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Sony's State of Play was Perfectly Fine

I've been mulling this over for a few days now, considering Sony's State of Play, and how I felt about it both as an owner of a PS4 and a PSVR. My conclusion on both fronts: I was completely satisfied.

When State of Play was announced, Sony made it clear this was not going to be the venue for large scale announcements. They weren't pulling a Nintendo and replacing convention presence with a video format. The problem as I see it is that Sony's presentation drew immediate comparisons to Nintendo Directs, and the more these comparisons went on, the more people seemed to expect major game announcements as if Sony was sitting on a treasure trove that they were going to announce during a stream on short notice. It may not help that it hasn't been too long since Nintendo dropped game announcements like Super Mario Maker 2 in a Direct. What has to be remembered is that Sony skipped PSX 2018 and will be passing up E3 2019 because they are simply at an in between point in longer and longer development cycles, and after they only really had updates for E3 2018, they had to make a decision on whether or not they really had any reason to be at the next couple of major conference opportunities (or host, in the case of PSX).

Anyone piecing together the obvious should have realized State of Play wasn't going to be shattering barriers and redefining how Sony announces games. It would be a venue for primarily smaller scale releases, while acting as a good opportunity to promote upcoming major first and third party releases (as we saw with the Days Gone and Mortal Kombat trailers). It would also act as the perfect place to highlight VR titles, as their presence in major conferences has been continuously maligned due to the difficulty in presenting a VR trailer in a majorly captivating way. This made a smaller scale event the perfect way to inform a growing population of over 4 million PSVR owners of what they could expect in the near future.

As a whole, State of Play served its purpose well. It gave VR a chance to shine in a capacity that wasn't limited to PS Blog articles, and it shined a spotlight on interesting and major upcoming (as in very soon) titles. It is hardly Sony's fault for anyone building up unreasonable expectations due to unnecessary comparisons, ignoring what was actually said about the event.

One noteworthy complaint that absolutely blew me away was people expecting a major The Last of Us 2 details dump. Did anyone truly believe Sony would totally overshadow the upcoming original IP that falls into the same genre as one of the most highly anticipated sequels? Days Gone needs time to shine before The Last of Us 2 starts getting pushed hard, and I'm sure both Sony and Naughty Dog know this and want to give Bend Studio a chance to succeed. Plus, considering Sony hasn't completely sworn off major conferences, doesn't it make more sense to expect details like that at PSX 2019 this December?

In the end, it must still be expected that their biggest announcements will occur at the biggest annual conferences until they prove they are trending in a different direction, and as well, it will always be good to remember that Sony won't bury an upcoming release with hype for another announced project or a new announcement altogether, in case anyone went so far as to believe a major new first party game would appear.

All of that said, I found the State of Play very interesting, and I'm hopeful that Sony continues to utilize this format going forward so that all kinds of titles have a chance to shine at all times of the year. As well, I'm hoping this somewhat critically rough first attempt helps all of us to manage our expectations better in the future. If nothing else, Sony did a good job establishing what their goals are with State of Play, and we should all be able to properly look forward to learning about releases that might otherwise pass us by going forward.

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porkChop27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

"both as an owner of a PS4 and a PSVR. My conclusion on both fronts: I was completely satisfied."

Being satisfied as a PSVR owner makes sense as the show was almost entirely dedicated to VR. So that's a perfectly valid stance. But being completely satisfied as a PS4 owner? Completely. Really? The show wasn't bad by any means. But you're not even slightly disappointed, purely as a PS4 owner?

Days Gone looked great. But that's about to come out. Mortal Kombat, while great, is a multiplat where you already know what to expect. Those were the only non-VR games. The show didn't give PS4 owners much to look forward to beyond Days Gone's release.

With Sony skipping PSX and E3, there was a lot riding on this show for many people. If they were still attending E3 people wouldn't have been so disappointed, because they'd know Sony has a bigger show coming soon.

Sony has multiple big titles that they've been showing for years, and we don't even have release years for them yet. People just wanted to be reassured that Days Gone wasn't the only major title from Sony this year. Can't fault them for that, it's understandable.

Cupid_Viper_327d ago

To me, and I'm sure to Sony as well, it would make absolutely zero sense to make any big announcements in March with State of Play specifically because they're skipping E3 this year. Why would Sony show their hand this early? It makes so much more sense to use this "calm before the storm" opportunity to highlight their commitment to PSVR and get it people excited about what's in the pipeline for it. E3 normally tends to overshadow anything that's not super mainstream and super high budget.

What makes more sense is to wait to reveal anything related to the core PS4 experience, closer to or right after Microsoft E3 presentation with another State of Play.

Wouldn't be surprised one bit if all the people that are complaining now about State of Play not revealing any new big games, were the same ones complaining that Sony was showing already revealed title at last's year E3 and PSX. Can't have it both ways...

rainslacker23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

-They showed more of Days Gone, which is looking good.
-They had a more extensive look at what to expect from Concrete Genie, which is looking a lot more interesting from what already looked interesting. Just because they also mentioned it had VR support now, doesn't mean it wasn't for the entire user base.
-They showed MK, which is always a favorite for many.
-CTR:Which a lot of people are excited for.
-Observation was shown, and while not really explained well, it's an interesting concept as a thriller game.
-Ready Set Heroes was a indie game for those who like dungeon crawlers.

Based on the list of games shown, there were 5 games for VR, one of which is just a VR mode...two if you include NMS.

There were 6 games announced for the general user base...CG not focusing on VR, just announced it would support it.

That to me seems like they put just as much, if not more into the non-VR games. So, if people want to focus in on the stuff they aren't interested in, to ignore the stuff they may be interested in, then that's their problem. As a PS4, and PSVR owner, I thought the presentation was just fine. It had plenty of content. Sure, I would like more big games shown, but there will be enough time for for that in future SoP videos.

DarkZane27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

There is like 4-5 more state of play to look forward to for this year alone, so I don't think we should be worried. Don't expect a PS5 reveal in State of play by the way, we're definitely gonna get a special event like the PS4 did in February 2013.

SuperSonic9127d ago

100% my thoughts exactly.

Honestly I have never ever seen a Nintendo Direct but only Qore and PULSE episodic presentations on PS3. I din't have a clue what State of Play will be.

And the prime reason why I was not disappointed.

Sure I was expecting new reveals or megaton announcement but after the short but sweet 19 minutes I was quite satisfied with the content.

Those who were badly angrily disappointed/devastated were those expecting Sony to pull a Nintendo Direct because of the Nintendo bloggers who coined it as such.

Directs in 2011 were cost cutting measures of Nintendo during the Wii U finacial failures skipping grand press conferences like E3.

PS4 is not in that situation.

See how Nintendo fans spoiled it?

Megaton announcements are worthy of proper presentation not video on demand. State of Play was more like an official notification/reminder/update presentation like PULSE.

It met my needs as a PS4 gamer.

Concrete Genie and CTR Day One.

mamotte23d ago

Everything is OK if you don't know better than that.