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L.A. Noire

Everybody has heard of L.A. Noire, the PS3 exclusive game being developed by Team Bondi. Many thought of L.A. Noire to be the Rockstar-Sony exclusive, this is, in fact,  untrue as stated by Jack Tretton in an interview with Geoff Keighley.

In 2004 Team Bondi stated they've signed a "long-term exclusive" deal with Sony while in 2007 a supposed rumor started by Surfer Girl stated that Sony have pulled funding from L.A. Noire since they were "unimpressed" with the game.

I for one, believe the rumor to be false. The deal was announced in 2004 and the supposed rumor was started in 2007. In a 3 years time Sony would've poured millions of dollars into the project (assuming the project started in 2004). Why would Sony do this? Sure they've "canned" 8 Days and The Getaway, but they were first party titles so Sony could always go back to finishing the projects. L.A. Noire, however, is a third party title so how would Sony benefit from pulling the funding? They would not lose an exclusive title, but also millions of dollars.



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TheColbertinator3526d ago

It will be on PC and 360 as well

NO_PUDding3525d ago

Maybe 360, but not PC.

And I am still not so sure.

I should know, I am the guy that foudn the update 2 months ago.

hi Le-Mo :D

SuperM3524d ago

Well if they still have the deal with sony then they cant release the game on 360. But then again the deal might have changed after Team Bondi joined Take Two. But thats impossible to tell.

NO_PUDding3524d ago

You're right with oen thing. It's impossible to tell.

But Team Bondi didn't join Take Two. Rockstar was always publishing it and THEY are owned by Take Two.

I do think if Sony funded even part of this, it's difficult to stop it from being exclusive.

Resistance23526d ago

all i know its going to be awesome.

heyheyhey3526d ago

the title is very intriguing and i very much hope your speculation on the subject of exclusivity is correct :)

MizzRock3524d ago

Hopefully L.A. Noire will regain their funding :)