possibly seek to enable it for the PS4. The reason why they would is pretty simple. Their direct competitor Microsoft have created a revenue stream by offering a service that is required to play multiplayer games like Halo 4 and COD (insert number here) for a subscription fee. Sony will most likely jump on this and provide a similar service with PSN+ which will get rid of the ADs and offer free games as an incentive for users to upgrade their membership.

3. There will be no backwards compatibility for the PS4.

I base this on the numerous news stories that I've read that have been speculating on this very topic. It would be wonderful if Sony were to re-introduce backwards compatibility but I just don't see it as viable even with Gaikai. Not to mention the issues in terms of internet bandwidth and latency, there would have to be a clever, cost-effective way for Sony to use the cloud gaming mechanism to allow for gamers with legitimate copies of their PS3 games to be able to gain access to their games since the Cell processor is going to be retired. I honestly don't see how they are going to be able to achieve such an aim without it requiring a significant amount of investment.

4. The Vita will be getting some serious support.

Orbis Vitae translated from Latin means "circle of life". To codename your new upcoming console the "Orbis" and to not expect some sort of functionality to come into play is rather foolhardy. Sony clearly has a strategy for the Vita and I fully expect Sony to announce something of merit to the cross-compatibility of the PS4/Vita or something along those lines. While I am hesitant to even place any sort of conjecture on what they have in store for the Vita, it will be their last stand and Sony must clearly convey to prospective gamers that the Vita is actually worth the investment.

5. Prediction: The graphics/games that will be shown will be first-party releases, something random and Watch Dogs.

I fully expect that they'll come flying out of the gates with trailers of their first-party group. Killzone, Uncharted etc. I also believe that Quantic Dream might have something up their sleeve and will show it off in it's ostentatious glory. Perhaps some "next-gen" games will also be shown off like Watch Dogs or Star Wars 1313 but I'm not sure. It's far more likely that a Metal Gear game makes it's appearance or Planetside 2. Graphically, the differences between PS4 and the 720 will be negligible between multi-format releases, but the first party games will show what the consoles are capable of.

I also doubt that they will announce a price point on the 20th of February. I would like the PS4's price point to at least be affordable but I have my doubts that they can keep the costs down.

That's all I want. An affordable machine that does exactly what it says it will do.

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coolbeans1750d ago

The Iron Giant! Sorry, I couldn't pinpoint what movie the pic was from when I approved blog. :P

No backwards compatibility for the PS4? I'm going to disagree with that one based on the fan's reaction to a loss of PS2 BC in later models of the PS3 (I think it was the 2nd most wanted new feature, behind cross-game chat). It would also seem like an amazing selling point for them to say "From the very start to the very end of this generation...all Playstation titles are playable on this system."

But that's just me.

MacDonagh1749d ago

I would love for Sony to put backwards compatibility in for the PS4 but I just don't see it being a viable option unless they can come out with a clever, cost-effective way of doing it. Unless they somehow squeeze in some sort of Cell emulation device or Gaikai has figured out how to make the cloud accessible to everyone.

One more concern I have would be the inception of RFID chips on game discs and if Sony are interested in going that route to kill off the used game market.

Though I have my doubts of that being implemented, I am a tad concerned about what Sony has in store. Hopefully, it will be quite interesting.

MelonSaurus1750d ago

I believe that Sony will need backwards compatibility in the first couple models of the PS4. It gives the system some much needed footing and gamers will still be satisfied with current gen when the release date rolls around anyway. Then they can choose to take it away or keep it in later models, similar to this generation with the PS3 slim.

sdtarm1749d ago

the costs for those first PS4 models would be too high then to consider them a wise and viable business strategy, after all thats why they took it off the PS3.

like you said what the PS4 needs is to gain some footing, however IMO they are not gonna achieve that by adding extra costs to the PS4, they will just hold back the consumers and upset the investors.

Swiggins1750d ago

Shipping the PS4 without BC doesn't sound likely to me, but It could happen I suppose, in all honesty, it wouldn't prevent me from buying the console (I already have a PS3 for that)

However, I think that with Sony's plan of making the PS3 have a 10 year lifespan, not including BC might extend the PS3's viability in the next gen market.

XboxInnovation1748d ago

I'm just a little weary if they go the Killzone and Uncharted route again. Not that it's bad, but it's not new and exciting.

1738d ago