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Verdict On The Xbox One Unveiling

ladycroft142 | 415d ago
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Microsoft’s Xbox One conference was an undoubtedly disappointing affair. For a company that was so focused on providing compelling and memorable gaming experiences at the dawn of this generation, the hardware giant is now so focused on providing all-round entertainment it’s forgotten what we’re here for, the games. The unveiling of new hardware is one of, if not THE, most exciting event for gaming enthusiasts, as we all gaze in wonder at the shiny new tech that will dictate our future gaming lives. For the Xbox unveiling hype was at an all-time high, Sony had already played their hand and the world was wondering if Microsoft had an ace up its sleeve. The answer, of course, was a resounding no.

After much speculation on what the name would be, 720, Infinity, Now! etc. the lid was finally lifted on what the next gen Xbox would be called; Xbox One… oh dear, where to start? The name of course stems from Microsoft’s plan to make it an all-in-one entertainment system, but it just sounds silly considering it’s the third Xbox. Somehow Infinity doesn’t seem all that bad now. Unlike Sony’s next gen unveiling, the console itself was actually in attendance at the event and this would have been a good thing, if it didn’t look like an early model of a VCR. Considerably bigger than the 360 its top and sides are part grey matte and part glossy black. Its basic rectangle shape and minimal design make it simple and elegant, but nothing like a games console. Its design is obviously influenced by Microsoft’s plan to have the Xbox One your go to system for all your entertainment needs. The controller has also received a redesign, apart from a few aesthetic differences, the most notable changes are the newly incorporated battery pack and directional buttons that are no longer set on a circle, meaning that they’ll actually offer precision. While these changes are beneficial they’re nothing that the PS3 controller hasn’t offered for years.

After a fairly underwhelming unveiling, hopes were still high for a glimpse at the kind of wonderful gaming experiences the console could bring. Unfortunately Microsoft deemed those less necessary than the ability to switch instantly between live TV and the Xbox One. A lot of effort was put into demonstrating how, by using voice controls, you can change switch effortlessly between live TV as well as the functions of the Xbox One. That’s great Microsoft, but the TV remote has been doing a bang up job on that front for years. Snap lets you run multiple programs at once, so you can do things like browse the internet while watching a movie, that’s hardly mind blowing stuff, and Skype allows you to group chat using Kinects integrated camera. While all of these features are beneficial, the fact remains that they are nothing new, they already exist in other forms of technology and they aren’t going to convince people to buy a new games system to use them on. What sells a games system is, and always will be, the games.

But games we did not get, instead Microsoft continued to talk up its new features. Kinect will be packaged with the Xbox One and be an integral part of the experience. A newly designed sensor will offer deeper and more accurate recognition, which is a plus, but Kinect had its wow factor last generation, in order to truly inspire for the next generation something new was needed. With regard to the technology powering the new system, the Xbox One will be less powerful than its Sony rival. This shouldn’t be of major concern though, the PS3 was more powerful than the 360, but almost identical results were achieved on multiplatform games. Some good news amidst all the PR fluff was that the system will offer a better socialised experience through a revamped achievements system, editing and sharing tools and improved matchmaking.

Finally someone at Microsoft must have remembered the Xbox is supposed to be a gaming console, as we actually saw some games! Forza Motorsport 5 showed off awesomely shiny cars and things were off to a good start. After that we were treated to another Xbox One exclusive, this time from Remedy, the makers of story writing, ghost slaying, insomniac Alan Wake. The game’s called Quantum Break and, well, that’s really all we know, after a daft trailer showed a boat crashing into a bridge and a live action clip of a strange little girl. Next up was Microsoft’s sampling of what we have to look forward to from EA Sports, with Madden, NBA, UFC and Fifa 14 all stretching their next gen muscles. A great offering there, unless of course, you don’t like sports titles, but surely there were more games to come! Oh no wait, just the one more, Call of Duty: Ghosts. Admittedly the game looks amazing, but like the sports titles it’s also a multiplatform release. Microsoft promised fifteen exclusive titles before the end of the year, eight of these being new IPs so why didn’t it show off more of these in order to drum up some hype? If it’s the launch of your new console and the thing that gets people most excited is a dog in Call of Duty, something has gone very very wrong.

