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Hardware 1 Revealed

Le-mo | 2592d ago
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As you all know by now about the rumored Hardware 2 project from Incognito, Sony Liverpool, and Sony London Studios. Well, if the rumor is true then it's definitely the sequel to Hardware 1, what is Hardware 1 you ask? Well here it is.

Metascore: 69

Europe exclusive.

Here are some screenshots.

What are your thoughts?

Aclay  +   2592d ago
No wonder I've never heard of Hardware, it was a Europe exclusive game.

The Meta Score for the game sure wasn't great, but Hardware 2 on the PS3 sure better be a damn good game....Since the developers of Hardware 2 is Incognito, I'm pretty sure it will be a pretty good game because Incognito did a good job with Warhawk and Twisted Metal Black. Incognito has a good track record and I definantly don't doubt them one bit.
pwnsause  +   2592d ago
reminds me alot about Tank wars
Alexander Roy  +   2591d ago
Judging from the last pic, it reminds me of Fired Up for the PSP.

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