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E3 2010: Lack of Excitement

Kush|2838d ago |Blog Post|7|

I don't know if its the lack of big games, big games getting announced pre-E3, or all the emphasis on motion controls (and possibly 3-D), but I am just unexcited about E3. There are no games announced that I really care about and I fear I won't see much of what I am interested in: The Last Guardian, Deus Ex 3, and those are honestly the only games I can think of [that interest me].

Project Natal has lost all appeal until I hear a firm price point... and a price point at $100 or less. $150? F*** you. $200? F*** you and your family. I really like the potential behind Natal, but any price above $100 would be words I'd rather not use for Microsoft; think not-so-nice terms those with mental handicaps.

Move? Honestly, I don't need an HD Wii and if I did... I'd rather have Wii HD.

And speaking of the Wii, All I care about is Epic Mickey solely because of Warren Spector. I'm not a huge fan of Mickey and all I can think about while thinking about Epic Mickey is this: Why is this a Wii exclusive?

I hope my lack of excitement is a blessing in disguise, having myself blown away by what I will be seeing at E3. I don't believe this will be the case, but it's better to be optimistic than pessimistic, so I'll be looking at a glass that is half full for the time being.

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crapgamer2838d ago

The titles you mentioned don't really appeal to me. If you were a Sony fan then all your excitement probably did go a bit, since they released their list of games before E3. To free up room to pitch 3-D and Move. As a Microsoft fan and somewhat a Nintendo fan, I think we have plenty to get excited about. A slim 360, maybe Xbox portable, Halo Reach, Gears 3, Fable 3, Natal price, name, games. Price cuts.
Personally I probably wont watch the Sony conference because I know what they have to offer and it's mostly what I don't want. I will admit I haven't been this excited about E3 since the 360 was announced though.

mrv3212838d ago

Sony showed great games before E3 not just to free up room for E3 BUT....

To actually show Sony fans the games, the Killzone 3 trailer has been analyzed so much and we got to see it in HD... how cool is that? So what we didn't see it around much pomp and article. We got inFAMOUS 2, MOTORSTORM 3 AND KILLZONE 3. Not too bad... wait a moment they are all sequel... MAYBE Sony are showing game that we allready know about because we played them last year in order to free up hype for lesser games we don't know about? New IP's you now the thing you FORGOT to mention.

'The titles you mentioned don't really appeal to me. If you were a Sony fan then all your excitement probably did go a bit, since they released their list of games before E3'

MAYBE if Sony had 3 first party studios that might be true but they have 16... I thin they can afford to show off 4 games. We still haven't seen anything on Uncharted 3, Resistance 3... so are you willing to make a bet Sony won't show a single new game? Or a game revival?

'A slim 360' Possiple for sure, but new hardware from Microsoft.
'maybe Xbox portable' HIGHLY unlikely... with the 3DS something not even Microsoft wants to compete with.
'Halo Reach, Gears 3, Fable 3,' SO Sony has unveiled all their games at 4? While Microsoft hasn't a 3? Does that mean Microsoft has 1 more game? Seriosuly we've seen so much of Reach all ready.
'Natal price,' $150
'name' Not really that exciting really.
'games' about damn time, how many red ball games have we seen... I wonder if it'll you know do proper games like FPS and RTS not a mini game collection
'Price cuts' Possiple, hopefully for the overpriced hard drive and wi-fi

m232838d ago

I agree, Microsoft hasn't talked about what games they will be revealing at all, so there will be surprises. Sony revealed a lot of games before E3, maybe that just means they have a lot more, but that would have definitely made an epic press conference if they saved all that info.

Tachyon_Nova2838d ago

I'm pretty pumped for more details on Crysis 2, Infamous 2, Motorstorm 3 and possibly some shiz about Resistance 3.

Darkstorn2838d ago

I'm just not big on the whole 3D thing, and unfortunately Sony will be pushing the new tech to no end this year...

thor2838d ago

E3 has been getting smaller every year. No wonder Sony decided to reveal a load of games outside E3.