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My view on who will "win" E3

I am slightly reticent to give my opinion on who will "win" E3 because ultimately, E3 is a trade show for the various hardware and software manufacturers to showcase their latest offerings to the respective press conglomerate that will no doubt be descending upon LA, salivating at the prospect of breaking an exclusive to an indifferent gaming public regardless.

I, for one can barely muster any enthusiasm for the upcoming event except for the utter hilarity that tends to ensue whenever a company is clearly short of ideas and trying to sell it to the audience. Can anybody remember the Wii Vitality sensor and the utter confusion for what the point of such a device was for? How about Ubisoft's Battletag game where they had that tall bloke from the TV show Community to try and sell it to a clearly unimpressed audience? Does the words "fist bump" mean anything to you?

If I haven't made my stance abundantly clear by now, it is of no fault of your own. Perhaps, it's because I have taken the view not to expect any good news whatsoever from this or any expo and to be happy with whatever good news seeps through all the junk and comedy that will undoubtedly happen. I pray that Mr. Caffeine makes an appearance in the Ubisoft section or an encore of the Konami 2010 conference or something to do with Skittles.

I do not have many high hopes for a console being announced by either Microsoft or Sony due to Epic's lukewarm response and demand for more powerful consoles that can in Cliff Bleszinski's words in his interview with Wired "It needs to be a quantum leap. They need to damn near render Avatar in real time, because I want it and gamers want it—even if they don’t know they want it,”

While graphics aren't the be all, end all part of what makes a video game, Bleszinski's words hold a tad more weight than your average developer because his company's Unreal engine has been utilized in a lot of different games since 98 when Unreal first made it's emergence to the scene. So my first prediction for E3 is that there will be no console announcement. My reasoning behind this is that it simply wouldn't be cost-effective at this time, due to the economy being in the stinker, the high-production values being through the roof with the profit margins being too low for it to simply be sustainable.

My next prediction is for Sony to concentrate on the Vita with their various game line-up looking strong with LittleBigPlanet Vita and rumours of Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon and Call of Duty making an appearance. The PS3's line-up is also looking decent with a new God of War game in the works as well as Dust 514 and the Last of Us, with a small flicker of hope for the Last Guardian to make an appearance.

However we may have to make do with Sony's "homage" of Nintendo IPS in the shape of LittleBigPlanet Karting and Sony All-Stars Battle-Royale. Perhaps there will be some room for the Playstation Move, as I have a small hope that there will be some gameplay footage of the Star Trek game that apparently utilizes the PS Move wand.

I don't predict anything for Microsoft; other than to concentrate on showing more Kinect games and concepts, have COD on center stage, maybe a timed exclusive here and there and Halo 4. Microsoft's lack of IPs may be problematic, but there is a small possibility of a new Gears of War game making an appearance. If there is no new Gears game, perhaps there will be a new Alan Wake game that will surely please the fans. Frankly, I believe Deadly Premonition is a far superior game in terms of story and scope, but that's another story for another time. Maybe they will reboot Kameo or Blinx the Time Cat.

Nintedo may have an interesting line-up this time around, especially after the botched launch of the Wii U last year. We may finally get to see what the system will be capable of and what kind of games it'll deliver. Aliens' Colonial Marines is a game that I look forward to with trepidation, considering the fact that the game has been in development hell since being announced way back in 2001. However I will keep an eye on it and hope it doesn't turn into a Duke Nukem Forever type game.

Pikmin 3 has all but been confirmed, with a possibility of a Metroid game being made by Retro Studios and various other IPs to look forward to. If Nintendo plays their cards right and comes out with a system seller at launch in the form of a Starfox game or a F-Zero game; it could be argued that they could "win" E3. However, I have a small interest in how Dragon Quest X will fare; considering that it's an MMORPG that is being developed by Square Enix.

Gotta to admit; it's like ice in the veins.

I have a small interest in some PC games that will be coming out soon as well since a friend of mine has a high-end PC he keeps on taunting me with. I would be interested to see how Dark Souls fares on a PC with a high-end graphics card. Would also like to see more of Planetside 2 and to see how DayZ works out.

A couple of quick predictions. There will be no GTA 5 since Rockstar haven't been at an expo for 10 years. No Timesplitters 4 because the outlook looks rather hazy at best. No Deadly Premonition sequel despite SWERY putting a restraining order on me, Mass Effect 4 will be announced to completely troll their loyal fanbase and there will be no Half Life 3 because Valve are working on more deserving games. (See related video)

All in all, it doesn't matter who "wins" at an expo because the industry is diverse enough to show that there will be always something that will suit a certain player's disposition.

I'd say something cliche such as "I guess gamers are the real winners!" but I won't. I'd just like to remind the reader(s) that since we are all gamers, be it core/casual/Sony/Nintendo/Xbox /C64/PC, hopefully this E3 will be something to smile about or laugh at or be astonished by. I hope everyone has a good time watching it, that you hear a game announcement that you want to hear and to be eternally grateful that you live in a console era where there is no Blinx the Time Cat.

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Kingdom Come2121d ago

"I don't predict anything for Microsoft"

What a surprise. Seriously, this sites negativity towards Microsoft and worshiping of Sony is past tedious.

Who do I think will win? Well, as a multiplatform gamer, I'd say me and every other gamer who goes into E3 wanting more than a biased victory, I dont care about exclusives, but I have a multitude of platforms that will recieve them and I am welcoming of that but I also watch E3 for the multiplatforms. The gamers are the winners, the fanboys are the losers...

