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Negative Nintendo Circle Jerk

As I barely get much sleep anymore, I decided to kill some time on N4G and see what's the latest news. Lo and behold, another negative Nintendo circle jerk over the claims that the CPU and GPU for the Wii U are inferior to the PS3 and the 360. The negativity surrounding the Wii U is galling to say the least, especially since it's only been recently released. It's interesting to see the various responses and leaps of logic that tend to take place when people completely dismiss the Wii U out of hand for being an inferior console. So let me get one thing off my chest and be done with it.

As a gamer, the first console I bought during this gen was the Xbox 360, due to my brief infatuation with first-person shooters at the time. At the time, I was a huge fan of the Rainbow Six series and I believed that the first person genre would expand the horizons of gaming and usher in a golden age of gaming. I was convinced of this, due to having a genuinely great time with various games like Metroid Prime on the Gamecube and the tactical gameplay of Rainbow Six:Black Arrow on the Xbox. I remember getting the 20 GB version and looking forward to the great games that would eventually come from the FPS genre and the various other great titles like Oblivion for instance. It was good for a time, until my 360 broke down. Five times.

Eventually, I got utterly sick of shooters and wanted to explore new places. Thankfully, Microsoft allowed for an indie marketplace were you could find a rare gem in amongst the chaff in the shape of Apple Jack, which took some inspiration from earlier Mario games or Aban Hawkins and the 1000 Spikes, a hard as nails 8bit platformer and one of the best experiences that I've ever had on a console. Nowadays, the XBLA indie marketplace is hidden into the background, but there is always something interesting or new to look at. So, while I believe that Microsoft should be commended for even having one. I just wished that they promoted it a little more because there are some outstanding games on there that may have flown underneath the radar of a lot of gamers.

Eventually, I would get a PS3. When they released their console for the first time, there was no way that I could possibly afford such a machine that cost far too much, for what I perceived was a terrible line-up of launch titles. Play Genji: Days of the Blade for an example of a poor launch title, but of course, it's true that at most consoles' inception, the games aren't going to be up to scratch. Eventually I would get one when the price dropped to a much more acceptable level and I would enjoy the various games that came out from it. Little Big Planet, the Uncharted series, the Yakuza games, White Knights Chronicles 1 and 2, 3D Dot Game Heroes and a multitude of other good games. The Blu-Ray player in mine isn't exactly working as well as it should, but if the games work, that's all that matters to me.

I missed out on the Wii because of the scarcity of it during the time it outsold it's competitors with ease. For a console that was completely dismissed by gaming press and gamers alike, it did quite well in introducing a completely new market to video games and getting them actively involved in playing them. Having played some games on it and being pleasantly surprised by how much I liked playing it, I came to a sad realization. It wasn't Nintendo that abandoned the hardcore audience to pander to the prospective new casual audience. It was the hardcore audience that abandoned Nintendo to satisfy their lust for cutting-edge graphics, which the PC master race have all been accustomed to for some time.

Nintendo make games for people of all ages and that's something that should be encouraged, not looked down upon with contempt. So what if Nintendo makes games that a kid can play? COD has a lot of children playing it, yet it's a "mature" game. Kids will play anything that is in front of them and it's a trashy argument. It should be also noted that the kids are the future of the gaming industry, the future consumers, developers, programmers, artists and they will soon inherit it while the rest of us become worm food and disappear from this plane of existence. If Nintendo are doing anything right, they are at least attempting to secure their future and there is nothing wrong with that.

You can hate on the Nintendo Wii all you want but you cannot deny that they changed the face of gaming by introducing a previously unknown market to video games. Microsoft and Sony were only all too willing to attempt to capitalize on this new emerging market with their peripherals, Kinect and Playstation Move.

Yet again, here we are. People lambasting Nintendo for not directly competing with Microsoft and Sony. Why should they? Due to the continual rising cost of making games and companies such as THQ, Sega, EA all suffering from their reckless business practices, Nintendo's practices make far more sense than throwing money to make a bleeding-edge console.

That's all this generation is really. Specs. Never mind that there are a lot of people who don't know what they are talking about. I saw one person on NeoGaf claim that the Xenon CPU was considered sh*t by developers in 2005. I'm not going to lie and say that I know a lot about computers. I don't but when I see someone misrepresenting the actual truth, I cannot stand idly by and keep quiet. Slower clock speeds mean little if the architecture is solid but people are very quick to forget that and demand that new consoles to be as powerful as gaming PCs which is completely idiotic and foolish. Ask Sony how they are doing and tell me that it was worth it.

If the Wii U can do comparable versions of the latest games like AC3 and Blops 2, I have no fear for the future of the Wii U. Imagine if a team actually were able to get to grips with it and fully push the Wii U to it's potential. You lot can continually belittle and chastise Nintendo for being a business or you can actually admire the fact that they are still able to turn a profit in an increasingly hostile marketplace.

Better yet, if you actually care so much about graphics, how about you go out and buy/build your own gaming rig? If there is any truth in all this, being a PC gamer is where it's at right now, with the myriad of customizable options you can go with, the Steam library and the graphic intensive gaming that goes along with it.

