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The funniest and most ridiculous fanboy/troll quotes - PS3

Here is my list of the funniest and most ridiculous fanboy quotes on N4G - Note: all quotes are real and no usernames will be given. -

In no particular order:

1. "See, everyone says N4G is over run by sony fanboys. I call BS. We have 1 or 2 people that are hardcore spammers with multiple accounts, but you xbots are all over the damn place."

2. "You have a bunch of site affiliated with MS is some way writing negative storys about Sony on a weekly basis"

3. "LoL, I dont have to own a 360 to bash it."

4. "You know me - love me some Sony"

5. "As a PS3 lover"

6. "Cant you kids stop with the digs? You dont like PS3, we get it. Guess what... PS3 only owners dont like Xbox either"

7. "Who cares what these half hack reviewers think. Who knows if they hate PS3 or are pp reviewing or if MS paid them"

8. "Gaming on 360,now THAT'S a risk. It's like playing russian roulette with one bullet and 3 chambers"

9. "this POS reviewer scored gow 3 with 7.5/10 just so it can fell to 92 on metacritic. i think he's paid by microsoft"

10. "im on PSN from 12 pm (daily wake up time) till 3am (my bed time)"

11. "I'm sorry, but flipping the controller up to reload is the best use of the Sixaxis. This should be used in all shooters."

12. "The resident xbots on this site waged a war years ago on anyone who liked anything Sony. Its now backfired and everyone cries about it. Xtards started this mess instead of just being gamers.... so now the backlash is here and it isnt going anywhere" - (S*** just got real lol)

13. "I agree, the graphics on halo:reach is like looking at a fat kid with cake, its just ugly"

14. "So while its mandatory for the PS3 version to have an install to run, its an option on the 360 for smoother gameplay. Also the install on the 360 is mandatory" - (lolwut?)

15. "You know why they call it x360 cause when you see it you turn 360 degree and walk away"

16. "Sony needs to punch Microsoft in the face ! hy Microsoft sticks to PS3 ? leave PS3 alone man go live ! Xbox 360 Live !!!! Go fish MS"

17. "Wow Im scared Im thinking will Sony do that to PS3 owners ????? Xbox snitch ! nintendo snitch ! Sony not snitch but expecting to be a snitch"

Upcoming versions: Xbox, Wii and PC.

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coolbeans2811d ago

I have a sudden urge to help contribute for your next blogs on this subject matter :P. n4g's always filled with funny posts.

WildArmed2811d ago

That's what made Open Zone the best thing on n4g.
Too bad it was taken away *sheds a tear*

HolyOrangeCows2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

This was approved? Oh the fail!

What's next? A blog from "Bungie" (Or one of his millions of clone accounts)?

toaster2810d ago

lol PC version, for all of the 4 PC fanboys here.

Jinxstar2809d ago

This was a really funny one.

"You know why they call it x360 cause when you see it you turn 360 degree and walk away"

Reminded me of this.

MrMccormo2810d ago

It's ironic that Mandatory Install would write this blog...

ZombieNinjaPanda2810d ago


I hope to see one for the xbros too Mandatory Install.

rroded2810d ago

common i should have at least one after all the mods saw fit ta pop 3 bubs off me XD
that n i hate ms for selling me 3 defunct units and charging me to play on their second rate servers. Lets not even get startedd on what i think of kinect lol

gcolley2810d ago

@rroded - because you are trying too hard and are just too obvious

HolyOrangeCows2810d ago

You could make one of these blogs solely on his quotes.

rroded2809d ago

not wut your gf said ;) i kid seriously trying too hard to do what?
as for my comments if you can find 3 that break any n4g rules ill stop posting on anything ms ;)
you dont see me hate on halo or gears or even fable the hardware yeh kinect sure live being a second rate service they make ya pay for yeh but i dont hate the gamers... some of the fanboys sure but the real gamers are all cool in my books.

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RedDead2807d ago

8 and 13 are ingeneious. Num 1 is a retard no doubt

Supman2810d ago

Lol one of my comments are up there!

TheLastGuardian2809d ago

I remember loling when I saw #8 the other day. Someone tell us who wrote number 15.

redDevil872810d ago


toaster2810d ago

lol I have that in my sig.

UP2810d ago

Two can play at that game.

Why would a delay be a bad thing? GT5 (from what I've read) has a few technical issues. A delay would be beneficial. #7

If new PS3 owners weren't paying for it, it would cease to exist. Best Buy have ruined notion that new PS3 owners are smart consumers. #1.1

HD remakes = No hope of backwards compatibility returning to PS3 EVER!

This whole HD remake situation on the PS3 (to me) is like, collecting water from around a mountain, boiling it and selling it to mountain folk (who collect water the same way except it isn't boiled.....yet).

Has anyone ever wondered why there were no PSone collections (with extra features etc) on the PS2? Yep you guessed it, the PS2 was backwards compatible.

What does ... #7

Guerrilla Games: Not Many People Completed Killzone 2
I'm guilty of that, I didn't really enjoy KZ2 (single player & multi player) so I traded it in 1 week later. I MAY give KZ3 a try (maybe rent it and if I like it then I'll buy it). #30

This won't stop me from downloading PS3 games from torrent sites I'm afraid. But, good luck too Sony :)

edit @xino below:

Yep, PS3 hack articles such as "You can now jailbreak your PS3 with the DS3" ALWAYS get reported by the same people often they report the SAME submission more than once and it fails.

And yet articles about PC/360 piracy ie: "Halo: Reach leaked to torrent sites" ALWAYS get approved. Why? take a g... #8

I wouldn't say reviews "suck", they are a good starting point when deciding which games to buy. Metacritic for example is good source for overall scores. But knowing which review sites to trust is tricky.

A few instances with sites like Gamespot and (I think) Giantbomb or IGN (Konami offered to send the reviewer(s) - who were going to review MGS4 - to Tokyo on an all expenses paid trip to meet Hideo Kojima or something, which they agreed too) made me think twice... #6

When I download/install firmware updates on my PS3 they NEVER completely go from 1-100%, it gets to about 60% and restarts. Weird! Also it's clear that the "CELL" is male because of it's inability to multi-task with simple things.

Firmware updates are great imo. Take the XBox dashboard for instants, it was completely revamped through firmware (design, function, features etc). But there are times when firmware updates seem pointless especially when they bring... #10.3

WoshJills2810d ago

No one is going to read that blog post in the form of a comment.

2809d ago
LordMarius2810d ago

For the Xbox version are you just going to list all your comments...

JD_Shadow2810d ago

Will there BE any Xbox/Wii/PC version? Those quotes sounds like the <insert system here> kind of stuff.

goflyakite2810d ago

LordMarius - 1
M4ndat0ry_1nstall - 0

2809d ago
RedDead2807d ago

goflyakite - 1
TWomanX - 0

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