MrBeatdown2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

You know what else is tedious? Hypersensitive Xbox fans that need to use a tiny snippet of a whole paragraph to make a point that's irrelevant to the post they are commenting on, and avoid any kind of discussion disputing the actual claim that was made.

You clearly think the negativity of "not predicting anything" in this case is unwarranted, so enlighten us as to why that is.

Bladesfist2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Beatdown are you saying that this site is not biased to sony and its just Microsoft fanboys being sensitive?

Btw, I don't own a console, but it is clear which console is loved most on this site.

MrBeatdown2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )


Did I say anything about the Sony bias on this site? No, I didn't.

Biased posts are annoying. But I'm pointing out that it's just as annoying to listen to people cry about the bias, and use it as an excuse to criticize the opinions of others, especially when it's unwarranted.

Like I said, Kingdom chose to complain about MacDonagh's prediction, but couldn't even offer any differing viewpoint. If you have to take issue with the fact that something appears to be a negative, instead of taking issue with what that "something" actually is, you're probably just as biased as anyone.

If somebody is saying something out of bias, point out WHY it is being said out of bias. Don't just complain that it is. If you can't say WHY, you probably shouldn't be complaining in the first place. And in MacDonagh's case, I skimmed through his comments. None of them struck me as biased. If Kingdom think's he's biased, he should back it up. Tell us all why MacDonagh's lack of predictions is just wild fanboy spin designed to make Microsoft look bad and make Sony look like the glorious leader of all things gaming. Back it up.

Or we can just keep turning the comments of this website into a cesspit of wild accusations towards anyone that has an opinion that differs from our own.

EDIT: One disagree already.

I guess that's +1 for the wild accusations option.

ABizzel12118d ago

Well after just watching MS E3 conference I'd have to say MacDonagh and Mr Beatdown were right.

Another Forza October 2012.

There was absolutely nothing wowing there. Halo 4 looked great graphically and has some new tools, but I'm not a Halo fan. November 2012

We have a new Gears of War prequel for 2013.

Splinter Cell looks like a mix between Splinter Cell Conviction meets the Previous Splinter Cells meets Assassins Creed meets Michael Bay. I don't remember the date.

Timed exclusive DLC for Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 6, Call of Duty, and I think something else.

Kinect support for Madden and Fifa. Dance Central 3.

More MS partners for XBL (Nike).

Usher performs for Dance Central (he needs to retire)

and closes with Black Ops 2, which looks like another COD.

MS Grade: C. It wasn't bad, but there was nothing special.

MacDonagh2120d ago

What exceptional original IPs is Microsoft going to be showing at this event? Other than multi-platform releases, what else doe Microsoft have to look forward to other than promoting Kinect games or anything like that? Exactly. Besides, I'm fairly sure that I've been balanced on each system anyway; so there's no need to be so overtly sensitive. Thanks for playing!

thorstein2119d ago Show
thorstein2120d ago

No one will "WIN" E3. There is no award for winning handed out by the promoters of E3. So, basically you are inventing something that doesn't exist and pushing it as if it does. That makes no sense.

MacDonagh2120d ago

Congratulations for not reading the blog post. Since you're clearly not able to read; check out the related video for completely missing the point.

Wintersun6162120d ago

Every single year there are tens and tens of articles of who will "win" and who "won" E3. It's hardly anything he came up with.

thorstein2119d ago

Exactly, Since Macdonagh clearly can't read, most other people will get your point.

ZoyosJD2120d ago

To be true, there are plenty of sites that hand out best of E3 awards, or recognize a companies exceptional effort to provide for their loyal consumers.

Just look through your games. I'm sure you'll find one with "best of E3 by"

The real winners are the devs that can prove to you that their games are worth your money.

Nes_Daze2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

From a business sense, Microsoft wins this year's E3. They have such a lack of new Ips and exclusives, yet they can get away with just announcing another Gears and Halo game, and that's all a Microsoft console needs, along with the most important feature, marketing.

Sony on the other hand, will pump out the most games, yet will remain in third in sales, unless you take into account the xbox 360's headstart and worldwide sales, in which case, PS3 has been selling better.

Quality wise, Sony will probably "win" E3 again, like last year, and the year before that.

Nintendo, I rather not waste my time talking about their 100th mario game they'll probably announce.

MacDonagh2120d ago

An interesting viewpoint but I respectfully disagree on completely writing off Nintendo just yet, due to the fact that their launch line-up hasn't been finalized nor has there been much indication of whether or not the Wii U will have some solid 3rd party support. I'd be interested in their plans for online play and whether or not they'll drop their friend code shtick for something more palatable to the gaming public. Also, just to add on your Mario point; he has appeared in over 200 video games for Nintendo according to his Wiki page.

Mario must be the most overworked mascot in video gaming.

beerkeg2120d ago

As long as the Mario platform games are excellent, and they are, I don't really care how many games he's been in.

Because as it is, no other developer makes platform games as good as Nintendo.

Wintersun6162119d ago


I've personally had more fun with platformers like Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Crash Bandicoot (PS1), Spyro (PS1) and Jak & Daxter. But Mario has a special place in my heart too though. :)

Nes_Daze2119d ago

I understand what you're saying, who wouldn't want to overwork a successful gaming mascot, the MOST successful I think. But I no longer see Nintendo as an option for me as a gamer. Their Wii was lacking third party support, and the first party lineup consisted of the SAME thing I saw back with the gamecube, and Ninty 64 before it. I doubt the WiiU will stray away from those same ol first party games that I've grown tired of. We'll see though, just personally I'm not interested in Nintendo when it comes to gaming.

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