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E3 2011... my thoughts.

As you may already know E3 2011 is a mere one week away and I certainly cannot wait to see what new hardware/software will be unveiled. The whole event kicks-off June the 7th and unfortunately ends June 9th... still three days of constant influx of news regarding all things video gaming is more than enough for my tasting.

Like every year the three major video game companies; Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony present to the audience an hourly press conference to which normally consists of exclusive announcements of video games and hardware. The lead up to this years E3 has been rather interesting. Months before the event was even to start massive amounts of rumours had surfaced which lead to believe Nintendo's eminent announcement of their new console which was to be rumoured as 'Nintendo HD' only to be followed by 'Project Cafe', it was all very exciting at the time.

Endless information ranged from Nintendo's new console to have a full a functional 6inch touch screen embedded on the controller/gamepad to even an integrated camera similar to the DSi/3DS has equipped.

Sooner after rumours had surfaced Nintendo did in fact officially announce that a new console unveiling will take place at this years E3, excited much?

Putting aside Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony surely have some surprises to show. Sony will most probably concentrate strongly on the recently announced NGP or PSP2 as I like to refer it to. Microsoft on the other hand... to be totally honest I'm not too sure about. It is very unlikely that the company will show of new hardware of some sort, even though rumours still linger around in regards to the Xbox 360 successor. Microsoft I predict will undoubtedly be a media-based press conference with supporting new first and third party games to be shown on-floor.

So who do I think will win this years E3... most defiantly Nintendo. New hardware announcements normally draw in all media-based attention more than anything else. Nintendo themselves confirmed playable titles on Project Cafe. Most confident in saying that Nintendo will 100% be committed in proving a steady hardcore experience to Nintendo enthusiasts. Likely case scenario would be that the Wii will co-exists whilst Project Cafe goes on sale which I believe to be something of a smart move.

Nintendo fans have much to look forward to this year, hardware and software wise and maybe hidden surprises in terms of exclusive partnerships deals leading to third party content on Nintendo's new system? Capcom Five happened for the Gamecube... can something of a similar nature happen this time round? Only time will tell... time that needs to pass by rather quickly.

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iamnsuperman2554d ago

I hate the term "who will win E3". As far as I am concerned I just want to get a good service for my investment not if my chosen platform wins or loses. I am interested in what other companies bring out as a gamer but this "winning and losing E3" is just media induced hype

Brettman20082553d ago

I think Microsoft will have the most surprises, they tend to keep things fairly close to their chest. I am expecting a Halo:CE remake for later this year and Halo 4 announced for late 2012. As well as a lot of Kinect stuff and some core games as well.

Sony will have a few big titles up their sleeve, and show a lot more of the announced titles like Uncharted 3. Of course, the NGP details and launch games will be of interest.

Nintendo will obviously have a big show showing off their new console, I think that some big publishers will announce some AAA games for the launch. Maybe Rockstar with Grand Theft Auto 5.

I can't see a price cut announcement for either the Xbox 360 or PS3, I think this will come closer to the launch of the new Nintendo console to blunt its impact. And no announcement of a new Xbox or Playstation, I think they will be announced at E3 2012 for late 2013 release.