The unveiling event lacked substance, especially with regard to the games. With their stout focus on TV, sports and Call of Duty the only demographic they really had any hope of appealing to was young, tech enthusiastic males, not gamers. Sony made the same mistake in 2005 when it advertised the PlayStation 3 as a device for all your entertainment needs. The truth is a games device doesn’t need to do everything under the sun, it just needs to offer amazing gaming experiences that you won’t get on any other system. Will the Xbox One do that? After that conference we’re no further to knowing the answer. Here’s to E3.

xHeavYx  +   414d ago
I was thinking, what will be the lifespan of this "console"? Let's say in 2 years someone comes up with a new "TV box" that obliterates the Xbox One?
ladycroft142  +   414d ago
Agreed, Microsoft aren't thinking very long term with this one, unless they actually focus on releasing great games the system is going to be obsolete in no time at all. I expected so much more from them.
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MysticStrummer  +   414d ago
That was my first thought. Windows became successful because MS was able to keep other, better OSs out of PCs. Other companies will come up with similar products that do a better job at what One does, and MS won't be able to squash them so easily. I foresee smart TVs being sold with One as a bundle, to get a solid foothold in as many living rooms as possible. I don't think it will work out for MS like Windows did though.
RoninRaven  +   414d ago
E3 will offer nothing that will wash away this. Let's think about possible exclusives for a second. The last Gears of War, without a doubt one of the 360's most important franchises, didn't do so well with the fans. Blezinsky wasn't there and it showed. Plus the fans have had enough of locust killing, time to move on, so a Gears of War 4 would just be seen as too little too late. Halo? Yes it's possible, although not very plausible as a new game in the franchise would have been the star of the Xbox ONE conference. So what left besides these 2 and Forza? Alan Wake? Nope, Remedy is busy making movies with creepy little girls. Kinect games? Prepare to see a lot of these. What about RAGE Studios? The pride of Microsoft's stables. Rumor has it that they plan on bringing back to life an old title, but seeing that Microsoft feed them only Kinect for the last years do you actually believe they would develop something for the core crowd? As if MS would allow their most experienced Kinect studio to do anything else.
But wait, what about the new IP's? There's 8 of them (well 7 actually, there's that Remedy Heavy Rain ripoff) what could they bring to the table for the gamers, ever since that useless toy came out, the 360 hasn't had a decent new hardcore exclusive, so you thing that after a full hour of "look how fast I can change channels" MS changed their minds?
I'm sorry to say this but its not going to happen, not at E3, not at TGS, not at Gamescom. Xbox One is D.O.A (DEAD on Appearance) let's bury it already and get on with our gaming lives.
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MichaelLito79  +   413d ago
So according to all above Xbox is dead as soon as it arrives. Its amazing how most of you are not giving credit to were it is due.

If MS showing and telling the following:

That E3 is all about the games(Isn't E3 for gamers)
Showing console and how it works
Call of Duty Ghost
EA Sports Games
15 Exclusive for first year alone, 8 brand new IP's and 7 existing franchises
New IP Remedy Quantum Break
Forza 5
New Controller
Halo Show being developed by Steven Spielberg
Xbox powered by Cloud
300 thousand servers will be available for Xbox live

Post Game announcements Ryse, Tusk Studios New IP, Rare bringing back a franchise.
Skype intergration will power cross chat
Microsoft investing billions on Game developement
Remote play to allow friends to assist you in games
Kinect 2.0
Bungie's Destiny
UbiSoft all games coming to Xbox 1
Not always online but yes will require a connection for Multiplayer and update's (just like current gen systems)

Then the truth is nothing will convince you not even E3. As for me I am in on day one. See all of you at E3
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BitbyDeath  +   413d ago
'As for me I am in on day one.'

You really want to be responsible for killing gaming?
This isn't about games, it is about gamers rights.
Every sale will lead to the death of gaming.
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RoninRaven  +   413d ago
Sorry bro, I gave you a disagree by accident.
RoninRaven  +   413d ago
"That E3 is all about the games(Isn't E3 for gamers)"
*A GAME Console reveal should focus on pretty much on the same thing. This was not the case.

"Showing console and how it works
Call of Duty Ghost
EA Sports Games..."
*They showed rendered movies of generic games.

"New Controller"
*What's so new? It still uses batteries for god's sake, even my toothbrush as a lithium battery.

"Xbox powered by Cloud"
*First learn what that means, then we'll talk.

"Post Game announcements Ryse, Tusk Studios New IP, Rare bringing back a franchise."
*Read my last comment, all of it.

"Skype intergration will power cross chat"
*That's possible on the 360 today.

"Remote play to allow friends to assist you in games"
*It's called multiplayer and it's more fun. If i need help finishing a game I shouldn't play it.

"Kinect 2.0"
*Sure, if you like that sort of things.

"Bungie's Destiny
UbiSoft all games coming to Xbox 1"
*These are not exclusives. Plus I'm pretty sure the PS conference mentioned some exclusive content for the PS4 from both Ubisoft and Bungie.

"Not always online but yes will require a connection for Multiplayer and update's (just like current gen systems)"
*I hope you will enjoy this feature. It's extremely helpful, just like DRM, and used games fees, mandatory install on a not replaceable small HDD.

I hope you enjoy your purchase.
ladycroft142  +   413d ago
I’ve said what’s wrong with pretty much everything Microsoft announced in the article, but just to reiterate;

Yes E3 is for gamers, but so are console unveilings, gamers all over the world were watching and waiting for a reason to want the console.

