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"HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies. "

Bayonetta 2 and Gamer "Entitlement"

MacDonagh | 1245d ago
User blog

Having just witnessed the most extraordinary outcry over a video game I have ever seen since the ME3 debacle, I certainly felt disengaged on the matter entirely but after seeing the outpouring of death threats and threats to boycott future Platinum Games over such a crass issue, I have to confess something here and be done with it. I have never played Bayonetta. It's just one of those games that I've personally wanted to get but haven't had the money or the time to really give it a chance. I can already hear the furious typing and utter disdain with the usual non-sequiturs and banal reasoning, but it's of no consequence. It's merely white noise that is clouding the real issue at hand and I'd just like to point out a couple of things that I found rather alarming about this excessive reaction.

It's not nice to receive death threats. Threatening someone because they've done something that you find disagreeable isn't a sign of a healthy mind and perhaps some of the people who tweeted their angry responses towards the developers because Bayonetta 2 is gonna be an exclusive Wii U title should perhaps seek professional help. However, it's somewhat rather interesting to see this all come out on the open and I must ask what the real motives are behind this backlash against Platinum Games and Nintendo. I started to question myself a little because while I didn't have an emotional stake in this whatsoever, I found their actions utterly baffling. Do these guys really like Bayonetta? Aren't they glad that it's not cancelled? What exactly is the problem with it going on another machine? Then someone sent me a link to this Bayonetta Boycott page and I read through it. Here's the link to it for all those who are interested in boycotting a game that hasn't been released and can only exist because Nintendo stepped in. (Not a rumour)


Upon rolling my eyes so hard that my retinas detached, I reattached them and I realised something rather peculiar. This really isn't about Bayonetta 2 at all, but because people hate Nintendo to such a ludicrous degree that they cannot bear the very idea that it's going to appear on the Wii U as an exclusive. It's actually rather laughable when you think about it. In the case of the ME3 debacle, the movement was at least somewhat more civil to Bioware compared to the overblown reaction that some Bayonetta fans have unleashed. Instead of death threats at Bioware HQ except from a few of the more reactionary "fans", they received cupcakes of blue, green and red to show their dismay at Bioware's original botched ending. Despite being accused of being "entitled"; the ME3 movement sent a message to Bioware that the ending was unsatisfactory, showing various plot holes, inconsistencies and how the endings lacked any narrative cohesion along the way. Bioware did try to at least try to appease their fans and who wouldn't want to when they send you cupcakes to clarify their point? Do people who send death threats to developers count as "fans" or just entitled manchildren?

Entitlement is thrown about a lot when it comes to gamers and in this instance; it proves that there is a certain group of gamers, though I would be hesitant to even call them gamers (fanboys? sociopaths?) at this point who cannot and will not abide the fact that it's going to appear on a Nintendo console, despite the game being cancelled and Nintendo resurrecting it. It's almost like these "fans" would rather have no sequel at all than to go out and buy a Wii U. If you truly cared about a franchise and you really believe in it, you wouldn't give a damn about the console or you would at least give it a fair shake. Frankly, it makes us all like like idiots when these hollow-headed fools come out with these unjustifiable actions.

Yet so many people want to appear to be so mature and grown up but when something doesn't go their way and the mask slips; you see the angry, spiteful children that they are. Honestly, I find this whole situation absolutely hilarious and sad at the same time. It's not my place to say that you should like or dislike a company, but it's fairly obvious to me that there is a hidden undercurrent to this whole "controversy".

Nintendo may be hated by a lot of people for going after the "casual" market and hitting it big with the Wii but let's be real here. The casuals/kids are the future in gaming and Nintendo knows this. They've made a console that appeals to both core gamers and casual, they have games for their console, both core and casual, they have the Propad for those who don't want to mess about with the Gamepad and they are still hated despite everything they do. I guess they are the John Cena of the video game industry in terms of being hated, but being tremendously successful at the same time.

