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The Video Game Warzone podcast (unlistenable)

Lifendz | 2488d ago
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I'll start this by saying that this in no way is meant to serve as a shot to the guys at The Bitbag nor do I want to come off as some over-opinionated guy with an axe to grind. That said, I'll get right into it.

I downloaded episode 29 of "The Video Game Warzone" podcast recently. Why? Well I was curious as to the quality of the show. I do, afterall, watch the Hiphopgamer show every Sunday (shout outs to HHG) and the guys over at the Bitbag have really been breaking some news lately. So hey, with 1up gone and with the run time of each show well over what you can get elsewhere, I decided to give them a try.

This particular podcast was listed as episode #29 but I swear it could have been the very first podcast these guys have ever done. Seriously, the first ten minutes consisted of "What's that noise?" "Who's typing?" and various other rhetoric that had nothing to do with the show. I kept listening hoping that once the show actually started things would go more smootlhly. I was wrong. I listened to about an hour of the show. Out of this hour, it seemed like every five to ten minutes of the show consisted of "What's that noise" or something to that effect. And I'm not just talking about a quick reference to some unexplained noise and the show resuming. I'm talking about the show stopping, an inquiry made into what the noise was, utter silence, and then the show would resume. 

As I said, I watch HipHopGamer every Suday. Say what you will about him but the guy is passionate about games. His passion actually gets me more hyped for upcoming games than the mundane reviews that are the norm in the industry. Torrence is not as passionate as HHG (few could be), but he's articulate and seems well informed about games as a whole. In short, the two of them make a good match.

Unfortunately, it's not just the two of them. I hate to be mean and I really don't want this to come off as such, but one of the hosts sounds like a character from an 80's cartoon called "Fat Albert." I couldn't take him seriously. When I wasn't trying to figure out what he said I was laughing at the way he said it. This is also the host that likes ramble on about nothing. It got so bad at one point that HipHop stated I'm about to start shooting if you don't get to a point, or something along those lines. Not everyone is meant to be a host on a podcast. Some don't have the voice, the charisma, or the knowledge of the subject to do it. This guy, and I'm sorry for not having his name, is one such person.

That leads me to my next point: please, for the love of God, either don't do the show with a live "audience" or, if that's not possible, limit the audience to just one segment. Seriously, the show constantly came to a crawl because of random people interrupting prompting Torrence to investigate who the culprit was, background typing sounds, people talking over one another, etc.

In conclusion, I don't want to seem like I'm some anti-Bitbag fanboy that sought to flame the guys that put on a free show. I realize the Bitbag guys are probably not making IGN money and yet they're out there breaking their backs to deliver the news that gamers want. And I appreciate that. But at this point in time the Video Game Warzone is unlistenable. I took my time writing this because I know the guys that put on the show frequent N4G. Hopefully this is taken as constructive criticism. I'll check back in the future to see if the show's made any progress.

Keep up the good work otherwise.

1luv and God bless.

Skyyo  +   2488d ago
I listen to them as well. I am with you HHG is hyper but sometimes he is narrow on what he thinks and says. As a whole the group isnt bad just unruly and thats WHY ITS THE WARZONE!!! = )
Jinxstar  +   2487d ago
Have you tried the Invisible Walls podcast on Game Trailers... I know a lot of people hate that site but it is enjoyable, short and to the point with a lot of variety... Worth a look I would say... Not a long winded podcast like many i see and adds vid clips to it as well =D. Great stuff. A few minor fanboy things in there but still fun
pixelsword  +   2487d ago
I love both of their sites
and their video/aural segments.

I think the noise isn't detracting until it's addressed; then I actually notice it. Furthermore, I think if typing is an actual distraction that warrants correction, A rule should be to ban typing during the recording of the show or to have a director to handle things that require a keyboard. Or maybe get mikes that don't pick-up that noise.
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Rise Of The Bad Guy  +   2487d ago
They definitely need better audio equipment,other than that I think as a Videogame podcast they're heading in the right direction.
DarK-SilV  +   2487d ago
Ok I agree with the noise thing, but I find it funny, to be honest I think their podcast is one of the best, I used to listen to N4G podcast but not anymore, in the warzone podcast they speak about things that usually would never hear about it in the big gaming sites, it’s like sitting with your friend talking about games without worrying about anything else
Anyway a very good constructive criticism hope they listen to you
Aclay  +   2487d ago
I used to listen to the Bitbag Warzone Podcast, but I stopped listening to it months ago. The reason why I stopped listening to it is because basically to me the majority of the Warzone consisted of people in the podcast arguing back and forth about something and I just got tired of it.

During the earlier stages of the BitBag, Torrence would record the show and then he edited it, so those Podcasts were a little more organized and didn't have stuff like "What's that noise?" or "Who's typing?" going on.

After reading your Blog, it looks like they started doing the Podcast Live without any editing. I think the early Warzone Podcast episodes were "o.k.", but like I stated above I got tired of the back and forth arguing so I stopped listening to it.

However, I do watch the HipHopGamerShow every Sunday and I've been watching his show since last March or April, and I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I like listening to him, and I really wish more people would give HHG just a little bit more respect because HHG is affiliated with The BitBag and he's in the Gaming Industry... I mean HHG had Pete Hines from Bethesda on his show this past week and not just any ol' person with a website can get a guy like Pete Hines in an interview.
INehalemEXI  +   2487d ago
You make me want an axe and a grindstone. I chop more wood would need a viking helmet too. I only watched a couple shows but I don't mind its rawness.

I'm about to start shooting if you don't get to a point. Hey thats good /takes notes.
Grandreaper9999  +   2487d ago
I'm another one of those ppl who listen to both for a long time. Most time when I hear the noise, it's not so bad until Torrence addresses it and the show kinda stutters. If it were my show and had to halt the show periodically, I'd lay down some cash and send the mic's I WANTED them to use if the problem was that bad. That way there's no excuses. But oh well, I love the podcasts from HHG and The Bitbag, I find them to be really informative, entertaining, and they all have pretty good chemistry, not to mention that they allow their listeners to actually jump in and debate with them on each topic. They also throw in a few things from the discussions from the live chat which is cool too. 3 hours is a great time for when your at work at a computer or whatever too, so I really don't see any bad sides to the shows. That's entirely my opinion though.

I think if you KNOW that they are frequent readers of N4G, you really should just email Torrence and HHG, tell them what's up. They'll listen, I'm sure. Approach them that way, and I'm sure they'll respond to your constructive feedback positively.
socomnick  +   2487d ago
Torrence Davis is great, hhg is an idiot though. I dont understand how people can approve his stories.
tordavis  +   2486d ago
I'm moving to a Teamspeak server next week. I'm tired of people who can't use the mute button. Great criticism though. Do me a favor and try to get through as many old shows as you can. There's some good stuff there.

My name is Torrence Davis and I approved this post.
Lifendz  +   2486d ago
Thank you for reading my post and not flaming me
you could've easily called a "bubble hit" on me. I listened to the latest episode and it was much better. Weapon X (I know his name now) must be from the real South because homie sounds like a straight up country boy, but, I am getting more accustomed to him and I can actually understand what he's saying now. Feels like I'm learning a new language. Do me a favor and provide directions to the chat room you guys use during the show (if it's open to listeners that is).

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