CoD Ghosts and EA Sports games are multiplatform games, exclusives are what makes a console essential.

15 exclusives in the first year alone and all we see are lacklustre trailers for Quantum Break and Forza 5.

Calling it a ‘new’ controller is being a bit generous, it’s a few tweaks added to the older model.

The new Halo Show is a premium service suggesting it will have to be paid for.

How the Xbox One being powered by the Cloud will actually work and enhance the console wasn’t explained.

More servers for Xbox Live isn’t a reason to by a console.

Again why weren’t these new games unveiled at the actual event?

Video chat is hardly revolutionary.

If they’re investing billions in games development why market it like games are an add-on feature.

Kinect 2.0 – controllers win every time.

Destiny will be multiplatform, so will Ubisoft games.
The system will require a frequent online connection, for those that don’t have one, the system will be just an expensive ornament.

You also conveniently left out a few things;

Games will be linked to one Xbox Live account.

There is a mandatory install for all games.

Indie devs can’t self publish.

If Microsoft take away their ridiculous restrictions and show us some must have exclusives, I’ll get the Xbox One, if not then I won’t.
Ingram  +   413d ago
Nice article!, but I think you meant to say "aesthetic" not "atheistic"
guitarserpentine  +   408d ago
"Nice article!, but" ...Seriously? You're stringing sentences together in an incredibly poor manner in order to have a go at another user's spelling? The author of this article has done fine job. Get a grip dude!
Ingram  +   408d ago
Wow, I'm sorry, yet english isn't my primary language dude. < poor construction

I haven't corrected his/her spelling, semantics, gramatic or ortography, are you able to understand that I just corrected a wrong word our of place?

It's not like it lacked a letter, it was a completely different word with a completely different meaning, I clearly meant no disrespect by pointing out this. Atheistic =/= Aesthetic. Even the author just corrected the word without entering in any defensive debate with me; the same cannot be said about you.
"get a grip"? seriously? how about you getting over it?
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guitarserpentine  +   407d ago
I was merely stating that before you go round correcting other people's use of the English language, you should check your own. The irony of it was ridiculous and hilarious. The reason I did this is because your post came across as a bit sarcastic and big-headed. Just as I thought, you didn't like it when someone pointed out your mistake. Hence why, if it had been me who'd been concerned about the mistake; I would have sent the young lady a private message to point it out, rather than decide to try and look clever doing it publicly. The reason I've commented publicly on yours is to show you it's not nice. I won't dignify any more correspondence with a response.
Ingram  +   407d ago
I invite you to "dignify" me with a subsequent answer as a closing word, since you clearly are used to this "correct the corrector" procedure, and me, being but a humble mortal will shut up after this conclusion.

You claim you are the chosen one to escape from a chain of subjective public judgments based on correcting other people publicly because they corrected someone publicly, you're the recursive one, klein bottle man, you're what Ken Kutaragi predicted with 4D, I salute you... no, commend you for your sanctity status.

No, but you're right, I should've sent a PM instead of commenting.Jeez.

Sorry Mrs. Ladycroft, my comment was not necessary. There.
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MichaelLito79  +   413d ago
@ Everyone above. When you launch a system and give a media briefing not all information comes out at once. If you look at CES for example they announce products but not all information on the product is available until a later date. Before you make your decision remember one thing Xbox had to come out swinging showing off the console first. After all, when you go to a dealer to purchase a car you have to know what kind of car you want and what it can do before you make your decision. That leads to getting the keys to start the car of your choice. As of right now Xbox has that Porsche that will make you want to get the keys (which is software) to start that car. When I saw Sony PS4 conference they gave me keys (which is software) but no car to drive, just features that I can plainly find in any device. Also to all who nitpick about the games. Remember for years people have plain out claimed that Xbox 360 has fallen off on new IP's. So MS stating that they are changing that with Xbox One is it really a bad thing? I saw at sony show more multiplatform games then I did exclusives. Guess what all of those games are also coming to XBox One and many were shown via cutscenes. Your choice for a system should be the one that caters to you period. Right Now I Like Remedy, I like Turn 10, I like 343, EA has always delivered and so on. I also love Xbox live and a few apps that I use. I get that everyone wanted to see games more then the system's functionality. I also agree that they should have shown off a little more. I disagree with the wave of hate because they actually told you days before the show that the story will be told in 2 events. Right now Xbox one is unveiled and the functionality of there TV elements as well. Xbox has said that E3 is all about games. Meaning less talk at a Gamers show about tv and more about games. It is the competition(Sony with PS4) who will have the opposite effect because they have to show the console how it will work with games and at the same time share space for psvita and ps3. So why not wait till E3 to see how you feel, take that with what they have showcased and it if does not impress you, by all means continue feeding the media and create what is truly killing gaming.

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