Oh, and one last thing. Did anyone notice how we're no longer talking about Wii U specs anymore? Tragedy ain't it?

Meep  +   1245d ago
I agree completely. I only played the demo of Bayonetta and enjoyed it, but never bothered to pick up the game. Also like you said some people probably don't even care about Bayonetta, and just care about their console.

The one argument I hate that I usually see from entitled gamers are "What the hell, we bought their game so they should thank us." No! You entitled douches should thank the developers for making the game. They are the ones who made the product a reality, and just because you satisfied your desire for a new game does not mean you are entitled to anything.

If I watch a movie, I am not entitled to go so the next one. If I buy a candy bar or DVD, or almost anything, I don't go around saying that the makers of the products now owe me something. You spend money for a product, you only purchase that ONE physical or digital copy.

It really boggles my mind how people go crazy over this, and the death threats??? Really?? Its a damn video game. That's not acceptable on any circumstance when buying a product. When it comes out on Wii U, either buy it or don't.
iamnsuperman  +   1245d ago
I agree there is probably a lot of people out there who hasn't even played or even care about Bayonetta and they are complaining. However there are fans that love the series and bought the last game might feel a little disappointed because they want to play the next game but the Wii U may not be there next console (for multiple reasons like unable to buy multiple consoles and Bayonetta is the only title they would want on the Wii U). It was good of Nintendo to step in so I am unsure at why they got death threats.

At the blog: Love that video. People on youtube are far more insane than the people here. Some of the comments I see are just plain crazy
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vortis  +   1245d ago
I don't agree with the ridiculous fanboy antics, but devs SHOULD BE THANKFUL anyone buys their game.

Without "entitled gamers" there is no money to fund development.

Yeah, all those games funded via Kickstarter...whiny, entitled, bratty gamers, not publishers, not investors not equity firms. Gamers.
Meep  +   1245d ago
"devs SHOULD BE THANKFUL anyone buys their game."

No not at all. Their is a reason why people bought Bayonetta or other good games, because they were GOOD GAMES. People buy the games the certain games they buy because they are good and it appeals to them. If a developer makes a good product, IT WILL SELL. The reason you bought the game was because the developer wasted time and money to create that great game you bought. So when it comes to movies, when Christopher Nolan makes a movie, I don't watch the movie and say "Oh he should now be thankful because I watched it."

"Without "entitled gamers" there is no money to fund development."

With kick starter it becomes a bit different. Your are essentially investing in a product. I don't really know my outlook on this because this is a bit more complicated. Though I can say that on kick-starter everyone gives money to developers for them to make the otherwise wouldn't get. Its not "entitled gamers" giving money for development. Its just regular people that are trying to play good game, except the product isn't ready for release yet.

"Yeah, all those games funded via Kickstarter...whiny, entitled, bratty gamers, not publishers, not investors not equity firms. Gamers."

Yes regular gamers. Which I have no problem. Its entitled gamers that cause trouble. Not every "gamer" is an "entitled gamer". I can buy a game, or give money to a game to help kickstarter it. By the end of the day, I get a final product. If I am satisfied with that product I am happy. I don't cry entitlement and hope the developers keep developing games even after release (unless I bought it knowing they would keep working on it).

I am annoyed that there is a different Kingdom Hearts story on every platform, but I wont cry about it. Square Enix just wont get my money and other people similar to me. In the end what I am trying to say is when you buy a game you get everything on that disk (or everything you downloaded). If that game is good enough it will get a sequel. You are not ENTITLED to a sequel. It is the developers choice. If they are smart they will release the sequel on the same systems. If they don't, well don't pay for it.

You know how you tell a company to make more. With money. You vote with your dollar.
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Megaton  +   1245d ago
Knew it was only a matter of time before that word started getting thrown around. Thanks for putting it into the gamer lexicon, IGN.

