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Metal Gear Solid 4 for the 360, will it affect Sony?

Metal Gear Solid 4 was released on June 12, 2008 exclusively for the Playstation 3. Since then, the game has been garnishing rave reviews including a 10 from IGN and Gamespot, arguably two of the most respected gaming site in the gaming industry. Despite being confirmed as an exclusive for the Playstation 3 by Kojima and Sony, rumors are still flying around that a 360 version of the universal acclaim game is already in development.

Lets consider the possibility that a 360 version of Metal Gear Solid 4 is to be confirm in the near future. What effects will it have on Sony? The answer is simple, nonewhatsoever.

Fans of the series would have already bought a Playstation 3 for the game and played it to death. If a 360 version of the game was to be announced then it would be released months or even a year from now. By then the hype for the game would be non-existent. It certainly will not push hardware sales for Microsoft's console as it did for Sony's. Sure Sony would lose another exclusive, but by the time a 360 version of the game is released Sony would have had better 1st and 2nd party exclusive titles on store shelves. The only effect a 360 version of the game would cause is a fanboy riot. Which would die down a day or two just like the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII going multi.

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Jinxstar3436d ago

From what I understand a major part of the exclusivity on PS3 is in part to sony owning the movie rights and threatening a "no release" if it goes Multiplat.

Not only that but the constant barage of Apple products, Blu Ray jokes and other PS3 riff raff would make it a joke if it were ported. Not only that but the "12 discs" it would require as well would be insane. Not a feasable port unless it got dumbed down or had a mandatory install(Which was promised by MS to never be a standard or required)

In conclusion. There is no point in talking about it anymore until there is any kind of confirmation.

NO_PUDding3436d ago

I don't think so... lol

I think though, that technically it's not possible on the 360. I am sure soemthign could be created VERY similar, but code would have to be seriosuly re-arranged, tony amoutn of voices recorded (not enoguh voices to recuperate the costs, becuase an actor won't come in and say a line, and then earn $15, it will be fixed somewhat.

Then there needs to eb different models, changing of animations, chnaging of assets.

I just think this game is streanlined for the PS3. And when or if MGS4 does coem to the 360 it will be a mess, and Kojima won't have done anything with it.

MorganX3432d ago

I think it would hurt Sony. Not because it would move a ton of Xbox's, I don't think it would. But because Sony would be seen as a loser and not a winner.

When people who haven't bought a next-gen console finally do, they're going to want to go with the platform perceived to be the winner, the coolest, the one with the most hype, the one that'll get the baddest games first.

KobeT243436d ago

Didnt you hear? Metal Gear Solid 4 is only possible on the Playstation 3! Just kidding but honestly saying MGS4 can come to the 360 is like saying Gears of War is coming to the PS3. It just wont happen.

Sony wont let this slip through their hands.

BUT!! in the small chance that it does go multiplat, Sony wouldnt be worried. By the time a 360 version hit shelves Sony would have already squeezed out all the profits. The only thing Sony would lose would be bragging rights, with Microsoft claiming they took, "another exclusive".

socomnick3436d ago

Its two very different things m8. MGS 4 was not published by Sony. Gears 2 and gears 1 were. So in theory its up to konami if they wish to make an xbox 360 port. Im sure the xbox 360 would be able to run mgs 4 with no problems although it might take 2 or 3 dvds but that isnt a problem.

Jinxstar3436d ago

Socom Nick

I wasn't joking when I said 12 discs above. The game engine and redundant sounds and everythng are over 7 gigs. That leaves 2 gig's per disc for gaame info and textures, voice and story. Unless they used compressed sound and dumbed down textures it is not feasable.