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Clarification: What the Valve, and Sony partnership mean.

On June 15, 2010 Gabe Newell announced Portal 2 for the PS3, and said "Portal 2 on the PlayStation 3, would be the best CONSOLE* version."*(Note the word console meaning the best way to play Portal 2 if you have no way to play on PC.) I've seen alot of people take this to make it to use it for the stupid imaginary console war, because they think he said "Portal 2 on the PlayStation 3 will be the best version." Granted, it does come with Cross-platform play(Mac, and PC only cross-platform co-op, meaning you can play on Mac with PC, Mac with PS3, PS3 with PC) a digital PC download version of Portal 2. The second part is people also think Gabe Newell announced Steam for the PS3, which is also false. He announced Steamworks, which is totally different from Steam. Steamworks allows you to play cross-platform co-op, cloud game saves, and using your Steam, and PSN Ids to play with Friends when you play cross-platform co-op. Steam is a digital store for PCs, and Macs, if Steam was coming to the PlayStation you would hear alot more about it. Steam on PS3 would be too much competition for Sony, and it would probably cause some problems. Valve is a great company, and if Portal 2 is great success on the PlayStation 3, then more games from Valve on the PS3. Also you have to realize Sony is also helping Valve develop Portal 2, so it can be a success.

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2516d ago
-Alpha2516d ago

Glad you said this because it most definitely is true that people have serious misconceptions about what is happening.

Christopher2516d ago

Though, technically, the PS3 is _the best version_ considering it comes with the PS3 and PC version for a single price tag.

Now, having said that, the PS3 won't have the best graphics, performance, etc. In fact, those will likely fair worse on the PS3 compared to the 360. The only thing it will have is Steamworks.

Sad as it is, that's not much of a selling point to the general public.

Parapraxis2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

"In fact, those will likely fair worse on the PS3 compared to the 360."
Why is that? This is the first game Valve is actually developing themselves for PS3. How about we hold off on making this kind of assumption?

Not "all" multiplats are lesser versions on the PS3, as much as some people would like to falsely believe, there are actually a good number of games which are better on PS3 (graphically) than their 360 counterpart.

Christopher2516d ago

Source Engine hasn't previously done well on the PS3. It's possible it might match up, but history has shown that PC-based engines run into issues when ported to the PS3. Unreal Engine is another example of this.

That's why I said it's likely the 360 will perform better graphically and technically.

pr0digyZA2515d ago

True cgoodno you get the pc version with it, but you still pay twice the amount. I could get two different games for the price of that one game therefore saving me money.

Christopher2515d ago

*** True cgoodno you get the pc version with it, but you still pay twice the amount. I could get two different games for the price of that one game therefore saving me money.***

Huh? PC is $50 and PS3 is $60. If you buy PC, you get PC. If you buy PS3, you get PS3 and PC. That's only $10 more for both versions.

pr0digyZA2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Oh ok wow where I live you can get 2 games for the price of one console game so it's usually always PC version unless it's an exclusive. Yours sounds expensive for games.

Christopher2515d ago

Wow, sorry to hear that pr0digyZA. Very weird to hear about the huge difference in prices since you would expect that cost associated to be similar (tax, s&h, etc.) rather than higher on one platform over another.

pr0digyZA2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Ye it's sad although I worked out that we pay a little more for console game and quite a bit less for PC games so I suppose it works out to an even number, I feel sorry for the console only owners in my country because if you bought 2 multiplatform console games you could get 4-5 PC games, which is actually quite significant.

*edit: can I just say derail my bad*

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LtSkittles2516d ago

You're welcome. It's been bothering me since it was announced.

Godmars2902516d ago

I think my only personal over-expectation is that they'll be doing direct patching. Posting mods directly on PSN with the option of charging for them or making them free like PC/Mac versions.

SocalBeer2515d ago

It means it's time for a sexy party !!!!

Dongato2515d ago

Maybe using this steamworks is how Sony will have cross game chat since steamworks will allow cross platform chat (I believe). Who knows but it would be one way to do it that does not infringe on any copyright laws if that is truly the case in what is holding up cross game chat on PS3.

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