If it weren't for "entitled douches" who bought their game, they'd be out of a job. Nobody is demanding free copies. They'd like the opportunity to pay for a sequel on the console they already own, instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new console they have no interest in. Some are just expressing that sentiment more maturely than others.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1242d ago
The word does get thrown around, but in this instance it's an accurate assessment. The game WAS NOT GOING TO BE MADE, Nintendo picked it up and now it's going to be exclusive...for what you'd think would be very obvious reasons.

I mean good god, if the Wii U price point is TRULY what's keeping people from picking the console up (which I doubt very much is the case given the industry's long lineage of "console wars") then wait for the price to inevitably go down in a few years and pick up the system and the game then. It's better than NOT GETTING THE GAME AT ALL.
wishingW3L  +   1245d ago
the only reason developers make games is for us to buy so don't try to make them look like some saints. Gaming like any other business and is based on capitalism. If Bayonetta is now exclusively on the Wii U is because of money and nothing more.

If people want to complain then they have all the right to do so. You can complain about whatever the hell you want to complain about, this is a free country. Bayonetta was multiplatform and now exclusive, why I can't complain about this? Why?

On top of this this is a badly written blog, most of your points sound more like a conspiracy theory than anything else. You ask what are the motives behind this backslash? Well Bayonetta made a cult following after its multiplatform release but now it went exclusives to a new console. If this were a new IP you can be sure that nobody would be complaining right now. This is just common sense.
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MacDonagh  +   1245d ago
"the only reason developers make games is for us to buy so don't try to make them look like some saints. Gaming like any other business and is based on capitalism. If Bayonetta is now exclusively on the Wii U is because of money and nothing more."

Indeed. It is about money. Sega didn't have enough money to make Bayonetta 2 and Nintendo stepped in to snap it up. Sony and Microsoft probably weren't interested because Bayonetta only sold to a million customers on their respective consoles which is a lot of people but not enough to justify a sequel e.g Mirrors Edge.

"If people want to complain then they have all the right to do so. You can complain about whatever the hell you want to complain about, this is a free country. Bayonetta was multiplatform and now exclusive, why I can't complain about this? Why?"

You can be mature and complain about it if you want but it's clear to me that the Bayonetta fanbase hates the very idea that it's going to appear on a Nintendo console. Here's an example when you allow fools access to Twitter.!/se...

If they truly cared about the franchise at all, they would support it regardless of what console it was on. If you don't like the console, then don't buy it and miss out on Bayonetta 2. Your choice.

"On top of this this is a badly written blog, most of your points sound more like a conspiracy theory than anything else."

...and yet you've not tackled even one point. Such a badly written comment.

"You ask what are the motives behind this backslash? Well Bayonetta made a cult following after its multiplatform release but now it went exclusives to a new console. If this were a new IP you can be sure that nobody would be complaining right now. This is just common sense."

It's 'backlash'. A cult following? What kind of cult threatens to kill the developers of the game they "love" and openly threatens to boycott their games? Trying to coerce a company to make their game multi-platform because it's on a new console as an exclusive is utter nonsense and here's why. Nintendo is FUNDING the money for Bayonetta 2 and neither Sony or Microsoft have pitched in on Bayonetta, presumably because of the low sales figures. Without Nintendo, there wouldn't even be a sequel. That's the truth of the matter here, so deal with it.

Related video
SageHonor  +   1245d ago
I believe that it's understandable why somebody would be angry or dissapointed. A game that you enjoyed is now going to appear on a different console and you don't want to pay for a new console just to play one game.

However, this anger is being directed towards the wrong people. Platinum games is just trying to get their game funded and they went to the only people willing to publish it. Nintendo just seized an opportunity that noone was willing to take. SEGA are the ones that published the first game and isn't publishing the second game.

I also see the word " Entitled " is still being thrown around. Such a shame how easy it is to get people to repeat what you say... That word doesn't work in this situation or will it ever in a situation like this.

This backlash is a result of excessive ignorance.
MacDonagh  +   1244d ago
You're right. Excessive ignorance on the part of gamers who asked for a sequel to a franchise that was dead and that they apparently love.