Consoles aren't meant to be able to compete with gaming rigs but to provide an experience that is affordable to the greater public. Deal with it.
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Godmars2901844d ago

"Consoles aren't meant to be able to compete with gaming rigs but to provide an experience that is affordable to the greater public."

I don't think that's been understood since MS and Sony announced the PS3 and 360. Which means they didn't get it well before the systems were announced.

dedicatedtogamers1840d ago

I think the negativity surrounding the WiiU is simply a symptom of something bigger, not a root problem. The same sort of hate, doubt, and disbelief was there for the Wii's launch and the DS's launch as well, or are people's memories so limited?

The difference is that - with the Wii and the DS - there was a bit of wonder and excitement, even amongst the hardest of hardcore gamers. We wondered "okay, WHAT exactly is Nintendo going to do with this?" Both systems were very different.

This time around with the WiiU, that sense of wonder is gone. We've seen tablet gaming. We've seen two-screen gaming. The WiiU may be different than what a console has done in the past, but it's nothing new or surprising. I think THAT is where a lot of the misguided hate is coming from. People aren't seeing the same sort of creativity and passion that Nintendo had with the DS and Wii.

Godmars2901840d ago

Don't forget the PS3's as well. And even if the 360 was "easier to program for" with still existing examples like the Skyrim DLC, that's developers failing to adapt and work with the hardware they're suppose to be working with. Even the PC-port friendly Xbox isn't immune from that, as it and all consoles have caught flack for being underpowered.

And it kind of pisses me off that said complaints more than often come from guys like Id and Epic - who were originally PC-only devs.

Its their mentality that's poisoned the console community in general. The WiiU is yet on the radar in that regard, even though that's why its largely coming under fire.

GSpartan7771844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

To be honest. No one is doing each other any favors. Boasting about the Wii U being more powerful than 6 year old consoles is just as dumb as people claiming the Wii U is not as powerful as PS3/Xbox 360. While I do blame most journalist posting here and N4G and looking for hits by inciting this, both side need to stop being stupid to help the cause or nothing is ever going to change.

Also, do you part. Don't argue with trolls, report comments, disagree, give negative bubble and give sites looking for hits low quality ranking for inciting flame wars.

Anyways, +1 approve on blog

smashcrashbash1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Ummmm. yeah. Every system goes through this. Why does everyone always seem to think Nintendo is the only one who has ever had negative things said about them. Every time anyone says anything negative about Nintendo people have to write whole essays about how we should leave them alone. The PS3 got hit from all sides by basically everyone except the people who brought one and even they complained. The Wii U is a new console. It taking the same beating every new console has gotten since decades ago.Why does it deserve better treatment because people say so?

The next PlayStation and Xbox will get exactly the same treatment especially the next PlayStation. Everything from the games, to the specs, to the graphics to the controller, to if PSN is still free. What you see happening with the Wii and Wii U is the same thing that many consoles went through whether they failed or succeeded. Several people thought the PS1 was going to fail and many Nintendo people thought so too.But it didn't. So no offense but I really don't understand what is the constant crying that everyone picks on Nintendo. The very people who say that are usually first in line to jeer at the other consoles when they first are released and then get upset when it is done back to them.

No one HAS to admire Nintendo for anything. Many people hate then fact that Nintendo brought motion controls the party and the fact that others tried to follow it.Even Nintendo started to run out of ideas early on how to use the Wiimote for anything useful (which is standard for Nintendo's gimmicks since they started in the gaming industry). So don't give me that we should admire Nintendo because they found a way to save themselves from obscurity from back then.That is like the people who admire Microsoft for slithering out of the responsibility of giving you a broken console. I came here for the games and not how much money everyone is making. And frankly Nintendo's games have slowly gone down in quality.But people are always to busy quoting how much money Nintendo is making or what geniuses they are to notice.

Ducky1843d ago

Congratulations, in a blog defending Nintendo, you managed to pretend that Sony is the real victim.

DragonKnight1843d ago

I don't know, the comment mentioned Nintendo a lot more than Sony and only used Sony as a comparison. It's not like he said anything incorrect either.

Ducky1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

^ Perhaps I was a bit rash, but look at the second paragraph. He's already convinced that the next playstation will undeservedly be targetted in particular. He's singled them out as a victim, for whatever reason... then goes on to bash Nintendo in the third paragraph, as if they deserve it.

His comment's statements aren't inherently wrong, but they don't address the blog either. The blog is not saying that Nintendo is the only one that gets negativity. Nor is the blog saying that Nintendo should be admired by everyone. MacDonagh is mostly just addressing a few complaints that people have towards Nintendo.

Smash is the kind of guy who should be familiar with new systems/IP being treated unfairly. He usually tries to urge people to grow up and to realize that judging something quickly is foolish and that people should give something a chance before criticizing it (like the Vita). I usually agree with him in the regard, since history shows that more often than not, the haters end up being in the wrong.

Looks like he defected from that belief when Nintendo is mentioned.

