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Rockstar PS3 exclusive not in development yet

If you guys didn't watch Gametrailers interview with Jack Tretton concerning the exclusive game from Rockstar this is what went down.

GK: "Last year when you were on the show, you broke a little bit of news about this coming exclusive Rockstar game, right? Do we have any update from that, about the next great franchise from Rockstar?"

Jack Tretton: I would love to tell you that we do, I hope something is imminent - but it's dissapointing that we stand here a year later and don't have anything definitive to announce."

GK: have they given you any hints though, do you know anything about what we're going to see?

JT: We talked about different properties but we haven't homed in about that we're both excited about to say " Yeah that's the one"

What does this mean? Hopefully, Sony will be able to secure Grand Theft Auto V as an exclusive since they don't have a game in development for the exclusive deal right now.

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Jack Meahoffer3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

It's highly doubtful in my opinion that GTA V will be out this generation based on the release format last generation, how successful that format was last generation and how much it cost to create GTA IV. We're more likely to see a multiplatform expansion to GTA IV using an improved RAGE engine. There is just too much money to be made with the GTA series being multiplatform. The multiplatform GTA genie is already out of the bottle and we know Sony's stategy is to focus all their money on first party development rather than securing third party exclusives so I doubt there is ROI for Rockstar to make GTA exclusive to PS3 even timed. Developers don't have emotional attachment to a platform like fanboys do. If they won't make as much or more money going exclusive they'll go multiplatform period. No question. Especailly with the biggest IP in video game history.

That being said:

We know this exclusive isn't LA Noir.
We know Rockstar has said they want to exploit the power of the PS3.

What better way to build a game from the ground up for the PS3 but to come out with an entirely new IP. Experimental and ground breaking.

Bottom line is no matter what this new exclusive will massive plus for the PS3.

Can't WAIT to hear more!

NathanGra3592d ago

I agree completely. Reading this 'article' only makes what you said all the more true. They don't necessarily have anything to give an exclusive title to just yet. I feel that if they want to exploit the power of the PS3, then they should just come up with an original idea, an original game. I doubt GTAV would even be an exclusive title. Why not make something fresh?

NO_PUDding3592d ago

GTAIV was rubbish.

Infact GTAIII was the best GTA, and where it could have been left.

But may I just point soemthing out?

Isn't it slightly unfair of Jack Tretton to be disappointed in Rockstar, when their parent company is trembling under EA's giant net, and when they have clearly only just released (3 months) a huge 4 year development spanning game.

Plus, there is obviously a bit of debacle with the 360 exclsuive DLC, so there is obviously soemthign goign on at Rockstar, that means they are havign trouble working. I am sure the full enxt title from them will be a new IP.

And finally, it's NOT Red Dead 2, and it's not L.A. Noire. Red Dead 2 is vapourware, and L.A. Noire is developed by Team Bondi.

And Rockstar aren't one trick pony's, so I look forward to this new IP.

f4t41_ph4nt0m3592d ago

1 which was LA Noire and the other, as you said, not being developed yet. But whatever the second is I hope its a new IP

ape0073592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

my dream that the next gta is ps3 exclusive,sorry no fanboyism at all

multiplatform development wastes more time,money and focus,limting the developers

all the ps2 gta's rocks(don't jump on me xbox boys,it was ported to the xbox after it was specifically build for ps2)

gta 4 was a huge letdown in almost everything,you know that in your deep hearts both of you sam and dan

rockstar,forget the money

please,release a ps3 gta exclusive,a true sequel to san andreas on 50 gb disk

we don't want that souless saints row to be the king of open world games

by the way rockstar north

saints row 1>>>> gta 4

gta 4=biggest disappointment in the whole gaming history

Dragnipur3592d ago

GTAIV was a let down in certain areas and a triumph in others, but as the whole thing went down Rockstar are now in a solid position that new IP's from the company would undoubtedly recieve a warm reception from the gaming community.
The only interesting aspect of this is to know what sort of an arrangment Sony had with Rockstar on this supposed title...!

NO_PUDding3592d ago

You and I all know the only positive thign about GTAIV was euphoria and graphics. And that doesn't make a great game. Infact it only requires you throw money at it.

solidt123592d ago

I want a new IP. No GTA game. Something all new but still in an open world.

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