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Hardware 1 Revealed

As you all know by now about the rumored Hardware 2 project from Incognito, Sony Liverpool, and Sony London Studios. Well, if the rumor is true then it's definitely the sequel to Hardware 1, what is Hardware 1 you ask? Well here it is.

Metascore: 69

Europe exclusive.

Here are some screenshots.

What are your thoughts?

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Aclay3404d ago

No wonder I've never heard of Hardware, it was a Europe exclusive game.

The Meta Score for the game sure wasn't great, but Hardware 2 on the PS3 sure better be a damn good game....Since the developers of Hardware 2 is Incognito, I'm pretty sure it will be a pretty good game because Incognito did a good job with Warhawk and Twisted Metal Black. Incognito has a good track record and I definantly don't doubt them one bit.

pwnsause3404d ago

reminds me alot about Tank wars

Alexander Roy3404d ago

Judging from the last pic, it reminds me of Fired Up for the PSP.