MaxXAttaxX1842d ago

Sony said the PS4 would "definitely be more powerful than the Wii U".
However we don't know anything from Microsoft about the next Xbox in that regard.

Mystery solved. Let it go.

lilbroRx1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

No one has ever argued that Nintendo has been the only one who has had negative things said about them as simply having negative things said about them is not nor has it ever been the issue.

The issue is the acute, ongoing focus and obsession with every shred of negative information, no matter how farfetched or unlikely valid, that has been directed at Nintendo since the Wii was announced.

People completely ignore all good news, promote all bad rumors and when there is a range of possibilities, they always jump to the worst possible conclusions then focus on them while ignoring all else.

Its sad too see so many people promote your attempt to generalize the issue down and then spin it to make Sony the victim, then go into some good old Nintendo bashing/hate. It shows just how thick the anti-Nintendo crowd is and just how much more negativity is directed at Nintendo is.

SilentNegotiator1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

People are disappointed with the Wii U? You must be devastated. I'm sorry for your loss.

People aren't happy with the Wii U only being slightly more powerful than the current consoles. No one is asking for a "bleeding edge" console....they're looking for something that will take over and advance gaming. Deal with it. What an immature thing to write.

And maybe you've been too busy being condescending and a hypocritical hateful person to notice, but developers are sick of current gen limits. DICE said the system will be bad for third party support in the near future.

They know the specs....YOU DO NOT. YOU are an angry fanatic calling reaction to a system a "circle jerk". Game developers are full of professionals that create games for a living for several pieces of hardware.

DragonKnight1843d ago

I didn't see him being condescending or a hypocritical/hateful person. Care to elaborate?

MacDonagh1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

@Silent Negotiator " People are disappointed with the Wii U? You must be devastated. I'm sorry for your loss."

I'm not devastated or disappointed by the Wii U's specs. I'm just surprised that anyone would be, considering previous Nintendo iterations. I will give it a chance, unlike some people here.

"People aren't happy with the Wii U only being slightly more powerful than the current consoles. No one is asking for a "bleeding edge" console....they're looking for something that will take over and advance gaming. Deal with it. What an immature thing to write."

People should also realise that Nintendo are merely following their own core philosophy. Gunpei Yokoi, inventor of the Game Boy and the D-pad that is used in all modern controllers today had a philosophy which he termed "Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology." This means that by using cheap and well-understood old tech and re-using it in a radical different way, it would attract new consumers. An example of this would be the DS for instance, which used old touchscreen tech or the Wii which was graphically inferior to it's competitors and primarily used the Wii's peripherals, focusing on motion control as it's selling point. He also believed that cutting edge technology did not need to be necessary; fun and gameplay is more important and it's abundantly clear that the Wii U still follows this philosophy and attempts to advance gaming as a fun and interactive experience.

"And maybe you've been too busy being condescending and a hypocritical hateful person to notice, but developers are sick of current gen limits. DICE said the system will be bad for third party support in the near future."

Hypocritical hateful person? How immature. DICE say what their paymasters (EA) want them to, considering the obscene cost of game development, the next gen couldn't come any quicker for them because it would mean more investment from their parent company. Third party support may be lacking as it seems to be always the case when it comes to Nintendo, but there is a plethora of indie developers that are waiting in the wings to present their games to a new market.

"They know the specs....YOU DO NOT. YOU are an angry fanatic calling reaction to a system a "circle jerk". Game developers are full of professionals that create games for a living for several pieces of hardware."

I know a circle jerk when I see it. I also know Nintendo's core philosophy when it comes to making consoles. Their focus on "gimmicks" causes a divergence from Sony and Microsoft to appeal to consumers, as they can't compete with either when it comes the level of investment needed to develop a PS3 for instance. You're going to be sorely disappointed when the next E3 comes around and both Sony and Microsoft unveil Duelshock/Move and Kinect 2.0, along with consoles that will not be a huge leap compared to the current gen.

SilentNegotiator1842d ago

You want a "circle jerk"? Try the pitiful 'armchair professional' fanboys who think they know better than actual developers.

Theyellowflash301839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )


If you think Sony and Microsoft are going to release a console that is so powerful it makes the Wii U look like the Wii compared to the PS3, your in for a big disappointment.

The cost of developing games has grown out of proportion. Developers will go to Wii for 3 Reasons

1. Easy to develop for
2. Cheaper to Developer for
3. Unique Gamepad that opens all sorts of gameplay options.

- I really don't care about DICE. The just make Battlefield. A shooter than can easily be replicated on a PS2 and Xbox gameplay wise. There worried about graphics. Because they make shooters.

- You think Super Smash Bros Brawl, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, or Super Mario Galaxy are going to be held back by the Wii U's hardware? I think not.

- The Wii U will be fine. If you don't like it or don't want one fine. But to sit here and negatively comment on every single post about the Wii U with the notion your are not bias is false.

majiebeast1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

People are dissapointed at the specs because they are barely above/below 6 year old console's specs. More power isnt just better graphics, its also for example better physics and better AI.

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