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Getting your Xbox profile back. Not!

I have 2 Xbox 360's so this is not about how the Xbox sucks and it's not about how the Xbox live sucks. It is about how to get your profile back. You can't. Microsoft has locked down Xbox live like Ft. Knox. I understand why they have. They don't want to be hacked and after what happened to the Psn network who could blame them.

The problem lies in how to get your profile back when something goes wrong.

It's all tied to the way Microsoft uses emails. If you have 4 people in a home you need four email addresses. If any one is under 18 you need the address tied to a parent email. So far so good. Not really.

I have had an Xbox since it came out. In that time I have bought 100's of dollars of games and dlcs. I have 400 plus songs in rock band dlcs alone. I paid to have my gamer tag changed. I was a family gold member. I have beta tested Xbox fall updates and Halo reach and got Halo reach free for it. Anyway you get the point.

I don't know how or why but when I moved from Texas my account and profile became messed up. I moved from Tx. back to Cal. My Xbox was in storage for 6 months. Once I got it out of storage and hooked it up everything was fine. It was fine because I had the Xbox on auto log in. While my Xbox was in storage Microsoft had an update or two . I downloaded the update and all hell broke loose.

I couldn't log into Xbox live . I called Microsoft and they said I had a problem . Of course you have to use a computer to see what's going on. When I logged into Microsoft live it allowed me to log on but that was about it . The web site said my account was and I quote:"It looks like someone else might be using your account".

That wasn't true.I changed my password but that didn't work. Xbox live told me to change my password at least 10 different times. I filled out the dumb form MS wants you to fill out. I filled in my secret question, email addresses,5 passwords I used and even the credit card I used. MS replied back and said they still can't verify it was me. This has been going on for 8 months.

I have called Xbox live over and over again telling them every single thing about this one account including my blood type(pun) and all they said is to make another account. This has happened twice since the first original Xbox live. How is this legal? Tell me what business can do this? You spend 100's of dollars for product and can't use it.

I did make another account. What choice did I have if I wanted Xbox live.

When the Psn hack happened I sold my Ps3. A few Months later I bought another Ps3 . All I had to do was change my password and bamm... all my stuff was there. I had to do a lot of re downloading but so what.Everyone that was affected by the hacking got two free games. Does that make Sony better? No. But at least they offered free games . Xbox hasn't offered me even a free Gold account. I lost my gold account that still had 6 months of online play. I also lost avatar items you only got for testing Xbox betas. Security live has in place is a joke. I can get into my bank account easier than proving who I am with Xbox live. On that point they suck. Do I still have a 360 ? yes. Should I ? It makes one wonder. If you forget one password or your kids forget theirs and your screwed.

I have so many proofs now including the text code to your phone that it's hard to keep up with all the Xbox accounts.

Nintendo gave me 60 dollars of 3ds points for losing content when I bought a 3ds. When the 3ds first came to market you needed your older system and you had to know your old account on the Dsi.

What's up with you Microsoft? You fixed many red rings of death with no questions ask. You shipped the system postage free and gave many live users 12 month gold service for the problems. I don't want any thing free. What I want is my 18 k gold account,games and dlcs back!

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Valenka1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

First off, I'm truly sorry you had to go through this as this is clearly a serious issue and one that does not sit well with most people. I've had my account hacked and tampered with and it was not a pleasant experience.

However, you're going about it the wrong way. I contacted Microsoft about my issue only twice - once to let them know, the second time for a follow up. I had my account back with everything on it (Microsoft Points, Gold membership, downloaded content, etc.) in three days and Microsoft even gave me a three month Xbox Live extension and 1600 Microsoft Points for the inconvenience.

Needless to say, Microsoft does take care of and care for their customers. I'm just not sure what your methods of contacting them were, but in the future (God forbid it happens again) I'd call them and speak with a customer service representative. They're incredibly helpful and you'll get more information than just being told to change your password. I don't work for Xbox, but even I know changing your password is not the solution to that situation.

lassenwolf1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

I don't have access to the email I had. It was a Isp. email and not a cloud email like Yahoo or hotmail. Once you leave an Isp. you don't have that email and hence the problem. When Ms changed the security there was no way I could get into the account and receive emails . Anyway I have talked to them over and over as I stated.

lassenwolf1893d ago

To much politics here. I'm posted this on blogger and leaving this site