Also, Sega are in a heap of financial trouble at this point and they allowed Nintendo to help with the funding of the game. They didn't need to do that but they did which speaks volumes about that company.
rainslacker  +   1242d ago
You know...After reading those quotes I kinda find that maybe N4G isn't really all that bad. Sometimes you have the people that say stupid things, but wow...just wow. This is my favorite

Originally Posted by Jigsaw
they have so many franchises people want sequels for years now,why not making a new starfox,super metroid or mario 64-2

why do they have to steal OUR games?and that's exactly what they do,taking a beloved 3rd party franchise and making it exclusive so others can't play it is stealing.
/end quote.

The "OUR games" part really got me. Perfect example of why fanboy system loyalty is immature and stupid. It really is like they think they are the only ones that make the industry go round.

Also calling it beloved is rather dumb, since before this whole thing you'd be hard pressed to find someone that really loved this game.
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JellyJelly  +   1245d ago
I don't get this outburst from fans. It's most likely a timed exclusive to the Wii-U and will make its way to the 360 and PS3 in the future. No reason not to.
Krew_92  +   1245d ago
Que the 'But it's being published by Nintendo comments.' There I saved some people some time...
ash_divine  +   1245d ago
While it's true the term "gamer entitlement" has been beat into the ground, I agree with you.

And what's worse is that all of this was over freakin' Bayonetta of all games.(Not to say this behavior would be acceptable in any situation. But come on.)

Game is so over-rated. Decent enough gameplay I guess, but everything is complete garbage.
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SeraphimBlade  +   1245d ago
Okay, fanboys. Crazy idea. Gonna take a little work to follow me, but hear me out. If there's a game you want coming out for a console you weren't planning on getting, maybe, MAYBE you should just consider buying the console. If you're that committed to PS3 or 360, that's, uh, admirable? But I promise, promise, PROMISE Sony and Microsoft are not going to get mad if you also buy a Wii U.

And I DO think the first game is great, and I could slightly better understand this outrage if there was a cliffhanger. But you punch God into the sun; your experience is pretty complete. So what are you missing? A completely stand-alone story that just uses some of the same characters. I mean this isn't exactly Shenmue 3, guys. You can live without this.
vortis  +   1245d ago
Yeah but it depends on the gamer.

Believe me, if I found out that GTA V was exclusive to any single one console I would throw a fit, too. It would be an outrage because I'd be forced to buy one of my favorite game series on a specific console (assuming I didn't have one).

Just because it's not GTA V doesn't mean people still aren't just as invested into the IP. I mean, I'm already a pretty big fan of Mirror's Edge and it's such an awesome game. So I can definitely see why some people wouldn't want to put money into another game console just for one game. I mean, $300 for one game? I certainly wouldn't do it, even for GTA V. Hence, the rage.
rainslacker  +   1244d ago
You make a decent point vortis, however the reverse is also true...remember FF13 on Xbox announcement, it was a lot bigger than this and there were people calling for boycotts to the game. And that was for it going multi-plat, not being exclusive.

Your point with GTA and Mirror's Edge is a different matter though. A lot of people like GTA, and a lot of people would love a Mirror's Edge sequel. In fact it makes call for sequel lists quite often. I don't recall really seeing a call for boyonetta to get a sequel.

Undoubtedly there are fans of the series, but for them to become so suddenly vocal just screams "I've been wronged, I want attention".
jenni858   1245d ago | Spam
yewles1  +   1244d ago
What's hilarious is that all the gloaters that started throwing it in the angry bunch's faces now have the nerve to act shocked as if they didn't realize how far this would go.

DwightOwen  +   1244d ago
This isn't about Bayonetta; it's about stupid-ass moron fanboys having to eat their words and acknowledge that the Wii U is a "real console".
belac09  +   1244d ago
its kind of lame, but death threats? thats just bat shit crazy.
rainslacker  +   1244d ago
This guys logic is baffling...

Summing up the boycotters logic below:

"I was going to buy a Wii U, but because Boyonetta is exclusive to it I'm boycotting both, not really boycotting just buying them used because I still want to play it cuz I'm such a huge fan of Bayonetta, and as such you would think I would want the series to do well...but lets face it, this game is pretty obscure outside the gaming world and it'll be easy to find cheap because people will pick it up knowing nothing about it, and it should have remained a multi-plat exclusive because it sold well even though it didn't meet publishers expectations to warrant a sequel, but I shouldn't support the developers for a series I truly love. Oh...and on top of that I know for a fact that the developer and Sega didn't exhaust all resources before signing with Nintendo...Nintendo is evil, but can't wait to buy their system."

I don't think it was his english teachers that failed him, it was the ones that were supposed to teach him critical thinking skills.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1244d ago
They want to play the sequel to one of their favorite games without buying a new system that isn't even from the smae company the first game was on?!?

Emilio_Estevez  +   1244d ago
I for one couldn't care less about another Bayonetta, if people love it so much then they should buy a Wii U. The game was cancelled for 360/PS3 and the only reason it's being made is b/c Nintendo picked it up; they should be happy it's being made at all. Something is always better than nothing, even if it's not exactly what you were looking for.
HonestDragon  +   1243d ago
This whole thing is ridiculous. I'll be the first to say that I'm no fan of the first Bayonetta, but this kind of reaction from fans of that game is just bizarre. Death threats, threats of violence, boycotting of Nintendo and Platinum Games, and it goes on and on. These people need to learn some restraint.

They act as if it's the be all, end all of their gaming lives. I'll also admit that I was highly disappointed with the Mass Effect 3 ending. After seeing all the variants of the endings, I was very let down at how poorly done it was. Did I go into a rage and write down expletive sayings and condemn Bioware for that lazy conclusion? No, I didn't. Why can't these fanboys even be the slightest bit happy that they are getting a sequel? Oh, and the logic of the guy who made that WordPress page is classic fanboyism.
Patriciaillespie  +   1241d ago
It would not be an age based and it would not be an entitlement. It would be appropriated, subject to funds available for the upcoming year. It would be funded by a carbon tax.
tidusforeverx2  +   1239d ago
I know many people take their feelings to the level of entitlement but are we not allowed to be greatly disappointed? And also looking at this from a business position makes absolutely no sense. A game that did so well going exclusive platform when the desire to play this title just isn't strong enough to force the full audience onto a new platform. I have to believe that a more fine tuned edition will be released later on other platforms. There is just so much money to be made that no form of logic makes their decision okay.

I have to show the difference using the Versus XIII example. If Versus XIII were to release tomorrow people that would never have bought a PS3 otherwise would be lining up just to play that game. Now i know that there is a fan-base that will buy the Wii U just to play Bayonetta 2. And with the obvious sellers being Mario and The Legend of Zelda the system will sell but my concern is how quickly will it lose steam? I give 3rd party developer Ubisoft a lot of credit for being their first big partner but the games that they are releasing are games that the people that want to play those games will have already bought them on either PS3, PC, or 360. Especially games like Batman, and Mass Effect 3. Oh now I can play Mass Effect 3 on wii U I totally want to buy that again.... Yea, no one is going to do or say that. The reason that the wii had such a successful series is because the majority of the games were exclusive and designed on the system. But if they are trying to refocus on the core gamers then why wouldn't I just stick to the p3 or 360?
Bobby Kotex  +   1239d ago
It's easy to boycott a game, I never gave a crap about in the first place.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1238d ago
More people want to keep this as an exclusive notch in their belt more than they want it as a actual game for their console!

It's all about building those exclusive numbers to the fanboys!
SaffronCurse  +   1237d ago
The first game wasn't even that good..
googergieger  +   1237d ago
When we are so busy focusing on the worst of us, we're too busy to notice and appreciate the best of us. Or at the very least in this case, those that are completely and utterly indifferent.

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